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Dateiname: ManHack Beta2 Download

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Dateigrösse: 1,45 MB
Autor: Johannes '[A|K]Leviathan' Sievert
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 318
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
ManHack - Version Beta2 - by Johannes '[A|K]Leviathan' Sievert

The ManHack is a new, futuristic arena-weapon (such as the SuperShockRifle) that combines multiple functions, attacks and special moves. It was made both for professional challanges and satisfying fun. You can use the ManHack in various different ways: From elegant long range fighting over explosive close combat to blood-spraying melee - its your choice!

Have fun!

- ManHack-Weapon (selectable via arena-mutator or similar)
- ManHackMatch-Mutator (Replaces the default weapon with the ManHack and removes all other weapons)
- WeaponReplacer-Mutator (Replace the standard arsenal with your weapons of choice)
- ShowDamage-Mutator (everytime you hit someone, the damage will be displayed on screen)
- Contrast Crosshair (Small dot; visible on every background)

Attacks (important!):
- Launch Discus (Primary Fire)
- Recall Discus (Primary Fire after Discus Launch)
- Grapple to Discus (Secondary Fire after Discus Launch)
- Juggling Stance (Recall Discus and move/look to side before Discus is returned)
- Juggled Discus (Primary Fire while in Juggling Stance)
- Shuriken Charge (Hold Secondary Fire)
- Launch Shuriken (Release Secondary Fire after Shuriken Charge)
- Recall Shuriken (Secondary Fire after Shuriken Launch)
- Shuriken Blast Recall (Primary Fire after Shuriken Launch)

- Try hitting your opponents head for doubled damage
- A flying Discus can be effectively guided (even when recalled)
- The Discus charges up damage (less when recalled and stuck)
- A Discus that is stuck to a wall can still inflict damage
- Use the Discus for long range and the Shuriken for close combat
- A juggled Discus is seeking and great for long range
- Both the Discus and the Shuriken get bonus damage by hitting someone
- The Shuriken tends to bounce towards enemies and gets bonus damage with every bounce
- The charging Shuriken provides some forward protection and is a very effective melee weapon, but it will stop the ManHack from recharging ammo
- Although your ammo recharges, have an eye on it: Every launch takes 10, grappling takes 5 and a Blast takes 20 ammo - you start with 80 of 100 ammo.

- The Discus inflicts 40hp damage, but charges up to 120hp damage after launch (first 40hp/sec, 20hp/sec after recall and 10hp/sec when stuck)
- The Discus loses 10hp damage by recall, 20hp when getting stuck and 5hp when bouncing from a wall
- The Discus gets +20hp damage and +50% speed by juggling
- The charging Shuriken reflects every Discus and Shuriken with lower damage
- When charging the Shuriken will build up speed and damage (min 40hp) to 200% - its fully charged within 3secs
- With every bounce the Shuriken gets +20hp damage
- With every hit both the Shuriken and the Discus get +10hp damage

Forum: akleviathan.proboards45.com
EMail: EinSchurke[at]gmx.net
ICQ#: 122032940
Visit: Siege.C-Aces.com or BattleCrafts.C-Aces.com

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