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Dateiname: DM-DustStorm-DC-III Download

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Dateigrösse: 18,48 MB
Autor: Jefe
Hochgeladen von: Jefe
Hinzugefügt am: 15.09.2015
Downloads: 1488
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
DM-DustStorm-DC-III DM-DustStorm-DC-III DM-DustStorm-DC-III

DM-DustStorm DC III

Author: Jefe (Based on iterations of the map by FFU Clan (NotGuilty and Scapenet), Equinox, Monsto Brukes, myself and Vanico.)

Version History:


2015-07-27...........Beta 3 (First public beta)

Way back in 2008 or so I found a map called "DM-Dust_Storm_a" by Monsto Brukes. It was an edit of DM-Dust2k5 by Equinox, but I didn't know that at the time. It seemed like a really cool map. Compared to Dust2k5, a lot of the buildings had been opened up, the lighting now had a sunset look, and it was generally more invasion-friendly.

It needed some work though. I worked a lot on the bot pathing, revised the pickups, putting more stuff out in the open, set up detail textures and materials, set it to use a music track (foregone.ogg.) I changed some of the weirder stuff like the extremely shiny floors (it's a dust storm, geez) removed the controversial G.W. Bush poster and the teleports. [DustStorm-DC](http://ut2k4.gamebanana.com/maps/107014 "DM-DustStorm-DC") was one of my very fist map edits and I was new to mapping back then, so I didn't change much else.

Earlier this year I found out about DustStorm-DC][, edited by Vanico, and based on my previous edit. He added a couple of new routes in the map, which I really liked, but he didn't repair the blocking volumes over the areas he added, inadvertently making it easy to get out of the level and stand high in the sky on top invisible walls.

I decided to revisit this map and create a new version based on DC][. I redesigned Vanico's new routes to better match the map's style, along with adding several brand new areas and fixing a lot of the old BSP. I should say here that I've never actually played Counter Strike - so I decided to do some research. Using Garry's mod I was able to explore the Counter Strike Source versions of Dust 1 and 2 took some textures and ideas from them. I also checked out DM-CSDUST080 by the FFU Clan - It's mentioned in the Dust2k5 readme as being the inspiration for Dust2k5's weapon layout. Turns out that Dust2k5 is actually a very extensive edit of CSDUST080, which was a remake from the original CS - a lot of the brushwork, actor and mesh placement is exactly the same. This helps explain why Dust2k5 doesn't seem much like the CSS version - for example, the CSS version makes extensive use of terrain, but Dust2k5 does not, using basic BSP geometry like the original CS and CSDUST080 for ground surfaces. That's not to say Dust2k5 isn't a good map or that the author didn't do much work on it, but it's as much of an edit as this version is.

While I did use some assets from CSS, I didn't set out to make DustStorm a more accurate remake of Dust 1, but instead I used it as inspiration and reference while adding new features to the map. Dust2k5 used a very minimal selection of textures from the CSS level, so I imported several more for variety, including walls, crates and junk like wrappers, graffiti and posters. I replaced the rather awful palm tree leaves with recolored ones from the Ben Tropical package and replaced the oddly shaped dome with a mesh from Pasargadae. I redid all of the lighting and made a new skybox, since the old one was left over from 2k5's daytime setting and didn't fit the evening lighting very well. I rezoned the map and reworked the antiportals. I reworked all the blocking volumes so they are now more consistent.

I normally try to set up my map edits so they will work equally well for both invasion and standard gameplay. This time I added a couple of areas that don't really work for DM play, but I don't think they will impact normal play too much. I will set up another version with those areas removed if needed, though.

The map now uses DecaneCaldera.ogg as the default track. The original version of this music track from CTF-UCMP-DecaneCaldera was extremely quiet, so I boosted its volume. I also set up easy-to-find music switches throughout the level, so you can change it if you miss Forgone.


I used assets from: ONS-CBP2-Pasargadae, DM-UrbanBay, DM-Serenissima, DM-TDB-Aztec, DM-Rankin, DM-BlizzzXL, DM-Relics2Day, Counter Strike Source. Arabic posters by Corinne Martin. Modded Adrenaline and DG_AmbientVoice by DGUnreal.

Thanks to the Disastrous Consequences community for feedback and ideas. Also Calypto and others from LDG for information about DC][ and feedback.

- Jefe



Steam: jefejefejefe


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