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Dateiname: UTComp v1.7a Final! Download

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Dateigrösse: 287,1 KB
Autor: unbekannt
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 5183
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Map - Pics
Please note, you *MUST* add utcompv17a to your serverpackages, or serverside demos will not record correctly. As well, be sure to look over the readme included with your download, as many serverside configuration variables have changed names, or changed in function.


Significantly improved enhanced netcode accuracy.
Added the ability to view other players stats on the server via the scoreboard.
Added forward gametype as a votable option.
Added server side option to fix Epic's small shield absorption bug.
Fixed movement error from v1.6a due to old test code.
Added option for players to disable their own specific adrenaline combos.
Servertravel parameters will now work on initial loading of game.
Fixed Show Colored names when targeting enemy players option.
Fixed scoreboard spectator box being too large with UTComp scoreboard disabled.
Fixed GUI setting your current name to your first saved colored name's colors when you load the colored names menu the first time.
Saving a colored name does not automatically change your name to this name when connecting to a server anymore.
Fixed auto demo recording not working in assault under certain conditions.
Added serverside option to allow quick map restart votes when map voting is disabled.
Minor GUI fixes.


Added Lightning Gun and Sniper Rifle headshots to weapon stats.
Voting now show the name of the player who started the vote.
Coach Mode now defaults to and forces First Person view.
Spectators with admin rights can now call new votes and participate in voting.
Adminready now always works as a spec.
Fixed Vehicle fire hitsounds not playing with scoreboard stats disabled.
Added "Enable Enhanced Netcode" and "Allow players to vote on Enhanced Netcode" settings to Webadmin.
Fixed ?EnableEnhancedNetcode? command line parameter.
Fixed link primary projectiles sometimes not hitting with Enhanced Netcode.
Added EnhancedNetcode? variable in serverinfo.
Fixed recusion crashes with UTComp and Epic's Arena mutator.
Fixed Clan Arena sometimes letting players join teams during rounds.
Fixed exploit in Clan Arena allowing people to spectate in free float mode after dying.
Fixed vertical aim occasionally being disabled after spawning in Clan Arena.
Fixed Clan Arena clock being garbled in overtime.
Fixed weapons spawning in Clan Arena allowing players to get ammo after they run out.
Clan Arena and Duel servers now show on their appripriate server browser gametype categories.
Added short map names for DM-1on1-Roughinery-FPS, DM-Deck17-FPS, DM-1on1-Lea and DM-Campgrounds2004-G1E? to mapvote.
Very minor GUI improvements


-Added new Enhanced Netcode. (disabled server-side by default)
-Added Clan Arena Gametype.
-Added option to control the number of grenades players start with.
-Added average team pings to the scoreboard.
-Hitsounds will now play in first person spectator view.
-Flak primary hitsounds will now group together to form one hitsound if CPMA hitsounds are enabled.
-Colored names now show when targetting enemy players.
-Added RTS-Style actions per minute statistic to scoreboard.
-Added flood protection to Voting Yes/No messages.
-Voting failed message is now different if a vote timed out or voted no.
-UTComp Duel Mode servers now have a [Duel] tag in front of their name.
-Added getsensitivity console command.
-Added client and server options to enable/disable enhanced netcode.
-Added server side enhanced netcode vote to settings voting.
-Added Webadmin entries for Enhanced Netcode, Enhanced Netcode Voting and Grenades on Spawn.
-Added grenades on spawn to gametype voting page.
-Move timed overtime to gametype voting, now accepts numerical values. (as opposed to on/off)
-When selecting a gametype in gametype voting, the maxplayers box will automatically default to a reasonable number.
-Added options to toggle whether UTComp Duel and Clan Arena servers have their respective [Duel] and [CA] tags appearing in front of the server names.
-Added \\"Enhanced Netcode=Enabled\\" message to Onjoin Box if Enhanced Netcode is enabled.
-Red/Blue Team Score in the player list will no longer report a ping.
-Fixed bug which made it impossible for spectators to switch players and move around after a quick map restart.
-Fixed bug with Timed Overtime in which certain seconds were left out on the game clock.
-Fixed bug causing Warmup to cause choppyness with the Low gravity mutator.
-Fixed bug causing everyone to skin as enemy color when spectating if skins were set to enemy/teammate based.
-Fixed admin forced votes stopping further votes from being started
-Fixed bug causing UTComp to remove itself from the server on certain gametype votes.
-Fixed bug with Line of Sight hitsounds not playing with hitscan weapons in some situations.
-Fixed bug with Line of Sight hitsounds not playing when a player disabled all stats.
-Fixed bug in brightskins menu when selecting a model on a custom clanskin entry.
-Adrenaline taken stat now reports 2 as it should.
-Re-Fixed first blood not resetting after warmup is over.
-Fixed bug with using certain numbers in colored names breaking chat messages.
-GUI now grey outs warmup voting when warmup voting is disabled serverside.
-Minor GUI and Webadmin Changes.


- Fixed server logging UTComp_Pawn error messages
- Added TimedOverTimeLength and EnableTimedOverTime server command line parameters
- Other minor bug fixes


Fixed advanced gametype voting with alternate localizations (ex. german)
Fixed some voting options being disabled in voting menu even if the server allowed them
Removed spaces from query variables for version and linespots(for filtering in ASE etc)
v1.5 Beta 1:

Added Duel Mode with lines(BETA)
Added timed overtime option
Server Admins calling new votes will now pass automatically
Added Flood Protection to voting messages
Fixed server autodemorec sometimes failing to record due to overly long demo names
Fixed Line of Sight hitsounds sometimes not playing with weapon stats disabled
Fixed adminready console command sometimes not working
Re-Added messages when players go ready and not ready
Fixed "player voted" message happening when specs vote through the console
Fixed bug causing sounds for players being forced to human male
Player Highlighting color now matches the client's skin settings
Chat messages can now be used during pauses
Fixed bug allowing colored names longer than regular name character limit
Fixed minor issues with Custom Gametypes voting

Fixed game sometimes starting on its own with no players in time-limited warmup
Fixed UT2004 bug where skins would sometimes not show properly in onslaught
Added Editor's Choice Bonus Pack models to forcemodel
Added Editor's Choice Bonus Pack vehicle icons in team overlay
Added Editor's Choice Bonus Pack vehicle statistics in stats

Fixed 100a/50a pickup stats not accumulating.
UTV Playercontroller names now changed to be in line with what is expected by ut2004s4.
Mistakenly reported that ?EnableOverlay= was a servertravel argument, the correct argument is ?EnableTeamOverlay=
Fixed hitting advanced options in gametype voting menu re-selecting the first map in the map list.
Fixed bug with specs not always showing on scoreboard
Added preview window to brightskins
Separated Enemy/Teammate based skins and Enemy/Teammate based models
Map list in voting now only shows maps for the current or selected gametype.
Added serverside option to allow map votes on any map, regardless of current gametype.
Fixed Team Overlay settings not always updating instantly
Fixed double damage not always showing properly on team overlay
Added hud message during warmup
Fixed first red player's name not showing in server side auto demorec
Fixed some vehicle and superweapon stats not being named properly
Fixed serverside autodemorec when warmup is disabled
Improved item pickup scoreboard stats
v1.4 beta3:

Added map list to voting system
Separated Map Vote and Gametype Vote Pages
Added various game rules to the Gametype Vote Pages
Added more game types (Assault, Double Domination, Bombing Run) to the default gametypes
Fixed players sometimes being switched to spectators at the start of a new game
Fixed serverside autodemorec listing spectators as part of the red team
Fixed UTComp scoreboard not changing there are more than 10 players in non-team gametypes
Fixed a few servertravel options not working (?warmup and ?DD)
Fixed some short map names not working in voting
v1.4 beta2:

Fixed excessive server CPU utilisation bug
Fixed spectators needing to ready up to start matches
Added new crosshairs to the custom crosshair system
Added option to match hud colors to brightskins settings
Fixed skins resetting to "epic style" on the red/teammate team after map switches
Fixed net not working properly in scoreboard
Fixed the vote message window displaying nothing for some votes
Chat will now show with scoreboard up if stats are turned off
Maximum number of saved colored names increased from 255 to a few millions
Fixed Team Overlay vote not working
Fixed overlapping stats on certain resolutions
Fixed colored name menu not always showing all letters in long names
Bots will now re-add themselves in net games after warmup
Re-Added webadmin settings
Re-Added warmuphealth server side command
Re-Added Red/Blue team scores in the serverbrowser
Removed case sensitivity from clanskins
On join info box message now updates based on your bound key for the UTComp menu
Added Static mutators to options for voting
Added bShowTeamScoresInServerBrowser server side variable
Added server side variable (WarmupReadyPercentRequired) to control % of players who need to ready up to start a game
Added VotingTimeLimit server side variable
Added VotingPercentRequired server side variable
Fixed Mapvoting menu not disabling when bEnableMapVoting is set to false
Fixed bugs with Spaceship vehicles in Assault
Added ?BrightSkinsMode, ?HitSoundsMode, ?EnableOverlay, ?EnableWarmup and ?DoubleDamage servertravel parameters
Minor change to the Colors GUI Page
v1.4 beta1:

Major GUI modifications
Added custom crosshairs system
Added option to remove crosshair size increase during item pickups
Added colored names saving and restoring (up to 255)
Added Assault, Last Man Standing and Invasion support.
Brightskins types can now be changed separately for both teams, as well as defined clanskins
Added regular DM skins as an option for bright skins
Added unlimited clanskins definitions
Clanskins now search through the entire name for the letters typed, instead of just the beginning
Force Model can also be changed separately for both teams and clanskins
Fixed (hopefully) brightskins with non-standard models
Fixed autodemorec not working with warmup off
Added on-connect information box
Added item pickup stats on scoreboard
Added stats for vehicle damage.
Added options to turn stats on and off in the scoreboard.
Fixed stats not working with instagib and custom weapon mutators
Fixed coaches being able to see enemy team beacons and health
Fixed quick map restarts not stopping autodemorec
Fixed quick map restarts not working in onslaught
Server hitsounds mode now defaults to line of sight
Added option to only give weapons that are in the map played during warmup
Improved warmup countdown
Fixed server side demos with %p in the demo mask are now named properly.
Mutator name is now MutUTComp again, fixing filters. (All previous UTComp versions used this, but 1.3b accidentally didn't)

Re-Enabled Autodemorec on servers not using warmup
Fixed colored names sometimes not updating properly
Added colored names option to Epic's Scoreboard
Added several new short map names to map voting (mostly for CBP2 maps)
Added Red and Blue Team scores to server browser
Onslaught Gametype Voting now defaults to NoSuperWeapons
Added preliminary (use at your own risk) Assault and Last Man Standing support (without warmup)

Added Darken Skins on Death option
Added Team Overlay
Added Coaching Mode
Added option to disable Team Overlay Serverside and as a vote
Added Quick Map Restart option
Added Total Damage Received to stats
Clock now keeps going in overtime
Spectators can now talk to each other with say_team in the 1v1/FFA Game Type
Disabled UT2004's colored name exploit (UTComp's still work)
Fixed various issues with nonstandard skins and brightskins
Fixed Team Deathmatch Timelimits using the wrong value in voting
Fixed Color effects (purple/green/yellow) when you hit an enemy not always displaying
Fixed bug with shock balls disappearing due to disabling UTComp without a server restart
Added Clientside option to disable UTComp's scoreboard
UTV2004S is now included in UTComp. (see FAQ for info)
Clanskins names aren't case sensitive anymore
Minor tweaks to GUI
v1.3 RC1:

Added brighter Epic Brightskins
Fixed players respawning with shield gun or translocator
Fixed UTComp brightskins not working properly with the new patch's DX9 renderer
Skins now update instantly when you change teams in every brightskins type without players needing to die
Fixed skins sometimes not working properly in demo playback
Added "crosshairscale" and "bplayownfootsteps" settings to Miscellaneous menu
Added new spectator console commands
Fixed autodemorec sometimes overwriting demos
Colored names now update instantly
Fixed colored names sometimes not working when using the setname command
Added short map names for mapvoting. (see FAQ for info)
Fixed server lag for a few seconds after a UTComp vote is called
Fixed Maxplayers sometimes not changing during a mapvote, after it was changed in webadmin
Fixed player shadows setting sometimes not saving correctly when using UTComp
Added serverside command to disable UTComp's scoreboard
Scoreboard now reverts to Epic's in high player count FFA games
Changed the security level on "Voting Max players" in webadmin to 255
Announcer now counts down properly when warmup ends
Minor tweaks to GUI

Fixed flag icon not showing in scoreboard after warmup in CTF.
Voting now works during post-game scoreboard intermission
Players now respawn with Assault Rifle selected instead of Shield Gun (as it should)
Fixed the translocator's camera feature sometimes activating after dying
Fixed autodemorec not working if your name has a "?" character
Fixed the F5 button sometimes not binding properly
Some of the major UTComp server settings can now be set up via webadmin
"First Blood" award now resets correctly after warmup
Minor tweaks to GUI
More graphical tweaks to scoreboard
v1.2 RC3:

Fixed Onslaught not resetting weapons properly after warmup ended
Fixed players not being able to join the game if they joined as a spectator first
Fixed scoreboard not showing if players are ready/not ready
If brightskins are disabled serverside, the shock/shield/lg etc. hit-graphics will return to the defaults
Fixed autodemorec not working with nonstandard characters ( [ ] / \ = + < > : ; )
Maps that have their defaultgametype set as "mutant" (example: dm-1on1-sprit) will no longer cause UTComp to disable.
Clients will now always show with team colored skins in the Deathmatch gametype if UTComp skins are disabled
Deathmatch scoreboard will show your name as the last place player, even if you're too low to be normally shown
Added new console commands for spectators in Onslaught
Many minor GUI and scoreboard graphical tweaks
v1.2 RC2:

Fixed a bunch of client side settings not saving
v1.2 RC1:

Completely redesigned F5 GUI
Completely new scoreboard with weapon stats, spectators, and net efficiency
Added Full colored names support
Fixed clientside AutoDemorec not working in v1.1a
Fixed spectators being able to call new votes
Fixed spectators causing warmup to end prematurely
Fixed Brightskins in Onslaught (hopefully they work 100% this time)
Fixed a bug with diseappearing turrets in onslaught
Fixed a bug with goalscore 1 in Capture The Flag
Made the default public text chat spam protection time less restrictive
Added option to disable UTComp brightskins serverside
Added option to force epic skins clientside with red, blue, and purple colorchoice.
Added serverside option to disable Double Damage (bEnableDoubleDamage=false)
Added vote on serverside UTComp brightskin settings
Added vote on serverside hitsounds setting
Added vote to enable/disable Warmup
Added vote to enable/disable Double Damage
Displays a message when someone votes yes or no in UTComp voting
Increased maximum number of Gametypes in voting to 10
Added serverside AutoDemorec
Added serverside option to limit the maximum players in voting
Added a check to automatically disable UTComp in Assault, Invasion, Last Man Standing and Mutant gametypes
Added a check to disable warmup in CTF-Bollwerk2004-Pro due to a bug with ut2003 Jump Boots
Serverside settings are stored in your server ini instead of utcomp.ini

Fixed timer randomly staying to 00:00 after warmup

Fixed powerups sometimes not spawning at the correct times after a game started
Removed team overlay temporarily due to bugs
Added option to disable head brightskins serverside
Warmup now works in Onslaught
Fixed team hitsounds
Fixed warmup scoreboard, doesn't show kills anymore
Fixed adrenaline after warmup
Fixed the clock in time-limited warmup mode, it now shows the correct time before a game starts
Fixed the Deathmatch 1v1 with LG gametype to also remove superweapons (not possible with epic's lightning guns mutator)
Fixed the ESC key sometimes not working in the GUI
Minor tweaks to brightskins

Added option to disable team overlays serverside

Changed the Mutator Name to UTComp
Added Warmup Mode
Added Customizable Voting
Fixed Stats on auto-screenshot
Added screenshot mask
Fixed Translator overlay effect
Fixed Custom hitsounds not saving
TCM v1.0c:

Removed custom-texture support
Improved Clan-Member highlighting
Added auto demorecording
Added auto screenshots
Added a new stats page
Improved CPMA-style hitsounds
Added support for custom hitsounds
Added hitsound volume control
(Hopefully) got rid of any random skins not being colored
TCM v1.0b:

Updated Brightskins with support for custom textures
Added head coloring for brightskins
Added Clan-Member Highlighting (Clanskins)
Added support for Many Forcemodel Choices
TCM V1.0a:

Completely new BrightSkins implimentation
Removed Vehicle Brightskins
TempCompMod V1.0:

Initial Release

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