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Downloads  DM-AlpsDawnDuel2

Information = Mapname: DM-AlpsDawnDuel2 Title: DM-Alps' Dawn Duel 2 Game: Unreal Tournament 3 Platform: PC Version: 1.00 Release Date: November 2, 2013 Author: Jonatan "Thrallala" Czapnik Contact: jonatan.czapnik(at)gmail.com Game Type: DM Bot Support: Yes New Music: Yes Requirements : UT3, Patch 2.1 Num Players: 2-6 Credits = Emmanuel "Krolizard" Da Roit for the original map to ... [Mehr] (39,96 MB)
08.11.2013 1111 0
Downloads  DM-Malevolence-LP

ReadMe for DM-Malevolence-LP for Unreal Tournament 3 Title: DM-Malevolence-LP Author: PlayForGG Contact: Website URL: - Release Date: October 13, 2013 Last Update: - Version: 1.0 Final Credits: Thanks: - Scott "Cr4zyb4st4rd" Coxhead for the textures, the sky ... [Mehr] (39,52 MB)
14.10.2013 904 0
Downloads  DM-UntoldStorage

DM-UntoldStorage A Level for UT3 - General Info - Title: DM-UntoldStorage Filename: DM-UntoldStorage Author: Andrew "Mclogenog" Yoder eMail Address: AndrewYoder(at)live.com Website URL: http://mclogenog.wordpress.com Version: 1.0 Credits: The level description is a quote from Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities. I recommend it highly. - ... [Mehr] (16,72 MB)
23.02.2013 943 0
Downloads  DM-SpaceOpera v2.2

26/01/2013 Update: * Fixed many collision problem ( thanks Firmament ) * Removed some objects in storage room to make it more playable * UDamage paddle lowered to ground * Power reactor sound fixed * Added physics to box conveyors (33,18 MB)
27.01.2013 1146 0
Downloads  DM-Esoteric

Name: DM-Esoteric Version: 1.0 Description: Based on a UDK map (Made a link to the thread for those that want to try it out) where I messed around with BSP in I started to make this map, The map is set on an astroid in space in a forunner facility. UDK thread: http://forums.epicgames.com/threads/...5#post30908825 Changes: Made the map brighter. Change lighting to some extent. Made some alignment better. Fixes that didn't make it: Lighting fixes of Darkn3ss is QnL didn't w ... [Mehr] (43,49 MB)
19.01.2013 616 0
Downloads  DM-SpaceOpera

 (27,24 MB)
15.01.2013 438 0
Downloads  DM-CBP3-MaidenLike

This map is a standalone CBP3 map by Dan "Green" Rožañski, after releasing the anticipated CBP3 Volume 5. Details of this map is on the screenshot. Uploaded by Private Tux (formerly Tux Android). (45,07 MB)
04.01.2013 946 0
Downloads  DM-Peak

Title: DM-Peak Version: 1.1 Author: Syphix Release Date: 20th April 2008 Compatibility: UT3 v1.2 Gametypes Supported: DeathMatch, TeamDeathMatch, Duel Description: Originally built by the Nipi Monks in Nepal to escape moral degradation, this serene and beautiful place once called for meditation; until Liandri acquired it for perfect tournament conditions. Number of Players: 6 to 8 Players Installation Information: Extract all contents of this folder to the follo ... [Mehr] (24,35 MB)
07.12.2012 641 0
Downloads  DM-Deck-Pro2

Name: DM-Deck-Pro2 Version: Final Compatibility: Titan Pack is probably Required (Unsure) Description: Deck has been snowed in! Sort of, not really. ;) Comments: Where to begin? Over 100 changes have been made. Most of the changes are subtle, some of them are obvious. This version of Deck aims to be the last Deck you will ever play. This version has a graphical facelift on High Detail mode, a performance improvement on Medium and Low Quality detail modes, and completely reworked b ... [Mehr] (21,23 MB)
07.12.2012 1329 0
Downloads  DM-Amyrade

Map _ Map name: Amyrade Map game type: DM / TDM Version: 1.0 Date: 20 / 11 / 2012 Players: 4 - 8 Requirements: UT3 + Patch 2.1 + Titan Pack Author _ Author name: Steve Loiselle (Stevelois) Country: Canada Lauguage: French Homepage: http://stevelois.wordpress.com Story / Histoire _ According to Liandri records, Amyrade is a space station built by a v ... [Mehr] (43,24 MB)
07.12.2012 909 0
Downloads  DM-RB-Morpheus99

Remus Brailoiu's UT3 version of Morpheus. Remake of the popular UT99 map by Dave Ewing. Video of the map: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYAtzdnx1-I (10,98 MB)
31.07.2012 1688 0
Downloads  DM-Tyron

General Info Title: DM-Tyron Author: Layton Hawkes Email: layton.hawkes(at)gmail.com Website: http://www.laytonhawkes.com Release Date: July 23, 2012 (August 3, 2010 limited) Version: 1.00 Installation - 1) Extract all files to C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps 2) Start the game 3) Select the map in the deathmatch, team deathmatch or duel instant action menu. Co ... [Mehr] (22,11 MB)
31.07.2012 1235 0

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