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Dateiname: [DM] Godforsaken [V] Download

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Dateigrösse: 126,14 MB
Autor: Alien([V]assacrE)breeD
Hochgeladen von: Massacre
Hinzugefügt am: 30.12.2019
Downloads: 450
Bewertung: 9.9
Map - Pics
[DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V] [DM] Godforsaken [V]
There have been two gameplay and visual updates to the map since it released 12-25-2019! The download has been updated for you. This is the final update.
- Other environments of mine can be found at my 2 profiles of game banana.
- All 22 Screenshots of this map are available in a folder of my Google Drive at 3840 x 2160 if interested.
Resolutions can be set beyond what is available in settings of UT2004. To do this, type setres 1360x768 into console (or whichever resolution you would like)


[Style - Size - Backstory]
A medium sized Deathmatch map for Unreal Tournament 2004 which brings tight close quarters action and has a theme of realism of an aged and beat up battle arena, buried into guarded sands, reclaimed by aliens who enslaved humans to be their builders, their food, and their entertainment. Following its success in their broadcasted tournaments, the stage has been renovated with a more modernized look for the years upcoming season.


[What this sequel brings to the table]
- Every weapon is as powerful as any other inside this close quarters, in your face combat. The map is able to shower players with an oversupply of helpful items without overpowering them; Many times, it's required to continue surviving the level of danger.
From refinements in gameplay and pickups to countless areas given additional layers of detail in textures, lighting, emitters, coronas, geometry, static meshes, and sounds, there's a lot to go through; So I will try to hold back on being overly specific. (some extra details are included for mappers)

- Though all previous releases of Godforsaken have brought with them very worth while updates and pretty big changes, the leap to Godforsaken 5 is an elaboration greater than that of all previous updates combined.
- Contributing to the file size is rich decoration and textures that rarely repeat. There are so many detailed brushes and model assets. The map uses a massive array of textures, many of which are 1024x1024 resolution. Multiple areas with similar layouts have very different looks and there is a whole lot of intricacy to the lighting.
- Additionally, since taking the screenshots, I have made lighting and shadows 4x crisper by applying a bitmap of 8 to all surfaces with no cost to performance and only a 3mb increase in file size. (maps normally use is 32 bitmap if left as default) I avoided doing this in the past, as I thought it would, for sure, lower performance on this particular map. In past versions, only a small handful of surfaces which needed shadow casting to be heavily emphasized were set to 8bitmap.

[File Size]
- The compressed zip file in the download is 126mb
- Once unzipped, it's 271mb
[Files Included and Installation Instructions]
- Map File:
DM-Godforsaken-[V].ut2 (goes into your Maps folder)
- Texture Packages:
*CBP2-Pasargadae-Tex.utx (goes into your Textures folder)
*PandemoniumTex01_2k4.utx (goes into your Textures folder)
*UT3UN_CubeMaps.utx (goes into your Textures folder)
(The engine was 100% discovered to be bugging out in handling the transfer of some textures over into the map file itself. Otherwise I would not have had to include the two larger texture packages with the download.)

[Layout and Gameplay details]
- Layout:
- As far as new pathways, there isn't much in the way of that. This is an update to bring an entirely new level of detail and functionality to the map. However, you're now able to take a new little path from one of the two main top pathways to drop down directly onto the double damage or lurk above for kills. Other movement options; a rope ladder and three areas with climbable vines.
- Jump Boots:
- Jump boots are still in the same 6 somewhat hidden locations. Most only offer 1 boost each now but the two most hidden give 3 and 2, stackable to 3.
(If you have charges left, jump boots activate when you press your jump key, so if wanting to avoid using them for a period of time, you can dodge first and every jump thereafter, until you touch the ground again, will not activate the jump boots.) Useful to keep in mind when there are ceilings above your head sitting lower than the boost height of the boots.

- Tips + Spoilers:
*To grab the keg, float up to it in the blue tinted room with gravity pulling you up on your way to the tele.
*There's a lightning ammo pickup that respawns every 15 seconds.
*A super adrenaline pickup in the cage. (awards full adrenaline)
*Seek out one of the teleporters with a little red sphere inside to be sent to the cage where ammo is lined up in rows for each weapon. The ammo respawns every 120 seconds rather than every 30 which is default. When you exit, you'll receive a link gun and redeemer if it is spawned.
*The teleporters are more useful to get around the map, as there are less than take you to the cage above. The 3 that do can be found easily, as they are all on one side of the map. They are now marked with a red sphere inside them. (aside from the one in the blue gravity pulling area) It's a good idea to charge up rockets or something just before passing through these.
*A secret tele gives you jump boots and takes you across the map to drop directly onto the 150 shield pickup where there is also rare grenade launcher ammo and the only grenade launcher is nearby.
*The most hidden jump boots can be uncovered by shooting a tan colored stone part of a wall which will open up to reveal the only pair with 3 charges.

[Issues/Bugs of previous versions addressed]
- Issue of the map file name causing it not to show up in the maplist until the name is changed has been fixed. It didn't like a dash being just before the file extension. (I could not replicate this feedback until purchasing another cd key and using that)
- Pickups of all kinds have been completely rethought.
- Regarding gameplay flow: Teleporters now have you come out facing generally in the right direction considering at what angle you entered in.
- The map is now more traversable vertically with options of shortcuts.
- In addition to being able to dodge jump out the sides or double jump on either end to get out of the V shaped pathway, it offers 2 jump pads that can be reached on the slanted walls with a single running side dodge. The bots will now find their way out of this area.
- You'll now glide smoothly into a blood bowl taking zero falling damage. Bots don't stand a chance of getting stuck floating in the air on the way down and no longer get stuck in the cage, though you can count on a single one guarding it at any point in the match. (the result of a happy accident of the bots only getting confused and becoming essentially paralyzed only when other players or bots are not present.)
- Action is more manageable at a slower pace in the cage. Gravity is halfway to default low gravity. (you'll jump half as high as in morpheus 3)
- Bots get out of the V-shaped pathway where the mine layer and waterfall are every time.
- No longer water displaying improperly for the stone terrain. It was fixed and replaced.
- Lighting bugs have been fixed that tainted previous versions. A few surfaces in the map would show as completely pure black. This has all been addressed.
- Collision has been removed from torches laying on the ground. Whether it was a mushroom patch or what have you, I made sure nothing will snag you when moving around the floor or along non flat surfaces.
- Some walkways have been made more spacious.
- More cover from enemy fire has been placed in for some areas.
[Improvements in optimization]
- I have converted much of the complex bsp work into static mesh. All static mesh avoids using exact projectile collision, which helps frame rate immensely, especially when tracking flak primary projectiles.

- I have found a couple of ways to split the map into more zones.
Firstly, the simple fix was discovering that one zone was not completely sealed off from another. It was causing very noticeable frame drops in this area. The separator (antiportal) was covering all but the tiniest sneaky hole of an opening hidden under a pathway. I should have double checked this using the Zone/Portal viewport mode which shows each neighboring zone as a different color if they are truly separated.

- Major improvements to FPS after the overhaul was made is due to splitting 2 areas that were previously twice as large as all the others into 2 zones each. These are some of the most highly detailed areas. (I was able to do this by duplicating each terrain, erasing half of one side and half of the other. Then I brought them together. This was all to be able to separate them and space them apart enough so that the terrain info actor icons for each terrain had their origins to their respective sides of the zone portal separating the zones rather than the zone portal cutting through a single terrain (which the engine does not allow. When you attempt to split a single terrain like that, the section that belongs to the neighboring zone disappears. (The terrain doesn't know which zone it belongs to, so it picks just one.) So the two terrains are now 4 to allow for these zones to be split. I then covered the gap separation with very detailed bsp brush work and converted to static mesh, as antiportals can pass through bsp and static mesh just fine.

FPS sits between 70-150.
*It is very playable at max settings with a resolution of 1360x768 and an FOV of 106. (You can find my PC Specs to the left of the page at my profile by clicking my joker picture.)
Quick summary: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SC 4GB and AMD Ryzen 7 1700 - 8 Cores - 16 Threads - 3000Mhz
Though typically everywhere else is far higher, there are dips down to slightly less than 60fps in certain areas of the map momentarily, only during combat.

AlieN Br33D (massacre)

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