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Dateiname: CTF-Fragtion-CB2 Download

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Dateigrösse: 4,81 MB
Autor: MerCen@ry
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 25.03.2010
Downloads: 823
Bewertung: 9.3
Map - Pics
A CTF map by MerCen(at)ry
(c)Mercenary 2005

Bugfixing for ClanBase: Donzi.UTzone 2010
Bugs fixed:
- Red to Blue Flagg, right waytunnel
- Double Lights in the Redbase
- ZoneportalBug in the Redbase
- Mapname changed to CTF-Fragtion-CB2

-- more Bugs (not fixed)
- RampBugs on "Red to Blue Flagg, right waytunnel"
- Roof on both bases (cant move on the boxes in redbase, or was it in blue? xD)

The background

After the Skaarj war, the world was looking for new recources to rebuilt
the cities. Due to the warmachine, all of the metal that this planet
contained, had been used for weapons.
So a team was assembled to try and find a planet where there was still metal

After 4 months, the team already found a planet that resembled Earth, and
they found metal in it.
All the equipment needed for mining was transported from Earth to this new

The mining was going well, and the miners dug deeper and deeper into the
The cities on Earth are being rebuilt, because of these metals.

But the Skaarj, also seeking for new metals, not to rebuilt there cities,
but to create more and powerfull weapons, also discovered this planet.

The 2 groups started to battle for the precious ores, and so, the second
Skaarj-war begun!


The zip file contains 2 files: - CTF-Fragtion.ut2
- readme

Put the CTF-Fragtion.ut2 file into your ut2004/maps folder
The readme isnt needed to play the map.

General info

Map name: Fragtion
Gametype: CTF
Players: 4-10 players
Style: idoma style
Working hours: about 4-5 weeks

I would like to thank the following persons, who all have contributed
to the creation
of this map, either directly (includes beta testing) or by giving me support
along the way:

xS~Warrior, -LiD-Sh(at)DoW, -LiD-Maltic and all the people that tested the

Furthermore, shoutouts go to:

LiD, xS and all the other ictf clans.

If you would like to come with any critic (both positive as well as

negative, although constructive, critic is appreciated) then send me an

email to: kevinvertommen(at)hotmail.com

Or you can try to find me on #lid.ut

I hope you will enjoy and appreciate this map.

Have fun!


Note: pls do not edit this map under a different name, with your author name
on it. Don't be a lamer by stealing other people's maps. So respect
their work and dont steal other maps!

DownloadsII 5.1.1von CyberRanger & Jelle
basierend auf ecDownloads 4.1 © Ronin
Deutsche Übersetzung von captainslater
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