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Downloads  DM-PB-Wicked

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HwMQXy9r3A DM-PB-Wicked Game : Unreal Tournament 2004 Level name : Wicked File name : DM-PB-Wicked.ut2 Version : Final Release date : 2013/08/17 Game type : Deathmatch Player count : 1 to 4 Single Player : Yes ... [Mehr] (6,34 MB)
19.08.2013 947 0
Downloads  DM-Q3DM10

The Nameless Place for UT2k4 General Information: Title: DM-Q3DM10 Type: Deathmatch Players: 2 Bots: enable Get into the revival of Q3DM10 also known as The Nameless Place with a completly changed style. So that's the reason for its eygptian theme appearance. Of course includes this remake the healing point at the center of the map, giving you constantly 5+ heal vials till it reachs 199 health. I hope you will enjoy it like I do. (5,41 MB)
18.09.2012 1048 0
Downloads  DM-Q3DM16

The Bouncy Map for UT2k4 General Information: Title: DM-Q3DM16 Type: Deathmatch Players: 2-6 Bots: enable One more Quake remake for Unreal Tournament 2004. This time it's the first Tier 6 map Q3DM16 aka The Bouncy Map. (4,95 MB)
02.09.2012 864 0
Downloads  DM-QzDM19

Terminal Heights for UT2k4 General Information: Title: DM-QzDM19 Type: Deathmatch Players: 4-8 Bots: enable This Remake is similar to Q3DM19 but greater with more platforms like Terminal Heights of Quake Live Game. (3,33 MB)
01.09.2012 799 0
Downloads  DM-Q3DM19

Apocalypse Void for UT2k4 General Information: Title: DM-Q3DM19 Type: Deathmatch Players: 2-4 Bots: enable This is a remake of Q3DM19 also known as Apocalypse Void for Unreal Tournament 2004. The file contains two versions of the map with the same architecture but different working lifts. DM-Q3DM19: Constant looping Lifts. DM-Q3DM19[v2]: Lifts with bump action what means you have to stand on it to make it run. This was done for ... [Mehr] (2,50 MB)
28.08.2012 938 0
Downloads  DM-Q3DM7

Temple of Retribution for UT2k4 = General Information: Title: DM-Q3DM7 Type: Deathmatch Players: 2-6 Bots: enable This is a remake of famous Q3DM7 also known as Temple of Retribution for Unreal Tournament 2004. It features some custom sounds and static meshes. Thanks: - I'd like to thank for the support at forum. Also thanks to Wormbo who helped me a lot to get the triggered sounds up and running. ... [Mehr] (9,20 MB)
13.08.2012 1827 9.9
Downloads  DM-Q3DM17

Title : - Q3DM17-UT - Date : Enero-17-2006 Author : Alejandro Cristian Vitulich Hailing From : Villa Regina, Rio Negro, Argentia Email Address : Description : Este es un remake del clásico q3dm17 de Quake III Arena modificado al estilo de plataformas de TokaraForest. ¡Cuidado! si caes al vació experimentarás tal vez la más horrorosa muerte que pueda sufrir un ser vivo: ser tragado por un agujero negro.  ... [Mehr] (678,1 KB)
24.01.2011 1123 0
Downloads  DM-Q3DM4

Name: Q3DM4 Gametypes: DM and other gametypes that use DM maps Description: The original Quake 3 DM4 layout brought back to life in a new future-tech style. Installation: Simply put the DM-Q3DM4.ut2 file in your UT2004/Maps directory, together with the other .ut2 files that should be there. contact: nicolasdoms(at)gmail.com Note: Y ... [Mehr] (3,95 MB)
12.01.2010 1215 0

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