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Downloads  Weapons of Power

Weapons of Power extends UT2004RPG by adding weapons that are capable of having power-ups, that reflect the various RPG weapons, applied to them. This allows new combinations of weapons to be created, such as an infinite healing flak, or lucky mini of protection +3. In addition to providing the normal RPG style weapon powers, Weapons of Power extends many of the artifacts to be customized to higher levels as well as adds new capabilities and types of power-ups. Power Bar This p ... [Mehr] (11,2 KB)
03.02.2010 1542 0
Downloads  WeaponStuff v3

# = # WeaponStuff v3 (For UT2004) # = # # Mod Info 1 # Installation 2 # Server Install 3 # Notes 4 # # = # Mod Info # = # This version of WeaponStuff is pretty much a direct port o ... [Mehr] (35,0 KB)
12.01.2010 1097 0
Downloads  WiCRedeemer

This weapon replaces the regular Redeemer with another one that's identical, except the explosion effect has been changed to look more like a nuke. (20,4 KB)
12.01.2010 365 0
Downloads  WoE (Weapons of Evil)

Introduction Evil Corporation has been involved in the Tournaments since their inception in the late 23rd century, manufacturing equipment and constructing arenas throughout the galaxy. With the recent expansion into armaments, it has been decided that Evil Corp. should increase it's stake in the Tournament by supplying the entire arsenal available to contestants. There are a total of 11 weapons, including two in the super-weapon class, and one in the IG class. Also included as an optio ... [Mehr] (11,28 MB)
12.01.2010 875 0
Downloads  WOESentinel-Systemic Pickup

*About WOESentinel-Systemic Pickup UT2K4* = This package contains 3 mutators which are based on two excellent mutators originally written for UT2003, 'Systemic' and 'Weapons of Evil: Sentinel'. The websites for these 2 mutators are below: Weapons Of Evil: http://www.cheese83.freeserve.co.uk/ Systemic: http://www.planetunreal.com/systemic/ Systemic added player controlled mechs or 'Cygen' to the game through randomly placed items in the level ... [Mehr] (2,40 MB)
12.01.2010 504 0
Downloads  WoRM2k4: Can of WoRMs! v2.51 ECE Edition!

// // WoRM2k4: Can of WoRMs! v2.51 ECE Edition! // for: UT2004 retail version. Compiled on v3236 w/ ECE Bonus Pack // // Author: Kangus (kangus(at)planetunreal.com // Homepage: http://WoD.BeyondUnreal.com // /* Installation */ Unzip files into your UT2004\System folder. I also rec ... [Mehr] (50,7 KB)
12.01.2010 969 6.5
Downloads  worm2k4_v1

 (9,7 KB)
12.01.2010 143 0
Downloads  Wormbot IRC Reporter v2

New Features: Option to reduce the amount of kill messages reported or turn them off completely. Option to report multi kills. (enabled by default) Option to limit the map change delay time. It's possible to specify a chat trigger now. Only channel messages prefixed with this string will be seen ingame. It's also possible to prevent non-chat messages from being displayed ingame. Modified Features: Webadmin options for reporter and chat relay bot were moved to their own groups. ... [Mehr] (148,6 KB)
24.01.2010 219 0
Downloads  XxxXCompv1b

Name: XxxXCompv1b Date: 11-28-04 Updated: 12-15-04 Version: v1b RC1 Compatibility: UT2004 v3339 Description: Forces Player Highlighting, sets bUnlit=True so players are remain bright in shadows. Sets the players Ambient Glow to 255 for maximum brightness. Adds basic HitSounds with choice of On/Off, UTComp, or Quake style hitsounds Credits: *XxZER01xX* Homepage: www.elitekillas.com Comments: This mutator is aimed at mods or mutators that are incompatible with UTComp.  ... [Mehr] (83,6 KB)
12.01.2010 178 0
Downloads  XxxXESRv2i

Name: XxxXESRv2i Date: 3-18-04 Last Updated: 02-18-05 Version: v2i Compatibility: UT2004 v3339 Description: *XxxX* InstaGib Homepage: www.elitekillas.com Credits: *XxZER01xX* sp4msux(at)hotmail.com www.elitekillas.com Credits: John Walstra spoon(at)spoonware.org http://spoonware.org Comments: F7 key brings up the In-Game Weapon Menu K ... [Mehr] (3,28 MB)
12.01.2010 453 0
Downloads  XxxXInstaGibONSv3

Name: XxxXInstaGibONSv3 Date: 3-19-04 Last Update: 4-23-04 Version: Version 0.3 Compatibility: UT2004 Description: *XxELITExX* InstaGib Onslaught Credits: *XxZER01xX, EPIC/ATARI Homepage: WWW.ELITEKILLAS.COM Comments: Adjusted the Vehicle Momentum Scaling to match that of the standard Shock Rifle. Created Super Shock / LinkGun hybrid for nozoom play. Removed hitsounds to make way for ttm or utcomp. Thnx to BiO clan for suggestions and testing. Visit them at http://www.bioclan.or ... [Mehr] (745,8 KB)
12.01.2010 203 0
Downloads  XxxXNoSSRv1

Name: XxxXNoSSRv1 Date: 3-22-05 Version: v1.0 Compatibility: UT2004 v3355 Description: *XxxX* No SSR: Removes the Super Shock Rifle pickup from the map. Homepage: www.elitekillas.com Credits: *XxZER01xX* sp4msux(at)hotmail.com www.elitekillas.com XxxXNoSSRv1.MutXxxXNoSSR Installation: Place the 2 system folder files in UT2004\System - ... [Mehr] (3,2 KB)
12.01.2010 90 0

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