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Dateiname: XLR8 - Escalate. Devastate. Humiliate Download

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Dateigrösse: 96,34 MB
Autor: Dr. Vannacut
Hochgeladen von: dr_vannacut
Hinzugefügt am: 14.12.2016
Downloads: 26
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
XLR8 - Escalate. Devastate. Humiliate XLR8 - Escalate. Devastate. Humiliate
XLR8 Escalate . Devastate . Humiliate

Current Release: 0.1.3

What is XLR8?

XLR8 is a Mod for Unreal Tournament 4 which increases the overall gamespeed alot by modifying weapons, weapon firerate, projectiles, pickups and more. It's all about fast and fun full speed gaming with a maximum of destruction. Do NOT take this mod too serious, because it's not meant to be, as you will fastly recognize by the weapon stack and their abilities. Massive spamming awaits!

Where will XLR8 go?

XLR8 is currently -just- a little mutator, BUT it is currently also being pushed forward to a whole mod for UT including a custom, new gametype including a whole set of maps and adding NEW pickups, items and weapons.

Current Weapons

XLR8'd Goonade Launcher
XLR8'd Shock Rifle
XLR8'd Plasma'n'Fire Launcher
XLR8'd Minigun
XLR8'd Flak Cannon
XLR8'd Rocket Launcher
XLR8'd Sniper Rifle
XLR8'd Ripper RMX
Hand of Ra

Unlimited ammo for weapons (except wonderweapons!)
666 starting HP
Accelerated weapons
NEW wonderweapons
Rocket Jumps!


Weapon adds:
- XLR8'd Ripper RMX (alpha test purpose)

- removed all unnecessary pickup items and weapons from the map

Weapon adds:
- Hand of Ra
- XLR8'd Plasma'n'Fire Launcher
- XLR8'd Goonade Launcher

Weapon updates:
- XLR8'd Flak Cannon (reskin)
- XLR8'd Rocket Launcher (reskin)
- XLR8'd Shock Rifle (reskin)
- XLR8'd Sniper (reskin)

Removed weapons:
- XLR8'd Hover Blade (annoying, may return)
- XLR8'd Redeemer (causing sound bugs, game freezes)

- removed 0.5x damage scaling, now back to x1.0
- added all items to inventory
- removed jumpboots
- added custom sounds for some weapons

Weapon adds:
- XLR8'd Redeemer (experimentally)
- XLR8'd Hover Blade (experimentally)

Removed weapons:
- The Thunderblunt
- XLR8'd Enforcer

- added 666 max health
- added jumpboots to inventory
- set damage scaling to x0.5
- replaced XLR8'd Rocket Launcher's secondary fire mode
  with RocketJump

initial build.
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