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Downloads  CTF-Face][2k4

Name: CTF-Face][2k4 Game: Unreal Tournament 2004 Author: Richard C. Nadrowski a.k.a. maxdamage Email: Description: CTF Map Additional credits: Architetonic([Architectonic] or [Architectonic]) Hourence ([Hourences Tutorials] and Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino(original map and brushes) also UT1999 for the textures, [Hazel.H - Tutorials - Quick Custom Shaders [UED 3] and Custom rotating skyzone from the CTF-FaceClassic.ut2 by Teddie Tapawan. Play information Player count: 10 New sou ... [Mehr] (1,85 MB)
19.06.2010 1847 0
Downloads  DM-[Eax]-Agony-2004

DM-Agony für UT2004 Kommentare im Forum (17,33 MB)
06.06.2010 1566 9.5
Downloads  UT99 Tutorial Map für UT2004

Mal die Map von UT99 in UT2004 neu gemacht... :rolleyes: Kommentare im Forum (7,18 MB)
05.06.2010 827 9.5
Downloads  UT Classics2k4 Mappack 2

A sequel to my first UT Classics Map Pack, these are high quality re-makes containing 6 maps which are listed below. I was planning on doing more, but couldn't be bothered as i'm now no longer mapping. I hope these maps play well for everyone. DM-Turbine2k4 DM-Codex2k4 DM-Agony2k4 DM-1on1-Viridian2k4 DM-1on1-Pyramid2k4 CTF-Face][2k4 (45,32 MB)
12.01.2010 2661 0
Downloads  UT Classics2k4 Mappack

A re-make map pack containing some of the most popular and my fav ut99 maps. Contains 9 high quality maps: DM-1on1-Oblivion2k4, DM-Gothic2k4, DM-Arcane Temple2k4, DM-Malevolence2k4, DM-Grinder2k4, DM-Shrapnel][2k4, DOM-Cinder2k4, DOM-Cidom2k4 CTF-EpicBoy2k4. A map type for nearly every gametype. (87,21 MB)
12.01.2010 3603 9.4
Downloads  Classic MapPack Collection by UTzone

Da ein paar Mapper trotz Anfrage, die nicht beantwortet wurde, die Freigabe Ihrer Maps im Nachhinein verweigerten, hier nur die finale Version des ersten Packs. Das zweite folgt, sobald wieder nen paar ClassicMaps zusammen gekommen sind. [ - Unreal Tournament 2004 Classic Map Pack Final 1 -] [ - Unreal Tournament Zone -] File name utzone.de_classic-mappack-Final_1.rar RC 0, it´s final Release date 08/08/2004 Packer Donzi URL http://www.utzone.de/ [ - Releas ... [Mehr] (187,52 MB)
12.01.2010 10074 9.9
Downloads  CTF-BrokenLimits-PRO[RC2]

Remake of a UT99 Map (1,66 MB)
12.01.2010 588 0
Downloads  CTF-Lost2004

CTF-Lost2004 This is a conversion of my UT2003 map, CTF-Lost(as well as the unreleased SE version) New meshes: nope New sounds: nope New scripts: nope New music: Yes! Ascension by VNV Nation! New textures: nope This map was created by me! Daedalus! of the Fraghouse Mod Team! Visit http://fraghouse.beyondunreal.com for more excellent stuff! _ UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK/COPYRIGHT/WHATEVER OF EPIC GAMES AND ATARI/INFOGRAMES 2004. YOU MAY NO ... [Mehr] (2,01 MB)
12.01.2010 892 0
Downloads  CTF-2Pyramids][-2k4

Original UT99 Map-Readme: Title : 2Pyramids Release Date : 02/05/00 Filename : CTF-2Pyramids.unr Author : Nathan 'Scoby' Killoran Remake-Mapper: ? (1,66 MB)
12.01.2010 786 0
Downloads  CTF-DDay-2k4

CTF-DDay-2k4 for Unreal Tournament 2004 Author: =cod=Jesus Release: Wednesday 28.07.2004 CTF-DDay-2k4 is a Remake of da_BeAsT's famous UT99-Map CTF-DDay. All rights for CTF-DDay-2k4 by =cod=Jesus. Mail to: jesus(at)cod-hq.de Installation: Extract CTF-DDay-2k4.ut2 to your UT2004/Maps-Directory, e.g. C://Programs/UT2004/Maps/.. Extract DDay.utx to your UT2004/Textures-Directory, e.g. C://Programs/UT2004/Textures/.. Restart UT2004 and have Fun :-) Visit: www.cod-hq.de ... [Mehr] (4,53 MB)
12.01.2010 931 0
Downloads  CTF-Face][2k4

= Title :CTF-Face][2k4 Version :1.0 Size :medium Release Date :1st April 2005 Filename :CTF-Face][2k4.ut2 Author(s) :MsM Email Adress :dudelovehavemercy(at)hotmail.com Additional Credits to : Cedric "Inoxx" Fiorentino the original author and Anarkist for letting me use his 2k3 vesion as a base Playtesters : Darknessfalls, Bort ... [Mehr] (4,01 MB)
12.01.2010 849 0
Downloads  CTF-HallOfGiants2004

CTF-Hall Of Giants 2004 By Will "ZedMaestro" Zeal ZedMaestro's 1st Map for UT2003/UT2004 Programs used by me: UnrealEd3 Programs used by map assisters: 3DSMax, Photoshop 7 Map SummaryInfo: "The Hall Of Giants is now open to the Tournament again after being closed for some time for renovation. Only a few relatively minor modifications have been made to the structure, which has been widely acclaimed due to its uniqueness over other CTF maps. Features of the Hall include its extreme height, ... [Mehr] (5,65 MB)
12.01.2010 1146 0

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