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Dateiname: Team ArenaMaster 3.177 AT Download

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Dateigrösse: 1,61 MB
Autor: Attila
Hochgeladen von: Attila
Hinzugefügt am: 27.09.2019
Downloads: 267
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
Team ArenaMaster 3.177 AT Team ArenaMaster 3.177 AT Team ArenaMaster 3.177 AT Team ArenaMaster 3.177 AT Team ArenaMaster 3.177 AT Team ArenaMaster 3.177 AT
GAME : Unreal Tournament 2004
TITLE : 3SPN v3177AT
FILENAME : 3SPNv3177AT.zip
AUTHOR : See Credits below
EMAIL : attila76i(at)freemail.hu
DISCORD : Attila#3682

Just copy all files into the UT2004/System directory.

Aaron Everitt and Joel Moffatt for UTComp.
Michael Massey, Eric Chavez, Mike Hillard, Len Bradley and Steven Phillips for 3SPN.
Shaun Goeppinger for Necro.
Huge thanks to all people in {New} Clan for testing and playing this mod!

---About This Mod---
This is a modified 3SPN package almost based on original 3SPNv3141.
  • Maximum collectable adrenaline can be raised (default 200);
  • Built-in Necro combo: separate mutator no longer needed;
    • Improved reliability against no-respawn and no-weapon bugs;
    • Adrenaline warning for inform players when time for use their combo;
    • Booster can be auto disabled when given amount of players in the server;
    • Team-combos will work correctly with necro combo.
  • Colored playernames;
  • UTComp's netcode support;
  • News tab in ingame settings panel - admins can display anything on it;
  • Force models settings will work correctly in ArenaMaster;
  • Optional Chat icons to see who's typing in chat;
  • Optional Camper icons to show exact location of campers;
  • Optional Damage Indicator lets players to see their exact given damage;
  • Stats-recovery: players will get back their score on disconnect(connection loss) and then reconnect.

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