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Downloads  Cybrid Skin & Voice Pack

At long last, Starsiege CYBRIDs have come to join the tournament! This pack features 3 skins resembling their characters from the classic title and includes their voice-lines as well. Team Colors Support : Yes Includes 3 Skins: <Corinthian-Blue>, <pLaGUe-DoG>, <Unrelent> Includes 3 Voice Packs, each skin has its own Voice Pack Kommentare im Forum (15,16 MB)
10.01.2020 15 0
Downloads  UT2k4NeoTokyoSkins

the 6 Skins enclosed in this package were part of a mod package called NeoTokyo. but they are not a rip or a port, but rather a reconstruction of System and Material files from the large original NeoTokyo Mod [downloaded from Mod DB]. there are 3 Government models and 3 Military Models in this package. they have been run extensively, and seem to be fine at least for offline play. i also added a SPECIES file for the 2 Female Skins, since it seemed to be part of the original scenario, to have ... [Mehr] (13,46 MB)
16.12.2019 28 0
Downloads  Selket_Re-archive_ut2k4

uploaded to UTzone by M kusanagi, 4-23-2019. the archive is intact. this great skin/model was downloaded from an obscure UT2k4 site in Russia. there was no readme, and the material has been imbeded into the model, so to extract the .utx, you'll probably have to use umodel. runs great. and bot use is at 3, so if you don't want it in random call-up, change this .upl setting to zero. -M kusanagi :) // = the model's body is Diva, but the head is unknown. Thread Discussion ... [Mehr] (2,79 MB)
23.04.2019 572 0
Downloads  Spaceworms

"Spaceworms" is a 4 playermodel pack with custom skins and animations. the little one is "spacegusano", and the other 3 are full-size. fun to frag. :0 but technically, the spawnbake species is merely a quirk in the spawning process. >>> we reserve the right to frag!! :0 :) ^^ -M kusanagi >>> alll art and scripting, 2018 ,by M kusanagi >>> during the early days of the tournament [2293], it was already well-known, that the process in the spawn allowed a microcosm of "organic burn-o ... [Mehr] (3,59 MB)
18.04.2018 153 0
Downloads  100_skels

this is the very famous 100 skeleton skin pack for platform ut2k4!!! :0 ^^ :) >>> >>> >>> >>> all art and scripting (c) copyright 2017 by M kusanagi Thread Discussion (33,29 MB)
05.03.2018 128 0
Downloads  tassadar_ut2k4_re-archive

silencer83 [in this skin pack] has made 2 very interesting playermodels from what seems to be the liandri conflict edition. protoss beings named fenix and tassadar, that also have the smokin' hot voice pack that he added. we here in the labs have not seen this one before. which made us decide to make it available at this [utzone] site. :) ^^ -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (15,02 MB)
05.05.2017 390 0
Downloads  Evilkitten

Syphonboa spun a merc head [lauren, sapphire?] onto ophelia's body. the archive is intact. an INT has been added with his data-juice. the UPL reflects this file installment, [Text=evilkitten.evilkitten]. familiar default jumps. ran smooth during beta-testing. ^^ ^^_ :) -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (3,05 MB)
28.04.2017 221 0
Downloads  cho_ut2k4_re-archive

jxmallett.com made this skin back in the day. the archive is intact. he says the model came from the earlier liandri conflict. doesn't crash. tho it looks more like a malaysian jungle warrior than a chinese rice patty guard. seems to run smooth. no system conflicts found either. also he would like to be notified of this upload at (Julian.mallett(at)gmail.com). ^^ ^^_ :) -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (2,26 MB)
27.04.2017 118 0
Downloads  ganondorf_ut2k4_re-archive

a nifty effort back in late 2004 by the author vailias. ganondorf has no setting boosts, so he's just a fun model to minigun spam. you want a model that obediently takes a pie in the face, ganondorf is yur guy. great compliment to collect, too. seems system smooth, as well. :) ^^_ -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (952,4 KB)
26.04.2017 163 0
Downloads  Nightwish Skin

nightwish, originally made by thomas, is now re-archived [2017] with all the custom default settings. the archive is intact. this robot is fun to take-down, but has a few moves. :) -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (1,13 MB)
19.04.2017 86 0
Downloads  ap2k4_re-archive

ap2k4 seems to be a rare (1 model 3 skin) package. the set-up is a cyborg-type alien that bleeds green blood. somewhat like the general grievous set-up, mostly robot, but with the original alien life-form locked within. spent hours beta-testing. very clean, runs nice, default settings. :) ~~ -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (3,10 MB)
12.04.2017 100 0
Downloads  Roots Skin

Roots Playermodel für UT 2004 Hab nix was ich hier sagen könnte... Diese Skins/Models werden keine anderen Skins/Models ersetzen noch werdet ihr Probleme beim Onlinespielen haben. Einfach die Dateien in C:\Programme\UT2004Demo entpacken oder wo auch immer ihr das Spiel installiert habt... Hoffe auf ein bisschen Feedback ;) Viel Spass! by Slaughter Email:Slaughterbremer(at)web.de arranged bei M kusanngi. :) -M kusanagi Thread Discussion ... [Mehr] (4,21 MB)
10.04.2017 176 0

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