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Dateiname: Betrayal (UT3 to UT2004 port) Download

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Dateigrösse: unbekannte Größe
Autor: Wormbo
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 14.10.2012
Downloads: 576
Bewertung: 0
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Betrayal (UT3 to UT2004 port)
Dear friends of healthy paranoia and cultivated Instagib slaughtering, by popular request I present to you:

"Betrayal, what?" - If you haven't heard of the UT3 game type Betrayal yet, I recommend you watch one of the Betrayal guides available online, for example A Guide To BETRAYAL by VoxHouseStudio.

It'll tell you about the basic gameplay mechanics, as they are in UT3. I tried to merge the general Betrayal rules and feel into UT2004 gameplay, making UT2004 players feel as comfortable as possible.

rdy2bz kindly contributed two "Betrayal in 6" sheets to explain the game mode in a compact way:

The complete description is also available on my website. The readme and "Betrayal in 6" sheets are also included in the download.

"Yuck, Instagib!" - To be honest, I don't like Instagib either. But Betrayal for UT2k4 doesn't strictly force you to play with the Super Shock Rifle. As you may (or may not) know, I also created the Mercury Missiles mod. Betrayal comes with a separate mutator that replaces the Super Shock Rifle with the Instagib Mercury Missile Launcher, in case you don't like the instant-hit gameplay that standard Instagib creates. But if you do play with the Super Shock Rifle, I also added "unlagging" to it, i.e. server-side ping compensation for online play.

Just because someone will try sooner or later: Betrayal is incompatible to UTComp and there are no intentions (or reasonable ways) to change that.
Remember to add to ServerPackages if you want to record working demos, even in offline play. (But that applies to about any other mod as well.)

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