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Downloads  Replace UDamage with Jetpack

Replaces: Udamage with jetpack 1.2 required: jetpack 1.2 https://forums.epicgames.com/threads/989707-ReplaceUDamageWithJetpack-by-RattleSN4K3 Kommentare im Forum (2,6 KB)
21.03.2015 368 0
Downloads  WH40K Chainsword

Chainsword from Space Marines 40k. Primary fire kills enemies instantly with a "burst" type fire enabling you to "swipe" at enemies for an area attack. Capable of killing 2 or 3 enemies in close proximity. Weapon has decent range for a "melee" type weapon. It is also capable of severing heads! It does significant damage to vehicles and titans if you can get close enough. I haven't tried but you should be able to sever the head of an unsuspecting rear hellbender turret gunner. There is also a mut ... [Mehr] (1,53 MB)
02.09.2012 832 0
Downloads  UT3 Fusrodah Redeemer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjY_q2XLzvs Hi, I made a fun little mutator. It's only few sounds from skyrim with the redeemer. Maybe some ut3 players will enjoy the famous "FUS RO DAH" ! Install by unzipping the file in your My Games directory with "YES" for all ! In game put "UTFusrodahReplacer" in the enabled mutators window. Enjoy ! Zephyr (3,37 MB)
18.02.2012 371 0
Downloads  Nyan Cat Redeemer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs-qfcfnsBw Title: Nyan Cat Redeemer Author: Azurescorch, Bi()ha2ard and Cr4zy Website: http://www.cr4zyb4st4rd.co.uk http://phobos.qml.net/bio/ Version: Final 1.0 Release Date: 14/09/2011 = Azurescorch the inital idea, materials, and particles Bi()ha2ard scripting and overdoing values Cr4zy HUD material and fixing nonscript issues #mpukut3.warfare for lols  ... [Mehr] (5,30 MB)
14.09.2011 1595 9.9
Downloads  TranslocatorPlus v1.2

Author: kisk FileType: UT3 Mutator Date: 11/25/07 Release Notes Translocator w/out charges. Fire it as much as you want. Also configurable to change: - Disc arc - Speed/Distance - Momentum - Bounce - Allowed GameTypes Changelog v1.0b1 - Initial release v1.1 - Added disc arc, speed/distance, momentum, and bounce. v1.2 - Added per GameType settings. TL by default is added to every gametype. ToDo - Keybind the TL to a keyboard key when the hoverboa ... [Mehr] (5,9 KB)
28.02.2011 513 0
Downloads  Advanced Armor Warfare v2.5

hierfür braucht ihr den Vehicle Set Replacement Mutator http://www.filefront.com/14467041/XSRepSetMutMSUC4.zip/ Dec 14 2010 version 2.5 The files already placed in the correct folder All you have to do is paste over your original My games < - folder This will say you already have a folder named like that this will only replace any older AdvancedArmorWarfare files and it wont touch or modify or delete any original ut3 files or mods when asked just replace any old AdvancedA ... [Mehr] (46,52 MB)
21.11.2010 1341 0
Downloads  Redeemizer

UT3_Muts/redeemizerv2_0final.mp4 R e d e e m i z e r - Fun-Weapon ******************************** Author : HO0815XX Version : 2.0 Release Date : 30.10.2010 Game : UT3 1.5 EMail : Credits : Me, Epic VersionInfo : 1.0 - Initial-Version 1.1 - Final-Version 1.2 - Final-Version (Changed AmmoSkin) 2.0 - Final-Version (Added CameraShake, tweakings here and there..) Install ... [Mehr] (6,87 MB)
30.10.2010 882 0
Downloads  GoW Lancer

copy utgame folder to my games/unreal tournament 3 thats it :D credits: UnrealLoco - addign model and giving me something to base code off Me - Altering code to make it act like the Lancer with melee Kommentare im Forum (543,6 KB)
22.07.2010 1133 0
Downloads  NoVehicles v1.0

NoVehicles Version : 1.0 by HO0815XX Remove all Vehicles from Maps Released : 27.01.2009 Based on Content of Epic Games Inc. Copyright 1998-2007 All Rights Reserved ******************* Author : HO0815XX Version : 1.0 Final Release Date : 27.01.2009 Game : UT 3 All versions EMail : HO0815XX(at)t-online.de Credits : Me, Epic Installation: - Put the .u file in your ..\UTGame\CookedPC\ directory and the .ini fil ... [Mehr] (1,8 KB)
08.02.2010 1090 0
Downloads  {FA2K} Zound Mutator Pack

Enthält den Mutator und zwei Zoundpackete des UT-III Instagib-Servers. http://www.fa2k.de Thread Discussion (17,47 MB)
18.01.2010 994 0
Downloads  ABTv1.3

ReadMe for ABTv1.3 Mutator for UT3 Author: Moritz "Tperience" Laschinger Game: UT3 (PC, only tested with version 1.1) Website: http://www.UTzone.de Release date: January 30, 2008 Version: 1.3 Testers: UTzone Clan, but especially Donzi Features - Disables those annoying arrows in CTF, WAR and vCTF - Disables "animated" Taunts while walking (Taunt/Fire and Taunt/Movement) - Disables RespawnProtection - ... [Mehr] (342,3 KB)
12.01.2010 617 8.3
Downloads  AllWeaponsTeamRespawn

All Weapons / Team Respawn by fedeago = Visit http://www.UTzone.de !!! A BIIIGGG THX goes to Tperience Version 3 = Description: This is a small mutator that imitates TAM in UT3. I made it in only 1 week without having any UnrealScript experiences before so don't expect too much of it. It is not perfect and it has not to be perfect as currently a TAM-mod is developed for UT3 named LTS. Until this mod is released there will be this cu ... [Mehr] (9,8 KB)
12.01.2010 416 0

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