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Downloads  DM-FanTower

A medium sized map for ~4-8 players. It features multiple smaller, partially cramped areas as well as a high, open tower with fans on both ends. The fans produce low gravity, but if you hit one of them, you're dead. Bot's are supported only very basically - they avoid the tower and are more or less just gunfodder/filler in online matches. The map was built in 2019 for nostalgic reasons, for a bunch of guys in a former counterstrike-messageboard Have fun! Lobo Kommentare im Forum ... [Mehr] (1,60 MB)
30.10.2019 162 0
Downloads  DM-ShadowFlare

UT2004 to UT99 map conversion made by myself. Original author of UT2004 map is Superchaz. This conversion was made in 2012. I recently only updated this map to fix a crashing bug. Thread Discussion (28,96 MB)
13.12.2016 460 0
Downloads  DM-Morbias_Arena

A new looking smaller slightly twisted remake of the classical DM-Morbias Map. You have a fewer quantity of the typical Morbias Weapons but less ammunition. You can play this map with 2 - 4 players / bots. This map was build for single and multiplayer mode. Kommentare im Forum (1,77 MB)
23.08.2014 436 0
Downloads  DM-Maze

small Deathwatch arena for ut99 with only two types of weapons, limited ammunition and paths that are constantly changing. you can either play a fast and strategically 1-on-1 or a mean shoot out with max. 4 players. Kommentare im Forum (1,15 MB)
17.07.2014 465 0
Downloads  DM-KVARTAL

DM-KVARTAL Version: 1.2 Author: ~Smith~ Script for CS1.6: An armed group of people holding the hostages in the main building server KVARTAL. Groups of special police squad and Special Forces will liberate the hostages and escort vehicles to evacuate ... Features: Real map, high resolution phototextures, dynamically moving clouds, mirrors, operated lift, involving models of cars, bushes, interior, ambient sounds and music, navigation path for bots, birds. Info about map: Map for Un ... [Mehr] (50,63 MB)
29.09.2013 1145 0
Downloads  DM-Min

DM-Min Version: 1.0 Author: ~Smith~ Info: This is medium urban style map, 4 destroyed buildings, roofs, crane. Game: Unreal Tournament 1999 v.4.36 Gametype: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch Number of players: 32 Map used textures and sounds from Deus Ex. Kommentare im Forum (50,03 MB)
29.09.2013 886 0
Downloads  DM-Tier

-=[ DM-Tier Readme - May 20th, 2012 ]=- You should turn off 'WordWrap' for best appearance Oh, and uh... does anybody still read these things? = -=[ General Information ]=- Title : The Tier Facility Filename : DM-Tier.unr Description : Indutrial facility-themed map for Unreal Tournament Author : Jared 'DarkED' Kierstead Email Address : sinedeviance(at)gm ... [Mehr] (5,73 MB)
26.05.2012 1426 0
Downloads  DM-WarCity][-V2

Welcome to the WarCity my friends - leave behind all good advises by parents teachers and even vicars! All what counts in this is frag or being fragged. Its another war dimension scene with a huge ruined city scene in a mystical outworld. The map was originally named Stalingrad and made for the Infiltration UT mod. It was changed from retro realistic to more unreal warzone like with a few optical enhancements. I also added a brain- melting hardcore soundtrack which i once found ... [Mehr] (7,44 MB)
09.05.2012 1342 9.9
Downloads  DM-TheLocoZone

Welcome to the LocoZone my friends - leave behind all good advises by parents teachers and even vicars! All what counts in this is frag or being fragged. Its another war dimension scene with a huge ruined building complex in a mystical outworld. The map was originally named WasteLandWar and made for the NightsEdge UT mod. It was changed from dark realistic to more unreal warzone like with a few optical enhancements. I also added a brain- melting soundtrack which i once found in ... [Mehr] (2,52 MB)
02.05.2012 633 9.9
Downloads  DM-JungleBaseNight

You know - im always searching for great UT map conversions and especially like africa themed ones. The StrikeForce maps actually look completely different and most would suck for normal UT but i was lucky and found this cool camp. Probably indeed a junglecamp at night in africa - now with all UT pickups a musictrack and some jumperblockers added. As i said - i dont like the SF mod much but for this map be thanked though! Thanks and enjoy! (1,92 MB)
10.04.2012 939 0
Downloads  DM-Storm

The most africa like map from the JungleWarfare mod. A jungle terrain under a rainy heavy clouded dark atmosphere. The trees looked so damn bright - ok it flashes and thunders but i added a stylish music title from my youth - storm-storm. It is like exclusively made for this map and feels great. I hope the modmaker isnt insulted or something but i just find UT needs much more maps of this type. Anyways - many thanks! (4,14 MB)
30.03.2012 772 8.7
Downloads  DM-Yemen

A city scene with a palace in a very oriental style. Another great map from the outstanding INFILTRATION mod very great for sniping too. I placed all UT weapons and added block actors to avoid wild translocating. The bots are ok though they are too stupid to use ladders. Since its such a atmospheric map i used the best music i could find! Its a track from the quake/unreal mixgame FireStarter - absolute deluxe! So lets get down on our knees and praise all source creators decently. ( ... [Mehr] (6,99 MB)
23.03.2012 940 9.5

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