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Downloads  VCTF-Necrotic

ReadMe for VCTF-Necrotic For Unreal Tournament 3 on PC Title:VCTF-Necrotic Filename: VCTF-Necrotic.ut3 Author: tarnationsauce2 Contact: http://forums.epicgames.com/members/268394-tarnationsauce2 Website URL: http://www.thelastteam.com/index.php?option=com_community&view=profile&userid=515 Release Date: October 24 2012 Last Update: December 05 2012 V ... [Mehr] (14,60 MB)
02.03.2013 766 0
Downloads  VCTF-Retribution V2

 (11,82 MB)
17.05.2012 584 0
Downloads  VCTF-IcyCanyon

Name: VCTF-IcyCanyon [Final] Version: 3.0 Description: A symmetrical arena in a deep, icy canyon with two bases directly opposing each other. Contains cover for people that don't like using vehicles. Changes since last version: * Added a Raptor * Added a Sniper Room * Made it less flat New version. Changed stuff: Terrain\rocks got other material. the fog now got a normal. added some extra cover. fixed a teleporter Kommentare im Forum ... [Mehr] (3,91 MB)
27.10.2010 1067 0
Downloads  VCTF-Valhalla_2010

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWxb1Me1m3E - VCTF-Valhalla_2010 Readme - Thank you for downloading VCTF-Valhalla_2010. This is a remake of the well-known Halo 3 map, Valhalla. Installation: Put all the files in the archive into C:\...\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps Credits: -CPTSteward and the team of OddManOut Studios for their original remake (VCTF-Valhalla_Alpha3), which I took the terrain from. -Everyone at the UT3 Forums for ... [Mehr] (38,19 MB)
05.07.2010 1782 0
Downloads  VCTF-Ocean_fight_1_1

VCTF-Ocean_fight_1_1 Made by NeoX hi thx for downloading my map, _ This map has the following features: new textures: yes new musik: yes new character model: no new vehicles: no free for own rebuilding/self remaking: no little size for online server download (in UT3 fast downloadable): no compatible Version: UT3 vers. 2.1 compatible to: VCTF spezial: - For more informa ... [Mehr] (30,79 MB)
28.05.2010 1174 0
Downloads  VCTF-OfficersRow

Title : Officer's Row Version : Final Release Date : 02 May, 2010 Filename : VCTF-OfficersRow.ut3 Author : Gloryroader Web Page : http://www.thegloryroad.us Description : The officer's quarters housing area on Fort Killian, Ankala is occasionally being used as a Tournament arena. Whenever a match is scheduled, the officers and their families are evacuated from their quarters, as well ... [Mehr] (46,13 MB)
08.05.2010 1038 0
Downloads  VCTF-Lux_Lunae

VCTF-Lux Lunae - General Info - Title: VCTF-Lux Lunae Filename: VCTF-LuxLunae Author: Beastenator Release Date: 02/05/2009 Version: Final Cooked Credits: Hourences' for sample.ini and readme You for playing and testing. Zerglings for helping with bugs,glitches and general feedback. Plugh for giving feedback and helping development. Hedsteem community for support. - ... [Mehr] (40,61 MB)
06.02.2010 617 0
Downloads  VCTF-LavaGiant99

Name : VCTF-LavaGiant99 Version : Final Author : counterblast (VCTF Version) Email : Players : 6-24 Credits : HO0815XX (UT3-Conversion, Beta Tester), XceptOne (UT99), Spoondog (UT2K3/4), xtremexp (UT3 Converter), Lord_PorkSword (Hubble Textures), Daniel Thiele (LavaBrick Material), Freesound.org (lava sounds), Epic (for the Unreal-Games), Hubblesite.org, Plugh, Rumple, Wup and everyone at Hedsteem (Beta testing). Install: ******** Extract VCTF-LavaGiant99 to My ... [Mehr] (43,49 MB)
06.02.2010 864 0
Downloads  VCTF-Valhara-Winter

Name: VCTF-Valhara-Winter Autor: Bret Hart Version: 1.1 Final Compatibility: UT3 PC patch 1.3 and below Description: It's winter time folks! That means I've made a winter map for everybody! I've decided to convert Valhara into a cold winter theme. Hope everyboody likes it. Comments: Play the map til you drop dead from an arctic freeze! Changes for 12/13/08: -Less tiling for rocks surrounding the avril pickup -Fixed .ini file, should load the map properly now Credits: Epic games fo ... [Mehr] (19,97 MB)
15.01.2010 1050 0
Downloads  VCTF-SledHill

VCTF-Sled Hill A Level for UT3 for 6 to 20 players. - General Info - Title: VCTF-SledHill Filename: VCTF-SledHill Build: 081120.0502 Author: Joseph "MapMonkey" Gero eMail Address: Website URL: http://clan-bge.com Main File Hosting: http://hosted.filefront.com/MapMonkies Release Date: 2008-11-09 Project Start 2008-11-13 Beta Release 2008-11-17 Project Release 2008- ... [Mehr] (13,22 MB)
15.01.2010 793 0
Downloads  VCTF-ActionCity_RE

Name: VCTF-ActionCity_RE Version: Final Compatibility: UT3, Patch3 Description: I took UT2004's Action City, burned it to the ground and rebuilt it from the ground up! Comments: WARNING! This map contains nudity and is rated M for mature players ONLY! Credits: Rumple Homepage: http://www.freewebs.com/rumpleslabs/ Installation: Drop the MyGames folder into your MyDocuments folder. When asked if you want to over write the folders click yes. Everything will be installed in the proper folder ... [Mehr] (44,07 MB)
14.01.2010 999 0
Downloads  CorruptionAE

Name: VCTF-Corruption (Awesome Edition) Autor: Morgfyre (58,58 MB)
14.01.2010 919 0

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