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Dateiname: WAR-CarnageCanyon_Final_PC Download

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Dateigrösse: 68,17 MB
Autor: ShadeMistress
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 14.01.2010
Downloads: 708
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
WAR-CarnageCanyon_Final_PC WAR-CarnageCanyon_Final_PC WAR-CarnageCanyon_Final_PC
Title: WAR-CarnageCanyon

Description: Originally used in the Tournament as a practice map for Capture the Flag , this small canyon on the outskirts of the city was outfitted for extreme Warfare matches. Inspired by WAR-SpamBox and WAR-Torlan, this map offers players multiple angles of approach to any of the nodes and a welcome switch to mayhem-oriented gameplay. The action is fast-paced and furious, but there's usually a break here and there to catch your vreath before diving back into combat. Unlike SpamBox, this map sports a large number of vehicles, yet remains very much balanced with well thought out turret emplacements.

-One Center Node will spawn a Goliath and a Raptor, the other spawns no vehicles.

-A side node will spawn you a Darkwalker and 2 Vipers.

-Keep an eye out for Jump Pads and Jump Boots, they will get you off of the ground, out of harms way (briefly), and grant you access to otherwise inaccesible items.

-Don't take the Raptor unless you are comfortable with Close-Quarters, Low Altitude, Speed Flying, or suffer your fate.... (They die very fast when up high)

-A Redeemer spawns at the top of the hill in the center. Easy access to all, so check for it from time to time.

Version: Release Candidate v1.0

Player Support: 10 to 32

Complete Bot Support: Yes (Bots do their job and do it well, even at low difficulties)

Gametypes Supported: Warfare only

Credits: ShadeMistress (author), Epic (for Unreal Tournament 3, some Static Meshes, Sound FX, Music, and Materials), and all the cool people on the Epic Games UT3 Forums and JustWarfare.com

Play Testers/Honorable Mentions:

Installation Instructions (PC):

Extract this entire .RAR file's contents into your "My Documents" directory (I.E.- "C:\Documents and Settings\**YourUserName**\My Documents\". If you have -nohomedir set, you may have to manually install the files to their respective directories.). All of the necessary files are already in their required folders. IF you are prompted to overwrite the folders, click OK, nothing will be actually be overwritten (unless you had a previous version installed, it will be overwritten), it's just a windows fail-safe to ask since the Folders' names are the same, it will actually simply add the new files into the existing folder.



- Added blocking volumes to keep Raptors and Cicadas within the bounds of the map.

- Added a few more ammo pickups here and there.

- Added a small structure around the Darkwalker Node that shields it from the Bases' turret fire and added a Sniper Rifle that can be reached after grabbing the shield belt by double-jumping over. (You just barely make it without Jump Boots)

- Added Avrils behind the Bases and one at the Darkwalker Node, then removed them from the weapon lockers.

- Pretty much finished up the decor for the map. I may go in and add finishing touches later though.

- Tweaked much of the lighting, not drastically, but it helps the atmosphere a bit.

- Added a few ambient traffic sounds around the very edges of the map. They're barely audible but it helps to audibly determine your position since the city area wraps around behind blue base.


- Gave the Blue Team their Hellbenders (sorry blue guys).

- Did some decorating.

- Split a couple of areas up ever so slightly, mainly to make it not so easy to hit the Prime Nodes.

- Added many more Ammo and Health Pickups.

- Added Bunkers to spawn in to alleviate the danger of getting run over when you spawn.

- Fixed Red Power Core Explosion.

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