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Dateiname: [DM] Seeing Red [M] Download

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Dateigrösse: 8,18 MB
Autor: Alien(massacre)breeD
Hochgeladen von: Massacre
Hinzugefügt am: 24.10.2020
Downloads: 91
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
[DM] Seeing Red [M] [DM] Seeing Red [M] [DM] Seeing Red [M] [DM] Seeing Red [M] [DM] Seeing Red [M] [DM] Seeing Red [M] [DM] Seeing Red [M] [DM] Seeing Red [M] [DM] Seeing Red [M]
Multidodging has become popular in some 3SPN servers playing freon. Since then, a bunch of mappers came out with maps tagged "[M]" made specifically to make the most of the multidodge mutator.

The mutator is included in the zip file and allows you to be able to dodge from one surface to another endlessly without having to touch the ground again in order to replenish a single wall dodge.

All of the striped walls are a big part of the gameplay. You can walk directly up and down one of these in a split second. Pair the multidodging with this and the plentiful amount of jump pads and you're flying. Multidodging isn't forced into the map, so feel free to play without it if that's your preference.

This is great fun in Freon and Team Arena Master. Good for all others too.


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