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Downloads  Johnny 5

I'm back with a new Voicepack, this time it's Johnny 5 from the 'Short Circuit' movies released in the 80's. Don't worry, it isn't all 'malfunction' and 'need input', he does have a few more one-liners in his vocabulary! (5,01 MB)
05.07.2012 452 9.9
Downloads  Ally McBeal Voicepack for UT3 v2.1

Ally McBeal voicepack for UT3. Created by Syex ©2008 (Revised 20 Feb 2012) It's been a long time in the making and here at last is my first voicepack for Unreal Tournament 3. Originally created in 2008, this 2012 update fixes a couple of errors. Now works with Domination. Please do not distribute this voicepack without this read me file. How to install: Put the entire folder: 'UT3VCE_AllyMcbeal' into ...My Documents\ ... [Mehr] (12,35 MB)
28.02.2012 513 0
Downloads  Danielle Harris UT3 Voice Pack v1.1

This is a UT3 voice pack of the most popular scream queen Danielle Harris. You may recognized for her role as Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) & Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989), reprised as Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007) & Halloween II (2009), among some other movies are medium on impact that would fit them enough to this voice pack. It contains 'different age' of this celebrity that is certain made a range from child star to adult ... [Mehr] (9,37 MB)
25.01.2012 568 0
Downloads  Lance Henriksen UT3 Voice Pack v1.0 Beta

This is a UT3 voice pack of the independent actor Lance Henriksen, one of the most authentic people noted for his deep, commanding voice. He's played many small but memorable roles in several movies, as well as some leading ones. I'm releasing this voice pack to 'Beta' because Lopar-XL made this alone. More samples of him appeared in any number of low to medium budget movies, TV movies and TV episodes taken (if all found on home media and/or YT) to update the voice pack. The default model attach ... [Mehr] (8,62 MB)
27.10.2011 405 0
Downloads  Jennifer Connelly UT3 Voice Pack v1.1

This is a UT3 version of the Jennifer Connelly voice pack converted from my UT2004 version. One of the most beloved and charmed actress in Hollywood turns into spring. This voice pack contains 'different age' of this celebrity that is certain made a range from child star to adult actress, same as my UT2004 version. The default model attached to this voice pack is Ariel from 'Iron Guard' faction. I tried to make a custom model for her, I wasn't impressive to do elsewhere, at least you will find h ... [Mehr] (11,48 MB)
25.10.2011 443 0
Downloads  Michael Biehn UT3 Voice Pack v1.1 Beta

Michael Biehn plays a number of popular roles in science fiction movies made by James Cameron: The Terminator (Kyle Reese), Aliens (Cpl. Dwayne Hicks), and The Abyss (Lt. Coffey); as well as different various main and supporting roles in the 90s and 2000s. Lopar-XL made this VP back in UT99, ported over to UT2003, then UT2004, and now THIS game will do I ported it from his old UT version. No Order and Name sounds had been made and there is no able to "cover all the bases" here due to a different ... [Mehr] (10,91 MB)
25.10.2011 389 0
Downloads  Sergeant Al Apone UT3 Voice Pack v1.1

Al Matthews plays the role of Sergeant Apone in James Cameron's critical acclaimed 1986 science fiction action film Aliens. Apone was sent out to Acheron LV-426 to investigate the incident at Hadley's Hope, and was the second in command of the squad when he joined the Colonial Marines Corp. He later achieved the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. Now this cigar-chompin', smack-talkin', gun-slingin' tough guy is gonna show you how it's done in the Tournament! This is my first voice pack that I decided ... [Mehr] (5,39 MB)
25.10.2011 375 0
Downloads  Ally McBeal Voicepack for UT3

Ally McBeal voicepack for UT3. Created by Syex ©2008 (edited 2010) It's been a long time in the making but here at last is my first voicepack for Unreal Tournament 3. when this was originaly created there was no autotaunt support, i.e. as in a taunt plays to self when fragging an opponent... maybe someday someone will fix this. (They have!) I tried, but the game engine is too complicated. However, I did suss one thing out, wait till you use the order sounds. :-> I must admit' creating ... [Mehr] (unbekannte Größe)
17.09.2011 221 0

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