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Dateiname: UT3 Character Models for UT2004 v1.9 Download

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Dateigrösse: 109,86 MB
Autor: urPackage
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 27.02.2010
Downloads: 6634
Bewertung: 9.9
Map - Pics
UT3 Character Models for UT2004 v1.9 UT3 Character Models for UT2004 v1.9 UT3 Character Models for UT2004 v1.9
UT3 Character Models for UT2004 by urPackage

-These models are direct ports from UT3 to UT2004

-Extract UT3CharsBetaV1.9.rar to UT2004 Directory and overwrite

-Original Diffuse Textures
-Original Team skins
-Original Emissive/light maps
-Original Skin vertex weight rigging
-Original UT3 Animations (Krall)
-Original UT3 Rig (Krall)
-Custom Karma ragdoll (Krall)
-Original Bios
-Original Portraits

Beta V1
-Initial Release

Beta v1.1
-added Jester

Beta v1.2
-added Krall

Beta v1.5
-added Necris characters Akasha, Alanna, Damian, Kragoth, Loque, and Malakai
-added original cubemaps for TwinSouls and Necris
-added team color emissive maps

Beta v1.6
-added TwinSouls(Ronin) characters Bishop, Kai, Kana, and Othello
-reduced Necris spec map
-reduced TwinSouls spec map
-changed TwinSouls default emissive to match better
-rerigged Jester shoulders

Beta v1.9
-added Krall characters Cerberus, Gnasher, and Scorn
-added IronGuard characters Ariel, Barktooth, Blackjack, Harlin, Lauren, and Slain
-added Liandri(Corrupt) characters Aspect, Cathode, Enigma, Matrix, and Nova
-added detail textures to all characters (derived from UT3 normal maps)
-changed Cubemaps to a UT2004 derivative (achieved a look much more similar to original UT3 this way)
-re UV mapped Kai (teamskins now work properly)
-re UV mapped Kragoth (teamskins fixed but lower detail unfortunately)
-re UV mapped Malakai (major pain this one because of facemask/helmet thing...still didnt come out perfect but teamskins work)
-rerigged Kana hips (minor vertex weight issue fixed)
-minor UPL edits
-removed voicepacks as GreatEmerald already has released a full pack

Known issues:
-Reaper and Krall Cloth Skirts are not animated and collide with mesh
-Krall does not have all the UT2004 animations and produces errors in log
-Krall karma ragdoll does not function perfectly
-Liandri/IronGuard/Krall teamskins not fully working

-UT3 spec map tweaked for engine differences
-UT3 normal map has been baked into the diffuse
-Krall uses the original UT3 Rig and Animations with custom Karma ragdoll

Software used:
-Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 64-bit
-Adobe Photoshop CS4
-Karma Authoring Tool

-Epic Games - Models/Textures

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