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Dateiname: MoreBlood RC3 Download

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Dateigrösse: 59,3 KB
Autor: Mr.Loathsome
Hochgeladen von: Schotti
Hinzugefügt am: 31.07.2010
Downloads: 1325
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
MoreBlood RC3 MoreBlood RC3
6:28 PM 7/30/2010

Readme.txt for the MoreBlood Mutator. Release Candiate 3.

RC3 update includes a number of improvements to the network
code as well as further optimization of the entire mutator.

Introduces a SpawnRate variable which pretty much eliminates any
lag that would occur in some conditions with previous versions.

Also added another type of blood drop that leaves a decal when it
has landed instead of lingering.

10:30 PM 6/17/2010 --RC2

Now includes MoreBlood Setup menu in the UT Mod menus.

Adds a variety of extra blood effects to your games.
Effects selected randomly.

The duration of effects depends upon both the amount of damage done and
the value of the BleedTime configuration variable.

Bleeding effects will stop when players health returns to default.Health or
the MBdefHealth value in the ini file or when the timer for that effect has
run out.

Install: Drop MoreBlood.u, MoreBlood.ini and MoreBlood.int into your UT/System folder.


Note: All these values except for MaxBleeders specify the Maximum value for
the variable. In-game effects will range randomly below that value.

Settings located in MoreBlood.ini.

*if you edit the ini and have bRandomMode enabled, modify the variables that have
RV at the end of the name for the next 5 options.


Maximum number of effects 1 pawn, (player, bot, monster), can
have active. Recommended range: 1-10. Max value 80.


How long pawn will spawn effect. Recommended range: 0.5-20.0 Max value 80.


Controls length of time the blood drops remain on floor before they are destroyed and
vanish. Recommended range: 25-80. Max value 255.


Controls maximum size of the blood drop effects.
Recommended range: 0.025 - 0.600. Max value 1.0


Controls maximum distance drops will travel away from the pawn.
Recommended range: 5-128. Max ? (Edit ini to set higher than 255...)


If True, each level/map will use random values for the above variables.
Values will range from the value selected to 20% of the value.

Recommended setting = True.


If True, players & bots will spawn a blood pool where they are killed
if conditions are right. (ActualDamage < 30)


If True, players & bots will be given extra blood spurts on deaths
if conditions are right. (ActualDamage < 30)

The next 2 variables are not adjustable from the MoreBlood Setup Mod menu.
You must edit the ini file if you need to adjust these values.


This variable will let you set the maximum rate at which the mutator will
spawn effects. Allowable range 0.025 - 2.0

At max value 2, the mutator will generate max 1 effect every 2 seconds. (In theory...)
With a value of 1, you get max of 1 new effect per section.
With 0.5 you get 2 per second and so on.

Recommended range 0.10 - 1.0

Default value = 0.25 (4 effects per second)


Set to players default health value when they respawn.
If you play a gametype where starting health is other than
100 and you do not adjust this value, players will continue bleeding
when they respawn until the various effects timers have run out.

Default value = 100


Note, the recommended settings above and in the included MoreBlood.ini file are
just what I have come up with during development and testing.
It it quite likely you may find combinations of settings outside the ranges
specified that will also work.

For dedicated servers, just add "MoreBlood.MB" to your mutators= section
of your server line and MoreBlood to the ServerPackages.

For internet servers, you will need to increase the values you have selected for
BleedTime and BDLifeSpan if you have been testing offline.

Compressed MoreBlood.u.uz included for your download redirects.

Source code included in the Classes folder.

Enjoy !

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