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Downloads  Assault Scorpion v1.0

3,26,17 re-archive assault scorpion re-archive by M kusanagi TYPE: Assault Scorpion v1.0 by Phillip "Irus" Koekemoer Vehicle Mutator for UT2004 archive note: scorpion factory with this single vehicle mutator, adds a little health to ONSRV, changes the link chain to the mobile cannon on the leviathon, and also speeds up movement slightly. nice assault power. the dream of coordinated onslaught advance tactics, for gamers and mappers alike. :) -M kusanagi Thread Discussion ... [Mehr] (237,4 KB)
26.03.2017 155 0
Downloads  Headshot View

Headshot View = by Wormbo Homepage: http://www.koehler-homepage.de/wormbo/ Description - This mutator or server actor ports a fun feature from UT1: You view from your severed head after being killed with a headshot. Other than that, it has no effect. Note that this mutator is not white-listed, so running it makes your server non-standard. The server actor does not affect a server's white-listing status. There are no configuration options for this mutator. ... [Mehr] (6,2 KB)
05.04.2016 210 9.5
Downloads  Smarter Bots

Smarter Bots for UT2004 by Wormbo Homepage: http://www.koehler-homepage.de/wormbo/ Description - This mutator and server actor improves the bot AI to allow bots to access their complete set of skills even on lower game difficulty levels. Game difficulty will still affect how well bots aim and their general tactical decisions, but they will e.g. run at full speed and know how to use the Translocator and hammer jumps to move around the map. However, it's still ... [Mehr] (18,7 KB)
05.04.2016 585 0
Downloads  Link Me Dammit!

WHAT IS IT Link Me, Dammit! is a mutator/server actor for Unreal Tournament 2004 servers. This mod aims to improve bot behavior and teamplay, particularly in Onslaught games. However, almost any team-based gametype can benefit from this mod. WHAT IT DOES Link Me, Dammit! replaces the default bot class with a new bot with improved teamplay. The new bot class does the following. If a bot sees a player alt-firing the Link Gun, it will attempt to drop what it's doing and join in on the link ... [Mehr] (29,7 KB)
21.03.2016 227 0
Downloads  KBR Weapons v1

KBR-WeaponsV1 http://www.kbr-ostfriesland.de/index.php?mod=files&action=view&id=44 Installation: Dateien in dieses Verzeichnis kopieren: /UT2004/System...... KBR-Christa Defensive Nahkampfwaffe mit Jumpbooster. KBR-TarRifle Primär: Aufladung eines Teerklumpen. Sekundär: Rakete mit vielen, kleinen Teerspritzer. KBR-ElectroGun Primär: Teppich aus haftenden Elektroimpulsen. Sekundär: Sehr schnelle Rakete mit vielen kleinen Elektroimpulsen. KBR-ColdFusion Primär: Sehr schn ... [Mehr] (23,72 MB)
07.04.2015 646 0
Downloads  Headshot View

Here's a little fun mutator with no gameplay impact whatsoever: Headshot View brings you the old UT feature of viewing through your player's eyes after dying from a headshot. "Headshot" in this sense not only is a fatal sniper or LG hit to the head, but also getting run over by a Manta. (The damage type is configured that way, there's just no logic to announce the headshot. The Wormbot IRC Reporter also picks it up this way.) Kommentare im Forum ... [Mehr] (6,2 KB)
21.06.2014 438 9.9
Downloads  Gears of UT

http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/10/9565/auto/gout-1.png http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4psue9Tgzs ############################################ Cover Pawn Game Alpha Release Version 100 A cheap Gears of War knockoff ############################################ VERSION: 100 DATE: December 18 2006 AUTHOR: M. Eck GAME: UT2004 BOT SUPPORT: what is this? REQUIREMENTS: UT2004 version 3369 CODE AUTHOR CONTACT: imaknucklehead(at)hotmail.com (include the subject "CoverPawnGame mod" ... [Mehr] (1,48 MB)
01.02.2014 483 0
Downloads  UT3 Weapons,Pickups+Vehicles Mutators for UT2004

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daUYiVR6y3U |**|Readme of Unreal Tournament 3 Weapons, Pickups and Vehicles mutators for Unreal Tournament 2004|**| *NOTE: For best results, Word Wrap needs to be enabled.* - GENERAL INFORMATION - Authors: GreatEmerald, Wormbo Website: http://greatemerald.xmpcommunity.com/ Email: pastas4(at)gmail.com Release Date: 2008 11 15 Last Update: 2010 06 07 Archive Filename: UT3Style4UT2004-B3.rar Unpacked S ... [Mehr] (38,06 MB)
01.02.2014 1581 0
Downloads  Game Speed Compensator

BETA 1 This mutator is intended to be used with the Game Speed mutator. It will speed up or slow down your character movement to compensate for the slower or faster passing of time, depending on Game Speed's settings. For this, simply add the same value into the mutator's textfield as you did in Game Speed mutator and it will neutralize the effect of too slow or too fast movement for you. This does not affect bots but players only. Bots will still move at the faster or slower speed that yo ... [Mehr] (6,7 KB)
31.01.2014 232 0
Downloads  BotManager 8.0

- Bot Manager - General Info Game: Unreal Tournament 2004 Filename: BotManagerV80.u Authors: stfx FlakMagnet Version: 8.0 Release Date: 12.01.2014 Source Code: https://github.com/stfx/ut2004mods Description - Bot Manager allows you to dynamically manage bots from within a running game. You can add, kill, change skill and switch team of a named bot or a specified number of bots. This ... [Mehr] (28,9 KB)
12.01.2014 1672 0
Downloads  Multi Dodging 2k4

Normally UT2004 only allows you to dodge or walldodge once during a jump and also add one double-jump somewhere in the whole move. Also at the end of a jump you have to wait a bit before you can dodge again. Multi Dodging changes these rules so you can: walldodge whenever you are near a wall even if you already (wall)dodged always add a double-jump after a dodge or walldodge dodge right after landing without any delay optionally enable boost-dodging Additionally Multi Dodging can ... [Mehr] (13,7 KB)
04.01.2014 406 0
Downloads  Christmas Decoration V3

This mutator or server actor adds proper holiday decoration to many maps. These decorations are not map-specific, but are applied to certain objects in the maps. In most cases, decorations are just visual additions, but in some cases they may change the way players interact with the map. See the included text file for installation/usage instructions. If you use it as mutator on a server, the server will no longer be white-listed. But if you configure it as server actor, your server's white-li ... [Mehr] (354,8 KB)
10.11.2013 495 0

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