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Downloads  Michael Green (Pickleboy) - UPDATED

This is a updated version of Michael Green (Pickleboy) from the KidBehindACamera channel. This includes the OldUnreal Multimedia Pack if needed in case it is not installed. Kommentare im Forum (6,69 MB)
26.05.2018 19 0
Downloads  Junior (Storks)

This is a voicepack for Junior from the 2016 animated film. Storks. This includes OldUnreal's Multimedia Pack if need in case you did not have it installed. Kommentare im Forum (41,30 MB)
26.05.2018 12 0
Downloads  Clavius (The Swan Princess II)

Here is Clavius, the villain from The Swan Princess 2, coming here in Unreal Tournament 1999. This includes OldUnreal Multimedia Pack, that you will need if it is not installed on your system. Kommentare im Forum (31,79 MB)
28.01.2018 21 0
Downloads  The Grinch (Jim Carrey)

Here is the Jim Carrey's version of The Grinch for Unreal Tournament 1999, OldUnreal Multimedia Pack is included. Kommentare im Forum (30,05 MB)
28.01.2018 38 0
Downloads  Angry Grandpa (Voicepack)

Here is a voice pack containing Angry Grandpa voices from his videos, and it also contains the OldUnreal Multimedia pack in case if you don't have that installed. This is created as a tribute to Angry Grandpa, who had recently died last year, we will always remember him. Kommentare im Forum (12,84 MB)
27.01.2018 44 0
Downloads  Pickleboy Voicepack for UT99

Angry Grandpa's Pickleboy is now raging in your way in UT99, make sure you install the OldUnreal Multimedia Patch. See readme.txt for steps on how to install it. Kommentare im Forum (5,88 MB)
17.11.2016 57 0
Downloads  Frollo voicepack (new version)

This is a new version of the Frollo voicepack with newer soundclips, if you have the OldUnreal multimedia patch installed, then your all set. Kommentare im Forum (1,92 MB)
31.10.2016 46 0
Downloads  Dashie voicepack

DashieGames, a youtuber is now a voicepack for UT99, See readme.txt for steps on how to install the OldUnreal Multimedia patch. Kommentare im Forum (2,40 MB)
30.10.2016 78 0
Downloads  Frollo voicepack

Judge Frollo is here in UT99 for Free! See readme.txt on steps on how to install the OldUnreal multimedia patch. Kommentare im Forum (3,10 MB)
30.10.2016 27 0
Downloads  SammyClassicSonicFan voicepack

This is the funniest voicepack for UT99 that i made, make sure you install the OldUnreal Multimedia Patch. See readme.txt for steps on how to install it. Kommentare im Forum (3,90 MB)
30.10.2016 48 0
Downloads  Nichole Watterson voicepack

Nichole Watterson from the amazing world of gumball, a voice pack for UT99. See readme.txt for more details, and even on how to install the OldUnreal multimedia patch. Kommentare im Forum (3,84 MB)
30.10.2016 64 0
Downloads  The Riddler voicepack

Extracted from a batman movie starring Jim Carrey as the riddler. Funny voicepack. (5,34 MB)
09.01.2016 134 0

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