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Downloads  UT3 LoadingMovies

Title: UT3 LoadingMovies Author: Donzi.UTzone eMail Address: Donzi at UTzone.de Website URL: http://www.UTzone.de Release Date: 04.11.2008 Credits Greets fly out to (alph.order): - all Mappers (at) UTzone-Forum - FA2K - GGMJ - UTCD - UTzone-Clan http://clan.utzone.de Author's Notes Sick of lagging or boring Loadingsscreens/Video´s? 30 FPS w ... [Mehr] (25,54 MB)
23.07.2010 419 0
Downloads  UT3CacheTool

Name: Unreal Tournament 3 Cache Tool Version: 1.0 Compatibility: Requires Unreal Tournament 3. Description: Unreal Tournament 3 Cache Tool performs the following functions: * Lists the contents of Unreal Tournament 3's cache * Installs content from the cache * Changes the cache settings It is configurable, tested, and more accurate at determining whether cached packages are scripts, maps or generic packages when compared to other cache programs for Unreal Tournament 3. ... [Mehr] (78,1 KB)
20.02.2010 617 9.9
Downloads  RypelCam UT3 Edition v3.05

RypelCam UT3 Edition v3.05 This is the current RypelCam release for UT3. You must have atleast the UT3 patch 2 installed before you install RypelCam. For RypelCam installation instructions pls see the included html-Tutorial. The Tutorial includes everything you need to know to start with RypelCam. THIS IS A BETA RELEASE! Keep an eye on rypelcam.net for updates SOME OF THE MOST NOTICEABLE KNOWN PROBLEMS IN THIS BETA ARE: - Cameracontrol in serversides doesent really work ... [Mehr] (99,3 KB)
12.01.2010 376 0
Downloads  Retro Custom Meshes Pack

This pack contains 45 meshes in ASE format ready to be imported into your map. The 3ds max projects for each one of these objects is also provided. Textures have to be imported separately. Most of these meshes have collision objects, however there are some that don't have collision. Simple geometry collision can be generated for them after being imported in the editor. Some of these meshes use stock UT3 texture and I have provided text files that tell you which stock materials they use. ... [Mehr] (79,57 MB)
12.01.2010 321 0
Downloads  UT3CC

Name: UT3CC Version: V2.1 Credits: Brad G Homepage: www.brad-g.com Description: When you connect to a server which is hosting a custom map, it is downloaded to your cache folder. The maps downloaded to your cache cannot be hosted, or played offline until they are converted in to playable maps and placed in to your published/custom maps folder. This is what this utility does. By launching the UT3CC you will be greeted with a list of maps currently contained in your cache directory, and by ... [Mehr] (972,9 KB)
12.01.2010 623 0
Downloads  UT3ProtocolFix

{GGMJ}Radon hat ein Fix gebastelt,mit dem man nun auch in UT3 wieder Links zu Servern angeben und anklicken kann, wie es bei UT2004 normal war. Installation: Kopiere die UT3ProtocolFix.exe in dein "./Unreal Tournament 3/Binaries/" Verzeichnis (UT3.exe ist dort ebenfalls vorhanden) - Starte die Applikation einmal und klicke auf "CREATE REGISTRY FIX" (Achtung: Starte die Applikation erst, NACHDEM du sie ins UT3-Verzeichnis verschoben hast) ! für vista: Wenn du UAC aktiv hast, musst d ... [Mehr] (342,5 KB)
12.01.2010 378 0
Downloads  UT3 Ini Tweak-O-Mat

UT3 Ini Tweak-O-Mat v1.0 by Radon Description: >So, what's it all about? I found it very annoying, to "tweak" my ini every time i had to reinstall the whole thing. So i started working on some sort of management thing which does that for me. >What came out is a simple tool, which is only one .exe file, which manages lots if tweaks for your inis. I used the tweak guide on www.tweakguides.com and built in nearly everything mentioned there. >Wha ... [Mehr] (294,1 KB)
12.01.2010 1340 0
Downloads  UT3 - Cache Extractor

Description: This tool is just like Brad G's Cache Converter, but on asteroids. It will work with all files that are inside the Cache, not only the maps. For more details, please visit the website. Version: 1.0 Creator: Bruno B. F. Requirements: Unreal Tournament 3 Net Framework 2.0 Homepage: http://www.bbfsoft.com.br (15,9 KB)
12.01.2010 866 0
Downloads  UT3 PS3 Mod Tools

These tools enables the cooking of PC mods for use on the PS3. It is not a patch for UT3 and does not include any of the previous patch fixes nor any new fixes. It requires that patch 1.1 be installed. The website detailing how to use these tools can be found here: http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/PS3Mods.html . Thanks! (2,24 MB)
12.01.2010 326 0

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