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Downloads  DM-DogTown-2k419

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Game : Unreal Tournament 2004 Map Title : DM-DogTown-2k419 FriendlyName : Dogtown 2019 Version : 1.0 [Final] Playercount : 06 - 10 Author : Realpope Changes : Realpope aka Realpope68 Email : Realpope(at)googlemail.com (feedback-erwünscht) Date : 11.01.2019 Youtube Video's Status: Allowed =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Ori ... [Mehr] (66,70 MB)
11.01.2019 60 0
Downloads  UT2004_DM-FrozenTorlan2018

Sniping Torlan, with a fitting atmospheric music. Additions in this version include: Two additional towers, additional cliffs, forest and sandbags. More pickups, heal vial pickups, adrenaline pickups, all in tactical locations. Description: Following an early Ice Age, the Torlan is still favored by many tournament competitors despite the circumstances. At night, cold hearted tournament competitors hunt pests and peasants in these grounds. The Torlan you once knew has gotten a new life; a froze ... [Mehr] (15,48 MB)
28.10.2018 138 0
Downloads  DM-StalwartXL-FE 2018

Game : Unreal Tournament 2004 Title : DM-Stalwart_FE_2018 Version : 2.0 [Final] Playercount : 2-6 Author : Alan 'Talisman' Willard Changes : Realpope aka Realpope68 Email : Realpope(at)googlemail.com Date : 28.04.2018 Youtube Video's Status: Allowed =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Features : · New Textures · New Waypoints & JumpSpots · Higher BSP-Texture shadow setting {mostly on 1} · Weaponchange for [Weapon replacement] like SwapToolV11 ... [Mehr] (63,60 MB)
21.04.2018 206 0
Downloads  DM-Habuji_Gavran

Map: DM-Habuji_Gavran Author: Gavran Mutators active: Quadjump Mapsize: 39,9MB/approx. 41.939.478 byte _ My first map release in UT2K4, originally created for the DC 'Disastrous Consequences' RPG Invasion server hosted at: This map is heavily Unreal 1 themed map, in the style of an ancient Nali temple somewhat in ruins, located on the second moon of the Nali homeworld. It features big long hallways and generally open-concept room ... [Mehr] (13,84 MB)
06.01.2018 201 8.7
Downloads  DM-PB-Depot

DM-PB-Depot Level name : Depot File name : DM-PB-Depot.ut2 Version : 2.0 Release date : 2016/02/19 Game type : Deathmatch Player count : 6 to 8 Single Player : Yes Multiplayer : Yes New Actors : No New Music : No New Sounds : ... [Mehr] (25,04 MB)
01.01.2017 443 0
Downloads  DM-PB-Wicked

DM-PB-Wicked Level name : Wicked File name : DM-PB-Wicked.ut2 Version : 2.0 Release date : 2013/08/17 Game type : Deathmatch Player count : 1 to 4 Single Player : Yes Multiplayer : Yes New Actors : Yes New Music : Yes New Sound ... [Mehr] (6,34 MB)
01.01.2017 451 0
Downloads  DM-RF-Dm19-High-Rise

Beschreibung: Vor einiger Zeit, nach der Eröffnung des von der Marsianer Ultor Gesellschaft organisierten Turniers und einer Phase der Qualifizierung, um das langersehnte Rückflug-Ticket zur Erde zu erhalten, musst du erneut dein Schicksal herausfordern... Du bist irgendwo auf der Umlaufbahn der Erde an Bord einer marsianischen ultramodernen Raumstation mit Gravitationsfeld und zeitgemäßer städtischer Infrastruktur. Du wirst dem entscheidenden Duell in einem riesigen futuristischen Wolken ... [Mehr] (77,82 MB)
09.07.2016 345 0
Downloads  DM-UTCRAFT

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54ToD6AXfxg A Minecraft village, set on a small island at sunset! It's great for invasion and has a lot of hiding places and secret passages. I strived to make it looks as accurate to Minecraft as possible (with a few intentional exceptions) while also making it play well in UT2004. I hope you enjoy this map! This map includes a music mutator that picks a random Minecraft song (thank you, Great Emerald!) when the map loads. It works automatically, so you DO ... [Mehr] (35,70 MB)
08.03.2016 798 0
Downloads  DM-DustStorm-DC-III

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyQuGj7wGb4 - DM-DustStorm DC III Author: Jefe (Based on iterations of the map by FFU Clan (NotGuilty and Scapenet), Equinox, Monsto Brukes, myself and Vanico.) - Version History: 2015-09-14...........v1.0 2015-07-27...........Beta 3 (First public beta) Way back in 2008 or so I found a map called "DM-Dust_Storm_a" by Monsto Brukes. It was an edi ... [Mehr] (18,48 MB)
15.09.2015 922 0
Downloads  DM-Crash-XL

- DM-Crash-XL 2015-07-27 (Public release) Edit for the Disastrous Consequences server by Jefe. The original version, DM-1on1-Crash, is a retail map made by Paul Fahss. This is a larger version of the map designed for invasion play. - Changes: Scaled map up by 1.5 Added new room above the shock rifle for an invasion fallback spot. I included the two extra music files for the music swit ... [Mehr] (7,29 MB)
28.07.2015 510 9.9
Downloads  DM-Rebellion

After a few years under Skaarj pressure, Nali folks realized they can't take it anymore; their priests blessed them to raise a rebellion and the most wicked bastards of Skaarj have been punished with extreme violence. Unfortunately, that movement was suppressed quickly and now the entire Nali race is facing a menace of extinction. S3TC textures are used there. Floating islands, lamps and UMS dropboxes are created by me in Blender 2.71b. Credits for tudor meshes go to FragHouse team, for barrels ... [Mehr] (35,02 MB)
16.06.2015 480 9.5
Downloads  DM-Friendlyfire-2

Hallo hier habe ich was für euch. Was zum spielen Spaß Geschwindigkeit Reaktion. Die Map ist in 5 Räumen die miteinander verbunden sind, durch Teleporter die in Zufall Prinzip funktionieren durch Aufnahme einer Waffe. Man kann die Map mit 10-20 oder mehr Spielern spielen. Kommentare im Forum (926,0 KB)
14.04.2015 327 7.5

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