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Dateiname: Jennifer Connelly UT3 Voice Pack v1.1 Download

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Dateigrösse: 11,48 MB
Autor: Tux Android
Hochgeladen von: Tux Android
Hinzugefügt am: 25.10.2011
Downloads: 309
Bewertung: 0
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Jennifer Connelly UT3 Voice Pack v1.1
This is a UT3 version of the Jennifer Connelly voice pack converted from my UT2004 version. One of the most beloved and charmed actress in Hollywood turns into spring. This voice pack contains 'different age' of this celebrity that is certain made a range from child star to adult actress, same as my UT2004 version. The default model attached to this voice pack is Ariel from 'Iron Guard' faction. I tried to make a custom model for her, I wasn't impressive to do elsewhere, at least you will find her in the existing faction with the portrait of Jennifer, only found in Character Customization menu. The sounds are 16-bit, 22 kHz mono .WAV files, converted from 8-bit using the Batch Processing window from GoldWave. This voice pack contains foul language throughout, so there was no point in me marking any of the taunts.

General Info:
Title: Jennifer Connelly v1.1
File Name: JenniferConnellyVoiceUT3_v1.1.rar
Release Date: October 25, 2011
Author: Tux Android
E-Mail: axelong93.newwave(at)gmail.com
Total Unique: One Hundred and Eighteen
Software Used: GoldWave v5.63 Beta, Media Player Classic Home Cinema (CCCP), Notepad++ v5.9.3 for the codings of UnrealScript, UnrealEd 3.0

"Bullseye! ::giggles::"
"I guess I figure there's more to you than you like to show."

Version History:
v1.1, 25-Oct-2011
  • The default Lauren voice is used in the areas in which this voice pack does not cover.
  • Moved the character to the 'Iron Guard' faction. Removing my own faction that doesn't have the custom model for this character. Created the removed lines ("minus" prefix syntax) in the UTCustomChar.ini.
  • The primary content package of this voice pack is now "uncooked".
v1.0, 21-Sep-2011
  • Original release version of the voice pack.

18 Acknowledgments
20 Friendly Fires
7 Encouragements
33 Other/Miscellaneous
43 Taunts

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