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Dateiname: IpToCountry 1.6 '99 Download

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Dateigrösse: 623,1 KB
Autor: Matthew 'MSuLL' Sullivan
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 22.07.2011
Downloads: 896
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
Release Date: May 21, 2010
Distributed under the terms of OpenUnrealMod license - see LICENSE.txt for details

Thanks for opening this readme! Please read its contents before asking any questions.
You can learn:
-General information about IpToCountry and how does it work
-How to install and set it on the server
-How to make use of IpToCountry in your own mod

If you are upgrading from an old version, please see the section 'UPGRADING'
below. There have been a few important changes you need to be aware of!

1.6: -Workaround to prevent crashing, improve stability and efficiency.
-Trying to switch between query servers no longer fails
-Re-added DNS resolution. IP cached in the config, if it changes the mod will re-resolve.
-Increased number of query servers to 4.

1.2: -Added a small clientside package to identify AOL's country. Will work for USA/GB/DE players.
-Added ErrorLimit variable.
-Removed dependency on the DNS resolving system in UnrealEngine which seemed to be crashing the servers.
Now all host based query servers have to specify an IP.

1.1: -Fixed the texture package, now it is CountryFlags2, this one should be perfect.
-Fixed accessed nones in the Addon part while playing on the server with bots.

1.0: -First version

In short, as the name says, it can resolve a country from an IP address; it also resolves a hostname.
IpToCountry is meant mainly to be just a shared component between many other mods, for example
recent versions of SmartCTF, etc. Don't expect much black magic from IpToCountry itself. But to not
make you sad I've also made a little addon which will show players' country names after doing a
mutate command, for admins there is a similiar command showing hostnames, this addon is enabled by
default, but you can disable it in the config.

To your knowledge, resolving a country from an IP requires quite a big database and implementing
it in UnrealScript would be very hard, thus IpToCountry connects to a PHP script which is located
on a web server. This PHP script uses a database kindly distributed by www.maxmind.com
If you want to know how the querying stuff exactly works just "Use the source Luke!"

AOL is quite troublesome. AOL has all its IP ranges registered in the USA and thus it doesn't
make identification easy. Fortunately Rush found a way to go around the problem.
Three major countries where AOL is very popular are: USA, Great Britain and Germany. All those three have
different timezones, so Rush just had to get a player's time and compare it to GMT. The idea maybe was Rush's
but Cratos was the first to implement it in LeagueAS, Rush got some code from him so big thanks, mate.

At the time of writing this readme the following mods/mutators make use of IpToCountry (that I know of...):
-SuperWebAdmin 0.97
-SmartCTF_4D (and up)
-Hostname Ban

README.txt - This file.
LICENSE.txt - OpenUnrealMod License
ipToCountry.u - The most important file, has to be in ServerActors - see INSTALLATION
IpToCountry_AOL.u - it has to be added to ServerPackages in order to activate AOL's country detection
CountryFlags2.utx - Country flags miniatures, has to be in ServerPackages if any mod needs it
Source/ - using this source you can modify and adapt IpToCountry to your needs!
MasterServer v1.6/ - anything related to hosting your own query server

Add the following line to the [Engine.GameEngine] section of UnrealTournament.ini:

Also if you want AOL players to be detected properly you also need to add this line:

If you are upgrading from any version prior to 1.6,

I can't stress this enough so we'll do it again:

Alright, now that's taken care of. Otherwise there are no other installation
changes (the ServerActors= line is still the same).

Put the ipToCountry.u file in the /SYSTEM folder and boot the server.
No other configuration needed, unless you absolutely want to, in which case you can look at
the 'CONFIG' section below.

After the first server start, ipToCountry.ini should be created. The mod works just fine out of the
box, but if you wish you can edit the configuration, here are the varibles you can change:

QueryServerHost[0-3] - This is where you can specify query servers to connect to. The defaults
QueryServerFilePath[0-3] work just fine and are updated regularly. If you want to add another
QueryServerPort[0-3] query server, just follow convention (eg. just look and see how its done
from the other entries). Query servers are tried sequentially, so the
server in the [0] slot will receive all traffic unless it can't connect.

MaxTimeout - The amount of time before IpToCountry gives up on requesting data from the server
ErrorLimit - IpToCountry will attempt to restart itself if the number of errors reaches ErrorLimit
bSpawnAddon - whether to use the Addon - should be always enabled unless you want to use IpToCountry
in some special way - also read 'NOTE FOR ADMINS' below

Even if you have no mod using IpToCountry yet, you can still make use of it because of the Addon.
Mutate commands and example results:

> mutate iptocountry
[es]Rush, Country: POLAND
LanPlayer, Country: Unknown
OtherPlayer, Country: GERMANY

And this one works only for an admin:

> mutate iptohost
[es]Rush, Host: xxx.xxx.xxx.pl
LanPlayer, Host:
OtherPlayer, Host: xxx.xxx.de

The Addon also automatically resolves new IPs from joining players.

AnthraX - for overall help, consultations and helping UT'99 community so much, thanks mate!
Also thanks for updating the query server

teleport*bR - thanks for the great help in putting the texture package to one, thanks also for testing
Cratos - for supporting IpToCountry in LeagueAS and giving me some code to identify AOL's timezone
UnrealAdmin - for keeping UT alive

Starting at version 1.6, I (MSuLL) will be trying to support this mod through updates and bugfixes, as Rush
has since moved on from UT and Unreal coding. Rush created the initial versions and did an excellent job.
Most of us (coders) didn't even know such magic was possible until this mod was created and refined.
To both Rush and AnthraX: thank you so very much for your contributions to this mod, and to the UT
community in general. We, the players and admins of UT, deeply appreciate it and thank you for your efforts!

UnrealAdmin.org forums:

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