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Dateiname: Hardcore Oldskool Low Poly Pack | HOLP3 - Volume 1 Download

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Dateigrösse: 229,46 MB
Autor: unbekannt
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 1884
Bewertung: 9.9
Map - Pics
Hardcore Oldskool Low Poly Pack | HOLP3 - Volume 1

HOLP3 - Volume 1

For Unreal Tournament 3

The aim of HOLP is to provide Unreal Tournament 3 levels with high quality gameplay and performance, and oldskool UT visuals. This pack is not meant to rival the graphics found in the retail UT3 levels, using limited bloom, normal maps and clutter.

Release Date: 5th September 2009
Website: http://holp.beyondunreal.com
Forum: http://forums.beyondunreal.com/forumdisplay.php?f=604

Contributing Authors:

Andrew "Mclogenog" Yoder
Ben "Slainchild" Edney
Dan "Daze" Banefelt
Dennis Vizins
Hazel "HazelH" Whorley
Magnus "Sefyra" Olin
Ricco "BradPitt" "vybz" Sobers
Samuel "Ignotium" Méndez
Scott "Cr4zyB4st4rd" Coxhead

Thanks: Drummer.unr for the preview trailer. Hektor, zd|ImitatoR,
and the remaining HOLP team for testing. Haarg & Beyondunreal
for hosting and installer support.

A big thanks goes to all those who donated to keep our previous host up and running earlier this year, and to Barballs for providing us with that support. We couldn't have done it without you guys, so thankyou for keeping the HOLP team together and making the maps you (will hopefully) enjoy playing!

Installation Instructions:

If you have downloaded self-extracting installer version of the pack, simply run the HOLP3-Volume1.exe application and follow the instructions.

For the manual extraction .zip version of the pack, unzip the files included in the HOLP3-Volume1.zip file to
..\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps

All levels should now be listed in the Instant Action or Multiplayer maplists in-game.

Volume 1 Maps:

CTF-Isis by Magnus "Sefyra" Olin (6-10 Players)
The temples dedicated to Isis, the goddess of love, magic, fertility and healing,
were believed to be the dwelling place of this Egyptian deity. It is now a place of violence, where the souls of those dedicated to the blood sport we call CTF do combat on an ethereal level.

CTF-Orestes by Samuel "Ignotium" Méndez (6-12 Players)
He who stands on the mountain and can conquer them, killer of Clytemnestra and Aegisthus, avenger of the Agamemnon. Shall they all rest in peace - Orestes.

Credits: Hektor for his enless support throughout the creating process of the map, RoiG, HOLP folks and those left behind. Epic Games for the Tech/Engine, Music for inspiration and Me.

CTF-Politicos by Andrew "Mclogenog" Yoder (4-8 players)
Employees of Politicos Shipping were hard at work when the election results came in. Neither political extreme was pleased. Arguments turned to riots. Riots turned to war.

Credits: Sjosz, Ignotium, HazelH, and Cr4zyB4st4rd for feedback. Epic for the assets. Ken Levine and 2k Boston for their inspiring game, Bioshock.

CTF-Rabalder by Dan "Daze" Banefelt and Dennis Vizins (4-6 Players)
Capture the Flag map with a Gothic castle theme.

CTF-Tangled by Hazel "HazelH" Whorley (8-12 Players)
"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

Credits: Testing - Hektor, UCMP Team (original layout), HOLP team
Textures - from Evillair's eX texture set (www.evillair.net)

DM-Eluded by Ricco "BradPitt" "vybz" Sobers (2-4 Players)
Located in the middle of a woods, disguised a cabin area, to hide the industrial arena from the liandri government which is home to illegal tournaments hosted by the resistance.

Credits: Testing - PinkyRing, HazelH and HOLP team
Textures - Hourences and Magnus Olin

DM-Faze by Scott "Cr4zyB4st4rd" Coxhead (4-8 Players)
FAZE, Filtration At Zero Efficency, is one of several facilities throughout this barren world. In the baking heat of the sun, whilst surrounded by an endless ocean. This Faze facility was left uncompleted and then refined for the tournement. Try to survive the bloodshed.

Credits: Testing - HazelH, Ignotium, vybz, DaRk_DuDe, Nammo, HOLP Team

DM-Integrity by Ben "Slainchild" Edney (2-6 Players)
Integral to the wellbeing and fitness of all Tournament combatants, this arena was built to keep the morale high between warfare stages.

Credits: Textures - Evillair for his eX texture pack (www.evillair.net)

DM-Oxidized by Ben "Slainchild" Edney (2-4 Players)
Time to brush up on those rusty deathmatch skills...

Copyright / Permissions:

These levels are copyright 2009, HOLP Team and respective authors.

You may NOT use these levels as a base to build additional levels without explicit permission from the respective authors.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit these levels, without explicit permission from either the HOLP Team as a whole or the individual authors.

You MAY distribute these levels online, provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.

All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

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