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Dateiname: BotManager 8.0 Download

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Dateigrösse: 28,9 KB
Autor: stfx
Hochgeladen von: stfxpi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2014
Downloads: 2493
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
Bot Manager

General Info
Game: Unreal Tournament 2004
Filename: BotManagerV80.u
Authors: stfx
Version: 8.0
Release Date: 12.01.2014
Source Code: https://github.com/stfx/ut2004mods

Bot Manager allows you to dynamically manage bots from within a running game. You can add, kill, change skill and switch team of a named bot or a specified number of bots. This allows for all kinds of different bot setups which is especially useful for offline and LAN play but also online servers where the host is present to adjust the amount, team and skill of bots depending on the game type, map or player skill.

Place the file BotManagerV80.u in your UT2004 System folder
Place the file BotManagerV80.ucl in your UT2004 System folder

Author Notes - stfx
I have always wanted to manage the bots in UT2004 more dynamically and change the setup frequently depending on game type, map and mood (few high skilled bots or many low skilled ones). And then I found BotManager. So I took the core concept and completely rewrote it to fix all issues and make it a bit more powerful. The new version is released with permission from the original author - FlakMagnet.

This is the complete list of changes I have done:

- Completely rewrote code
- Added bot team switching via mutate SwitchRedBotTeam/SwitchBlueBotTeam
- Added bot skill changing via mutate SkillBot/SkillRedBot/SkillBlueBot
- Added option to disable spectating while bots are in the game to fix randomly adding or removing bots when players switch spectator state
- Fixed adding/removing random bots whenever players join/leave
- Fixed adding/removing bots in Instant Action (offline standalone game)
- Fixed saving bots after players joined/left
- Fixed some warnings when adding/removing bots
- Fixed auto adding bots on match start instead of after an arbitrary time
- Fixed removing named bots using the in-game GUI
- Non-team commands now automatically call red-team commands in team games if no specific bot name was supplied except for SkillBot command which affects the specified number of bots from both teams

I would also like to thank Wormbo for some useful advice.

How to Use
Bot Manager can be enabled as a mutator [BotManagerV80.MutBotManager] via the startup command line, voting configuration or manually via the mutators page on webadmin. Note that the mutator is not "white-listed", i.e. the server will no longer show up in the browser while the "Standard Servers Only" checkbox is enabled.

For standalone (offline) mode it is required to set "Bot Mode" to "Specify Number" (BotMode=4) and to set the "Number Of Bots" to 0 (MinPlayers=0) for the mutator to properly work. For online and network mode this setting will be automatically overwritten by the mutator.

The mutator has one configuration setting which requires some attention called "bDisableBotSpectate". It is a workaround for the limitation of the engine to not being able to properly fix adding/removing bots if players become spectators or enter play after having been a spectator. What this option does is to disallow entering spectator mode while any bots are in the game. If all bots have been removed players can become spectators again.

Console Commands
mutate BotManager
- Opens the BotManager in-game menu.

mutate AddRedBots / mutate AddBlueBots
- Adds a single bot to the red/blue team at the default skill level.

mutate AddRedBots num / mutate AddBlueBots num
- Adds 'num' bots to the red/blue team at the default skill level.

mutate AddRedBots num skill / mutate AddRedBots num skill
- Adds 'num' bots to the red/blue team with a skill of 'skill' (a value between 0 - 7 where 0 = Novice and 7 = GodLike).

mutate AddRedBots name / mutate AddBlueBots name
- Adds the named bot to the red/blue team at the default skill level.

mutate AddRedBots name skill / mutate AddRedBots name skill
- Adds the named bot to the red/blue team with a skill of 'skill' (a value between 0 - 7 where 0 = Novice and 7 = GodLike).

mutate SwitchRedBotTeam name / mutate SwitchBlueBotTeam name
mutate SwitchRedBotTeam name skill / mutate SwitchBlueBotTeam name skill
mutate SwitchRedBotTeam num / mutate SwitchBlueBotTeam num
mutate SwitchRedBotTeam num skill / mutate SwitchBlueBotTeam num skill
- Switches the team of the amount of bots or the specified bot and optionally changing the skill.

mutate SkillRedBot name / mutate SkillBlueBot name
mutate SkillRedBot name skill / mutate SkillBlueBot name skill
mutate SkillRedBot num / mutate SkillBlueBot num
mutate SkillRedBot num skill / mutate SkillBlueBot num skill
- Changes the skill of the amount of bots or the specified bot.

mutate DefaultSkillRedBots skill / mutate DefaultSkillBlueBots skill
- Sets the default skill for newly added red/blue bots if the skill is not specified in the commands.

The above commands (except in-game menu and team switch) also exist without the 'Red' or 'Blue' part for non-team based games. If you use them in a team based game you will call the respective red team commands. If you use the red team commands in a non-team based game you will call the respective non-team based commands. This is very useful if you are binding keys to BotManager commands and using them in both team and non-team game types.

Bot Names
When adding bots by name, a different bot name will be used if the name specified is already in use. This is a 'feature' of UT2004, and not of the mutator which makes it easier to kill bots by name as they will all be unique.

Adding Bots - GUI
To add a specific number of 'randomly selected' bots, ensure the 'Add/Kill a named Bot' checkbox is unchecked, and set 'Number of Bots' to the number of bots to be added. Select the skill you wish the bots to have and press the 'Add Bots' button.

For team games, set the Red and Blue options separately before pressing the 'Add Bots' button. To add bots to only one team, set the other teams 'Number of Bots' to 0 (zero).

Adding Named Bots - GUI
To add a specific bot to the game, ensure the 'Add/Kill a named Bot' checkbox is checked.

You may enter the name of the bot into the 'Bot name' edit box, or select the required bot from the picture gallery of available bots.

When typing the bot name, the gallery automatically selects the bot whose name you are typing. When the gallery has no bot selected, the name you have entered into the edit box contains an invalid bot name. In this case, adding a bot will add a randomly selected bot with the name you entered.

The 'Race' dropdown list contains a list of all the available bot races. Select a specific race to display only bots from that selected race. Select 'All' to display all bots.

Killing Bots - GUI
To kill a specific number of bots from the game, ensure the 'Add/Kill a named Bot' checkbox is unchecked, and set the 'Number of Bots' to the number to be killed. Press the 'Kill Bots' button to kill the selected number of bots.

Bots with the lowest score are killed first.

Killing Named Bots - GUI
To kill a specific bot from the game, ensure the 'Add/Kill a named Bot' checkbox is checked.

You may enter the name of the bot into the 'Bot name' edit box, or select the required bot from the picture gallery of available bots.

When typing the name, the gallery automatically selects the bot whose name you are typing. If killing a bot that had its name modified upon creation, you can only select that bot by entering its name in full - you cannot select the bot from the gallery as it will not be there.

Command Short Forms
All the 'mutate' commands described above can be shortened to give you less to type at the console.

For example, 'AddRedBots' can be shortened to 'AddRed' or 'AddR'.

It works by matching what you type at the console with the list of supported commands. It finds a match if all the characters you typed appear at the start of the command. In the example above, 'AddR' appears at the start of 'AddRedBots' and so is accepted as such.

The order in which the commands are processed is below:

1. AddBlueBots
2. AddRedBots
3. AddBots
4. KillBlueBots
5. KillRedBots
6. KillBots
7. SwitchBlueBotTeam
8. SwitchRedBotTeam
9. SwitchBotTeam
10. SkillBlueBot
11. SkillRedBot
12. SkillBot
13. DefaultSkillBlueBots
14. DefaultSkillRedBots
15. BotManager

So adding a blue bot could even be shortened to 'mutate A' as 'A' is matched against the first entry in the list above.

The shortest form you can use for adding a red bot is therefore 'mutate AddR', and the shortest command to display the in-game menu is 'mutate B'.

WARNING: All of this 'shortening' works great if BotManager is the only mutator you are using. But if other mutators also use the 'mutate' console command, they may interfere with BotManagers command and short forms.

Known Issues
Does not work with game types that have more than 2 teams like 4CTF.

Author Notes - FlakMagnet
Special thanks go out to Christian Roy over at http://wickedgameserver.fraggedservers.com for play testing and support!

Christian has also helped with a few issues during the devlopment of BotManager, and put me in contact with others who have helped with certain features. In particular, Christian was instrumental in getting BotManager working with 3rd party game types - JailBreak in particular.

Special thanks too to TOG|neddie>oB< ( nedd3h ) for some great play testing nedd3h continues to test BotManager in many game types and his efforts are greatly appreciated!

Special thanks also go out to Ben (AKA ProAsm) for his valuable help in getting the Admin Only feature implemented. Ben is the creator and author of UT2Vote, and his help with BotManager is very much appreciated.

Thanks go out to a number of people who have helped me along the way by answering my silly UnrealScript-related questions (mainly on the UT forums over at www.ataricommunity.com).

Bonehed316 has helped with many of my queries, and has been a most useful member of the community, so many thanks to him.

Without some of these people, BotManager wouldn't be where it is now.

Thanks also to the guys over at www.ut2003hq.com for hosting BotManager!

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