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Dateiname: DM-Campgrounds-G1E Download

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Dateigrösse: 106,88 MB
Autor: Guyver1
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 01.07.2017
Downloads: 167
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics

DM-Campgrounds-G1E (Guyver1 Edition) (Yes the same Guyver1 from UT2004 version)

Former Dark Water Refinery, recently decommissioned and passed to the Liandri Arena Division for conversion into a Tournament Arena.
The refinery processed Dark Water from the vast lake below and refined it for use in Liandri Plasma Reactors.
The resultant mineral by-products were also valuable as components in the manufacture of body armour for Tournament participants.

The ground floor was originally the sealed dark water refining tank with the central rotunda housing the refining rods and refining machinery, with a control room located where the Rocket Launcher now sits. The ground floor shows the corrosion of the refining process while the upper floors housed clean rooms, barreling room and living space for the engineers and scientists who were 'camped' at the refinery in 12 month rotations.

Liandri arena designers opened the tank and created the various ramps up to the first floor.
While most of the equipment from the refinery was salaged, unsalvagable/broken parts were re-used or left in-situ to give the arena its now notorious layout.

This is a complete ground up rebuild/redux of my G1E UT2004 version of Campgrounds which was a modified version of the original version that was built for 2003 (I cant remember who built that original, but I did ask their permission for the UT2004 G1E version)
This is my first map ever in UE4/UT4 and I haven't mapped since the glory days of 2004 when I was among other things:
[DOA] UK Clan leader (competing in Clanbase etc)
Wireplay UT2003/4 Community Liaison Officer and Server admin and tournament guy.
briefly Epic Games IRC moderator (I think back when UT2003 went retail)

There are a few G1E UT2004 maps out there. I primarily did these modification for the 1v1 competitive scene at the time.

Due to the alpha nature of the game currently I am only building this map based on Epic/High settings.
Given the constant changes of the engine, renderer, lighting system etc I will not currently being building or testing for people using Medium/Low settings
Until the engine is 'locked down' and the game either beta or about to go gold, this map will be considered beta and unfinished until such time constant recooking is no longer required and engine stability is achieved
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