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Jailbreak Jailbreak 20
MapPacks MapPacks 6
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MonsterHunt MonsterHunt 3
Mutators Mutators 17
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Server Server
Unter-Kategorien: AntiCheat
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Voices Voices 44

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Downloads  CTF-ControlvsRage][

This map is a combination of the maps CTF-Control by John "2-4" Tate and CTF-Ragev2][ by bongoliath. I have changed a few little things. So the base has one more access than before for example. 8-12 players. Thanks for downloading and have fun Kommentare im Forum (5,59 MB)
26.11.2020 64 0
Downloads  CTF-2on2-Ehre][

Inspired by a map of Star Trek Elite Force i tried to create one for Unreal Tournament. It is a small map with no way to hide. There is a botpathing in this map so it should work if you want to play this one only with the computer. Ideal for 2-6 Players. I hope you will like this map, it is one of my first ones, so not much detail in it. Thank you for downloading and Enjoy! Kommentare im Forum (7,17 MB)
26.02.2020 110 0

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