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2k's Rocket Scientist

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Video Details
Titel [Report video] 2k's Rocket Scientist
Category UT3 Rating
Datum 18.03.2012, 23:51 Zeit 7:17
by Donzi.UTzone Hits 688
Comments 0
Description If you like Rcam then you will love this video; it has some fantastic Rcam work and a lot of it. Vegaskill has produced a powerful and easy to use tool for filmmakers to exploit.
You would think that a frag video exclusively featuring Air Rockets would get repetitive. I tried to achieve a balance between frags, music, atmosphere and pacing. I wanted a sharp and polished 7 minutes of uT3 frag heaven.

Featuring a pounding soundtrack that perfectly captures the ebb and flow of the action. It抯 a movie full of Air Rocket frags, very cool fX and a ripping pace.
I went for a quality encode and slick packaging in various formats; what more can you ask for!

You can download the full package at www.kaoshq.com , this link includes the very cool 1080p version, plus 3DTV version, plus Unused Footage movie and other goodies like funny Bonus and more stuff I hope you all like it Cya!
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