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Dateiname: Spaceworms Download

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Dateigrösse: 3,59 MB
Autor: M kusanagi
Hochgeladen von: M kusanagi
Hinzugefügt am: 18.04.2018
Downloads: 144
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
Spaceworms Spaceworms Spaceworms Spaceworms
"Spaceworms" is a 4 playermodel pack with custom skins and animations. the little one is "spacegusano", and the other 3 are full-size. fun to frag. :0 but technically, the spawnbake species is merely a quirk in the spawning process.
we reserve the right to frag!! :0 ^^ -M kusanagi
alll art and scripting, 2018 ,by M kusanagi

during the early days of the tournament [2293], it was already well-known, that the process in the spawn allowed a microcosm of "organic burn-off residue". at this "awakening stage" in the tournament's popularity, the new-earth government arranged to have this quirk over-looked. since the spaceworm was no bigger than a pinhead, this made the most sense. for decades, the spaceworm was made acutely aware of assault rifle uses, in spawning sequence, but was too small to implement them. it was during the "cabal gauntlet" [2376], however, that massive numbers of tactical nukes [redeemers] were intentionally detonated at one side's spawn collision height. this use of weapon over-replication has since been banned from implementation in official matches, but the damage had already been done. thus the spaceworm was born.
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the link below, might be more help than the upload here at UTzone, since i keep getting a blank page rather than the download.
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thank-you. M kusanagi

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