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Downloads  Epic Cache Converter

A tool for windows to convert your cache folder in UT2004. After installation you can extract the downloaded files. Now you can sort the files into the folders. Tool ist aus dem Jahr 2000 und veraltet Bitte nutzt dieses Tool: UT Cache Manager v2.5 aus dem Jahr 2004 https://www.utzone.de/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=826_UT-Cache-Manager-v2.5 (1,58 MB)
27.11.2021 123 5
Downloads  Sandbag-kit_ut2k4

sandbag_kit_ut2k4 is a package with 3 models to assemble your own custom bunker set-ups, and the instructions about how to make the scene into a single partition, or make geometry out of mesh from a complicated partition builder brush. -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (754,4 KB)
20.01.2017 190 0
Downloads  TinyUZ2 - UZ2 (de)Compression Utility

TinyUZ2 - UZ2 (de)Compression Utility Copyright 2004, 2005 Michiel 'El Muerte' Hendriks elmuerte(at)drunksnipers.com TinyUZ2 is a tool for handling uz2 compressed UnrealEngine packages. It can both compress and decompress files. It can also display information about the UnrealEngine packages, in both compressed as decompressed state. TinyUZ2 is a completely stand alone program, so you don't need to have a UnrealEngine2 game installed. This version of TinyUZ2 only depends on zlib ... [Mehr] (133,8 KB)
16.01.2014 562 0
Downloads  Server Crash Recovery Map

Die Recovery-Map ist eine spezielle Start-Map für UT2004 Dedicated-Server. Ihre einzige Aufgabe ist es, direkt nach dem Start anhand verschiedener Kriterien zu einer anderen Map zu wechseln. Aus diesem Grund braucht sie auch nicht auf einen Redirect-Server hochgeladen zu werden, denn durch den sofortigen Map-Wechsel sollte sie niemals von Clients gesehen werden. Die Recovery-Map ist mit allen Standard-Gametypes kompatibel und unterstützt höchstwahrscheinlich alle Custom-Gametypes, die es f ... [Mehr] (8,8 KB)
08.12.2013 239 9.9
Downloads  UMake v1.2

UMake is a tool that makes compiling Unreal Engine 1 and 2 projects much easier. Unfortunately, compiling an Unreal project requires a row of steps which get tiresome if they have to be repeated over and over again. Many coders manually compiling their projects set up small batch files for that task, but those small scripts usually only provide a bare minimum of convenience. That's where UMake comes in. UMake completely wraps all steps necessary to compile an Unreal project behind a slic ... [Mehr] (257,4 KB)
01.11.2013 602 9.9
Downloads  AntiMisattribution

1. Description This script will protect your maps against misattribution and will disable online/lan play if unauthorized changes has been detected. Offline play is not supervised. More Information about this Tool: http://www.utzone.de/forum/showthread.php?t=2818 Kommentare im Forum (9,2 KB)
09.11.2012 179 0
Downloads  UT2kx Regcheck

Name: UT2kx Reg check Version: 1.0 Author: Head Size: 234.496 bytes MD5 checksum: 1282eb2c53c6d43a2d4c0d8f39e5ba70 Operating systems: WIN 95/98/ME/2K/XP/LH Thank you for downloading my small registry check tool .. The major task of this tool is to add your CD-Key and UT2kx-path to the windows-registry (after a format c:, if you lost your registry or in other cases) additional you are able to view/c ... [Mehr] (267,7 KB)
25.02.2010 11206 0
Downloads  Zound Extract

ZExtract - Zound Extract (c) ProAsm 2007 Idea by Frogger ZExtract should be placed in a seperate folder off UT2004 somewhere (ZExtract) Executing ZExtract will take you to the UT2004\Sounds folder or you can browse to the folder yourself and select the .uax file where your sounds are in. ZExtract will give you several options of how you want the defaults to be. It will then extract all the sound names from the file and save them in the correct format of which you can edit and resave. ... [Mehr] (521,9 KB)
24.01.2010 784 0
Downloads  Zound Convert

ZConvert - Zound Convert (c) ProAsm 2007 ZConvert54.exe should be placed in your UT2004\System folder or wherever you wish your new Zound54.ini file to be. Executing ZConvert54 will prompt you to browse to a Zoundxx.ini file, where xx can be 50, 51, 52 or 53 ZConvert54 will now convert your Zound5x.ini to the required Zound54.ini file. Kommentare im Forum (228,5 KB)
24.01.2010 330 0
Downloads  =MWatch= 0.89

=MWatch= Version: 0.89 Author: Clemens =MethoS= Werther Contact: mwatch(at)invariance.org WWW: http://www.invariance.org =MWatch= can handle three different file types: *.demo2 - UT2004 demo files *.demo4zip - ZIP compressed demo files like RK's DemoWatcher *.demo4rar - RAR compressed demo files Normal *.zip or *.rar archives can also be handled, even if they contain other files or archives. To associate them with =MWatch=, you can simply rename them to *.demo4zip or *.demo4rar ... [Mehr] (5,08 MB)
15.01.2010 779 9.9
Downloads  Winamp_Skins_from_UT

 (1,19 MB)
12.01.2010 286 0
Downloads  Agent_INI_2.0_Setup

 (7,20 MB)
12.01.2010 395 0

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