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File Name: Freddy Krueger Voice Pack v1.1 Download

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Dateigrösse: 8.79 MB
Author: Tux Android
Uploaded by: Tux Android
Date Added: 19.08.2011
Downloads: 647
Grade: 0
Freddy Krueger Voice Pack v1.1
Here's my UT2K4 voice pack version of the underrated horror character Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, known for his visual styles of nightmares in reality. The character originally portrayed by the actor Robert Englund that is suited for this voice pack, I won't include a 2010 remake of the first film of the series portrayed by Oscar-nominee Jackie Earle Haley. Fictional mass murderers does NOT have any UT weapons, some of them may be complied for some sharp objects. This character included in 1988 anthology Freddy's Nightmares, but I would not provided to recorded the samples in the TV series, just only for the movie franchise.

The sounds are almost perfect quality ripped from my DVD movies. GoldWave supports video formats in DirectShow or QuickTime Movies, build with MPEG-2 audio and/or linear PCM to get trimming and editing some samples I always wanted, and save them as .WAV files with the sounds of 8-bit at 22 kHz mono audio. There are no NULL sounds in this voice pack (except the Name or Leader sounds) because it's fully loaded with Order, Other and Taunt sections. Some clips in the Order and Other sections are literally unused that you wanted to see all abbreviations for all Gametypes, that reminds me similar to Homer Simpson voice pack by Rainecloud (original UT2003 conversion by Fraggin_Phun and Homer_Stud). It wasn't left behind for all these clips, convinced with music themes and sound effects. The new version is boosting the Transient Volume value from 0.75 to 1.0 to make loud and clear; if you have the previous version, just overwrite the files with the newer files. The VP contains foul language throughout, so use some discretion.

Bonus Features:
I've included the main theme song of the Elm Street franchise in this Version 1.1, written in OGG file extension. The music file is appeared through UT2004 music player by pressing F11 while you're in the game and also used for map authors. (You can upload your own map with the music file included.) If you want to use it, just place it to your UT2004\Music directory.

General Information:
Title: Freddy Krueger v1.1
File Name: FreddyKruegerVP2K4_v1.1.rar
Release Date: August 19, 2011
Author: Tux Android
E-Mail: axelong93.newwave(at)gmail.com
Sounds: 121 ( Total Unique = 118 )
Software Used: GoldWave v5.63 Beta, Media Player Classic Home Cinema (CCCP), UT2K4 Voice Packager v1.0.4.6, Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate 6

Version History:
v1.1, 19-AUG-2011
  • Rebuild the module including all the sound files located to the different folder and the filename is the same with the proper "VP1" suffix.
  • Boosted the TransientSoundVolume value to 1.0 for great loudness.
  • Adding the main theme song of the Elm Street franchise written in OGG file extension for UT2004, music file composed by Charles Bernstein.
  • Removed all the unused files from the .U module except the screenshot file.

v1.0, 14-JUL-2011
  • Original release version of the voice pack.

5 Acknowledgments
0 Names
10 Friendly Fires
10 Orders
48 Other/Miscellaneous
48 Taunts

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