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Dateiname: D3nnisKs FORTS Download

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Dateigrösse: 4,13 MB
Autor: D3nnisK
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 422
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
D3nnisKs FORTS D3nnisKs FORTS D3nnisKs FORTS D3nnisKs FORTS
[ Version 1.0 ]


Author : D3nnisK

Date : July 27th,2007

Filename : D3nnisKsFORTS.ut4mod

Email Address : koppertfield(at)web.de

Play Information:

Single Player : Yes.
Multi Player : Yes.
Genre : First-Person-RTS mutator
Game : UnrealTournament 2004
Known bugs : -none-

Description : D3NNISK'S FORTS enables you to turn any Onslaught-map
into a classic Real-Time-Strategy battlefield.
You must establish a base of operations, gather resources,
research new technologies and upgrades as well as take care of
your base's energy supply and defences.
This mutator guarantees new, extraordinary strategies for you and your team.
Eight unique buildings(including defence-, production-, and tech-structures)
and four high-tech-upgrades are waiting for you.
Here a list of some features:

- All Energy Turrets will be removed since it is now up to you to set up an effectiveline of defence.

- In order to provide enough space for your first structures, no vehicles will spawn near your Power Core.

- Mineral fields and –fountains will be spread over the map. Number, expansion and richness of those deposits
can be adjusted in the mutator-configurations-menu.

- Every player is allowed to place structures. To what extend friendly structures can
be sold by players, the host can adjust in the mutator-configurations-menu.

- Alternatively, Bots will deploy structures as well.

To use this mutator you need Unreal Tournament 2004 (version 3355 or higher) with the
UT2004-ECE-bonuspack installed.

Installation instructions:

Doubleclick on ''D3nnisKsFORTS.ut4mod'' and follow the instructions on your screen.
Start Unreal Tournament 2004.
D3nnisK's FORTS (ONS -> RTS) will appear in the list of mutators.

containing Files : D3nnisKsFORTS.ut4mod
& some screenshots as .jpg-file

Copyright / Permissions

Very special thanks to:
-Julia, my muse, my inspiration, and of course my very favourite drummer ;-)
thank you just for everything…
In love and 4ever: Dein Banause

-Matze, Tobias, Ronny, Ricky, Nadine and Kevin.

-my family and all my friends for their support and appreciation.

-the whole UNREAL-Community; this is going to be my last UT-project so far.
Now, I have to sail to new horizons and won’t have the time for new projects.
I wanted to get D3NNISK'S FORTS finished before I go and I hope it plays quite well.
Keep on fragging !

D3NNISK'S FORTS was created by Dennis(D3nnisK)Koppenhagen.

D3NNISK'S FORTS © 2007 Dennis(D3nnisK)Koppenhagen

You are NOT allowed to manipulate or modify any data of this modification
(system files, animation-files, StaticMesh packages, textures, maps, documents etc.) in any way.
You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this modification, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission!

You may distribute this modification through any electronic network
(Internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.), as long as you include this file and leave the archive intact.

UNREAL(R) TOURNAMENT 2004 © 2004 Epic Megagames, Inc. UNREAL and the UNREAL logo are registered trademarks of Epic Games Inc. All Rights Reserved.
UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 was created by Epic Games Inc., and Digital Extremes.
All other trademarks and tradenames are properties of their respective owners.

Have fun!

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