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Dateiname: XServerQuery v201 Download

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Dateigrösse: 559,2 KB
Autor: (G)ott
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 22.07.2011
Downloads: 289
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
Modname: XServerQuery
Version: 2.0.1
Release date: 11. October 2015
Autor: (G)ott

1. what is it?
2. Installation
3. Update
4. Settings
5. Changelog
6. Thanks

1. What is it:

XServerQuery is a much-improved way of showing your server's current
information. There are new headings like "Spectators" and "Protection
Type" as well as the country of the current players. It also does more
then the same job like SecureValidate.

To show you your server's new information, you need the latest
XBrowser for the UT installation. Remember: XServerQuery is for the
server, XBrowser is for the client. They work together to bring you
all this new information. Also, if you using a server viewer page
(like statistics displayed on a webpage), you need to modify it.

For more information and to see how it works, follow this link:

If you find bugs, strange log entries or you have feedback, ideas or
anything else.. Support pages are unrealadmin.org

-> http://www.unrealadmin.org/forums/sh...d.php?p=162922

2. Installation:

- Extract the XServerQuery.u file to your Server's System directory.

- Stop your Server.

- Open your server's UnrealTournament.ini and then locate this
line in the ServerActors. When you do simply add a ';' at the front, so
your line looks like this:

;ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=utmaster.epicgames.com MasterServerPort=27900
;ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=unreal.epicgames.com MasterServerPort=27900

- If you have SecureValidate installed:

;ServerActors=SecureValidate.SVUdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=utmaster.epicgames.com MasterServerPort=27900
;ServerActors=SecureValidate.SVUdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=unreal.epicgames.com MasterServerPort=27900

- Now add the following new actors to your ServerActors list:

ServerActors=XServerQuery.XServerUplink MasterServerAddress=utmaster.epicgames.com MasterServerPort=27900
ServerActors=XServerQuery.XServerUplink MasterServerAddress=333networks.com MasterServerPort=27900
ServerActors=XServerQuery.XServerUplink MasterServerAddress=unreal.epicgames.com MasterServerPort=27900

- Now you have two options, choose one of them:

- a) Start and stop your server for short time. This will auto install default
settings in your server's UnrealTournament.ini.

- b) Add the following lines at the end of your server's UnrealTournament.ini:


- Change the settings as you want them.

- If you want to use IpToCountry to show the current country of the players
and server, then you need to install IpToCountry from the included .zip file.
If you already are running IpToCountry then you are fine.

- Save your server's UnrealTournament.ini and restart your Server as usual.

3. Update:

- Stop your Server.

- Overwrite the XServerQuery.u in your Server's System directory with the new one
in this zip file.

- You MUST update your ServerActors list!! The best is, to go to step 2 (2. Installation).
You have to rename XServerQuery.UdpXServerQuery to XServerQuery.XServerQuery and then
add the XServerUplink lines.

- Update your settings as you want them (4. Settings).

- Save your server's UnrealTournament.ini and restart your Server as usual.

4. Settings:

NetAddress // This is optional and will only needed if the server don't returns
the real networkaddress for ITC.
// Server will auto set IP if found.
Homepage; // Returns your homepage if set. Adding "http://" or "https://" in front
of your page will enable the link function in XBrowser for it.
bSendMailURL; // If True XSQ will send the admin e-mail with "mailto:" in front and
will enable the link function in XBrowser for it.
bShowProtection; // Valid values are "True", "Hidden" and something else mean "False".
bShowSpectators; // Spectator informations will send, if your server allows spectators.
False will hide specs on the player list.
bShowPlayerCountry; // Allow sending the players country, if IPtoCountry is installed.
iMaxConnPerIPPerSec; // Spam security. How many requests can a client send per second. 2 is the minimum.
iNumPacketsBeforLog; // Spam security. After how many requests the server will log this
client. 1 is the minimum.
bLogSpecialQuerys; // Log query errors and 'secure' querys.
bLogUnknownQuerys; // Log unknown querys.

6. Changelog:

from 100 to 101
- added new optional config -> ServerAddress, to bypass a unknown bug with the
servers networkaddress.
- fixed some problems with the country support.

from 101 to 102
- added querytype "RemainingTime".
- added UTPure to the protection list.
- fixed a mistake with the querytype "Protaction"/"Protection".
- fixed some minor bugs.

from 102 to 103
- fixed a bug with hidden spectators (part 1).

from 103 to 104
- fixed a bug with hidden spectators (part 2).
- fixed problems with server country.
- fixed some minor bugs.

from 104 to 105
- added crash-protection of Secure Validate.
- added \teams\ as QueryType to support the UT Watcher program.
- added new config "bSendMailURL" (link-support for the new XBrowser > 110).
- renamed "ServerAddress" to "ServerIP".

from 105 to 110
- added more info logs.
- added config bLogSpecialQuerys & bLogUnknownQuerys.
- added config ServerCountry (use it if ServerIP not set).
- fixed problem, sending players on nexgen servers befor game is started.
- fixed players time.
- added auto saving default config on first installation.
- some small changes.

from 110 to 200
- added query spam security.
- added config iMaxConnPerIPPerSec & iNumPacketsBeforLog.
- changed config bShowProtection to a multi bool.
- removed config bShowCPName.
- removed config ServerCountry.
- renamed config ServerIP to NetAddress.
- added a country memory for players and server. This will stop spamming ItC.
- added \NewNet\ as QueryType. If found, return the version. eg.: 0.9
- changed the player time: the time will now return seconds instead minutes.
- changed "RemainingTime" -> if bOverTime, return ElapsedTime.
- added log prefix.
- renamed class "UdpXServerQuery" to "XServerQuery".
- added new class "XServerUplink".
--> This does the same like SecureValidate.SVUdpServerUplink.
--> changed default MasterServerAddress from master0.gamespy.com to utmaster.epicgames.com.
--> added log prefix.

from 200 to 201
- fixed a small bug where the server runs in a small loop and gets a timeout while receiving a unknown querytype. (vanilla server has the same bug )
- some minor changes.

6. Thanks:

- A big thanks goes to gopostal for creating the readme.
- The Crash-Protection of SecureValidate is working with XSQ. Thanks goes to JustDoIt.
- For the suggestion to add SecureValidate, big thanks to Face.
- Added \teams\ as QueryType to support the UT Watcher program. Thanks goes to El Muerte.
- Last but not least, the UT community.

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