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Downloads  CTF-Today

This map's specialty is that it's in a 90 degree angle unlike traditional CTF maps. This also gives the back-middle point of the map an entirely new purpose, there's a sniping spot that can be used by either of the teams. It's like having a little bit of Domination alongside CTF. Note that this map is just a test for this type of layout, and isn't developed too much. If people will like it, I will develop it further. ;) Thread Discussion ... [Mehr] (382,6 KB)
13.12.2016 193 0
Downloads  CTF-Yigguddeh

Just practicing with UnrealEd, and made this map. It looks a little nooby in some places, but it's good.:rolleyes: Thread Discussion (33,57 MB)
08.09.2013 205 0
Downloads  CTF-Brunzgurke08

CTF-Brunzgurke (C) 2000 by Juergen Vierheilig (info(at)madservice.de) ATTENTION: THIS IS A BETA RELEASE! BOT SUPPORT IS NOT VERY GOOD Title : CTF-Brunzgurke Version : 0.8 Public Beta Edition Release Date : 9/21/2000 Filename : CTF-Brunzgurke-08.zip Author : Juergen Vierheilig Email Address : info(at)madservice.de Web Page : ... [Mehr] (10,10 MB)
21.02.2013 401 0
Downloads  CTF-Inferno

A sleepy townstreet short before the rainstorm somewhere in africa. Originally a old TACTICAL OPS map but found and converted back to UT by me. The change to CTF was kinda very logical because of the maps structure. But its not only a result - indeed much more like a improvement. I used my approved CTF team loadout system which supports the red team more with skaarj and the blue with human like weaponry. This comes especially handy when using stuffswapper. But its not a less worthy ... [Mehr] (3,15 MB)
25.03.2012 1047 9.9
Downloads  CTF-Real_Fortress_UT

This is one cool map from the RealCTF basic mappack with no teamdoors and easy to convert. Since almost zero changes the author shouldnt mind being asked. This is one of the original classics which inspired the UT map design significantly since the RealCTF mod actually introduced the CTF gametype to unreal. (7,19 MB)
22.11.2011 743 9.9
Downloads  CTF-Ramuel2

CTF-Ramuel2 for Unreal Tournament 99 (3,70 MB)
25.10.2011 645 9.5
Downloads  CTF - Ramuel

CTF - Ramuel for Unreal Tournament 99 (1.015,8 KB)
25.10.2011 335 0
Downloads  CTF-XMC-OperationXMAS

TITLE: CTF-XMC-OperationXMAS Filename: CTF-XMC-OperationXMAS Version: 1.00 CTF Player load: Maximum 16 players (probably best with 12 players) Last Update: Jan 15, 2011 Author: Nick 'Tom_caT' Burns THIS MAP WAS MADE FOR THE 2_Face UNREAL PLAYGROUND UT99 Christmas 2010 MAP CONTEST Other Levels by Tom_caT DM-300K-Archer c ... [Mehr] (5,82 MB)
16.01.2011 834 0
Downloads  CTF-1on1-GenericArenaMap

Kommentare im Forum (9,58 MB)
08.01.2011 596 0
Downloads  CTF-XMC-AlphaWOOT

CTF-XMC-AlphaWOOT by Rob 'FraGnBraG' Burns ReadMe File for Unreal Tournament Release Date: Jan 2, 2011 TITLE: CTF-XMC-AlphaWOOT Filename: CTF-XMC-AlphaWOOT Version: 1.0 Player load: 8-12 players Last Update: Jan 2, 2011 Author: Rob 'FraGnBraG' Burns INTENDED UT RENDERING DRIVER : OpenGL (UTGLR32) or later Late model D3D driver should be ok INTENDED UT BRIGHTNESS SETTING : 5/10 (Press ... [Mehr] (6,24 MB)
05.01.2011 583 0
Downloads  CTF-XMC-Frozenw00t

Frozenw00t! A water purification plant built out of thermoresistant materials. The walls have to resist both intense heat as well as the winter cold and high humidity. Incidentally it also resists all damage that can be produced by a tournament class weapon making the facility a potent tournament arena. It doesn't process any water anymore as hosting matches is far more profitable. The fluid running through the pipes is more like blood than water but it's none of the above. So a shit ... [Mehr] (1,77 MB)
24.12.2010 410 0

Title: December Heat Release Date: 24/11/2010 File contents: Map (Duh), Hourkraden_UT.utx, ZacmanXmas_UT.u Author: Zachary "Zacman the Damned" Milton Description: Unreal Tournament Capture the Flag Map, made for Unreal Playground's 2010 Christmas Contest Background: I suppose a little explination is neccessary... Well, the idea for this map comes from multiple things... First of all, Everyone seemed to be making White Christmas, Santas Workshop, etc, etc, maps, and I wante ... [Mehr] (12,69 MB)
20.12.2010 584 0

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