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Dateiname: Stargate SG1 Team Download

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Dateigrösse: 9,70 MB
Autor: Jefe
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 837
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
Stargate SG1 Team Stargate SG1 Team Stargate SG1 Team
Stargate SG1 team

update 2 by Jefe

version: 3.0 (2009-06-14)

What you're getting, and some notes:

This model pack was originally created for the Half-Life mod, StargateTC. The models were ported to UT2003 by Tunisao. It was repackaged for UT2004 (but not otherwise updated) by killer909. I fixed and updated many of the textures, creating team skins where possible. This also required minor updating of the animation file, because of the method used by the creators to texture the models. However, I have no experience with modeling, so I haven't updated the many issues with the models and their animations.

This pack languished on my hard-drive for several months, and I finally got around to cleaning up this package for a final release. This pack isn't exactly my favorite work, but it did get me back into UT2004 development after a very long absence, so I suppose that counts for something.


Carter (no team skins, but I fooled the game into thinking she has team colors)


O'Neill: Made a new face textures, Added detail textures to the body textures, changed mismatched finger texture. 4 player team skins. (face only)

Jackson: Made new face textures. Since there were so many problems with the original Jackson-with-a-hat model, I changed it so that the O'Neill model would be used for Daniel Jackson. 4 player team skins. (face only)

The Jackson Hat variant is still in the upl, just find it and change it from Menu="DUP" to Menu="SP" if you want to use it.

Teal'c: There are two versions, one with the original jeans texture, and a new camouflage version. Smoothed out the face
texture, and scaled the model up slightly. The original texture had some errors on the feet, which I fixed in both versions. 4 player team skins.

'Anubis' (Jackal Guard) and 'Snake' (Serpent Guard): Updated all the body textures to look like metal. Couldn't fix the large gray area on the back, however, because it's actually a tiny section of the texture incredibly stretched out. I did my best to fix it though. Eyes have glowing effects. Fixed the problems with wrong textures being applied to the bodies from the original versions. Added Gold version of each character. 4 player team skins. (Shoulders and skirt for Jackal Guard. Serpent gaurd version 1: Eyes, shoulders and skirt. Serpent gaurd version 2: Head, shoulders and skirt.)

System Lord: Updated all the body textures to darken them and make them look more like gold. Body now uses shaders for metallic effect. The original face texture was mapped on very strangely, so I reworked the texture. I used Apophis and Ba'al as inspiration for the new look. Added Metal version. 4 player team skins. (skirt)

All characters: Player portraits, descriptions.

Known Bugs:

The models somtimes contort at weird angles, but this has no effect on gameplay. The models are also very low poly, which gives them a blocky appearance. The team skins are very minimal because these models (with the exception of Teal'c) were set up to use more than two textures, and UT2004 only recognizes team skins on the first two textures specified.

Version History:

2.1 - beta. (2008-10-17) My first beta.
3.0 - Release (2009-06-12)

How to Install:

Extract SkinSg3.utx to UT2004/Textures
Extract XplayersStargateSG1.upl to UT2004/System
Extract Sg1models3.ukx to UT2004/Animations
Extract Sg1models3_b.ukx to UT2004/Animations

If you have any of the old files from the previous releases, please remove them, especially the UPL files, since they will overide your character selections.

Version 2.1:
Delete UT2004/Textures/SkinSg2.utx
Delete UT2004/System/aaabetaSG1.upl
Delete UT2004/Animations/Sg1models2.ukx

Version 2.0:

Delete UT2004/System/anubis.upl
Delete UT2004/System/Jakson.upl
Delete UT2004/System/Snake.upl
Delete UT2004/System/tealc.upl
Delete UT2004/System/Carter.upl
Delete UT2004/System/oneill.upl
Delete UT2004/System/systemlord.upl
Delete UT2004/Animations/Sg1models.ukx
Delete UT2004/Textures/SkinSg1.utx

Note: If you've installed and still want access to the version 2.0 characters, I've included entries for them in the current upl. In that case, just delete the old upl files, and keep both Sg1models.ukx and SkinSg1.utx. Then open the new upl (SG1.upl) and remove all of the semicolons ( from beginnings of the old entries.


Epic for the shader textures.

StargateTC, Tunisao, killer909.

"Stargate" and all related characters and images are the property of MGM
Television Entertainment.


You may mirror this file as long as the readme remains intact.

Feel free to modify my work (but you must include this readme and acknowledge my work), as long it is not done for profit or mischief.


Please leave feedback in this thread:

Jeffrey_d_99(at)y.a.h.o.o.c.o.m (remove extra periods, spam protection)

Jefe on the Epic Games messageboard - http://forums.epicgames.com/


Jefe at http://www.disastrousconsequences.com

My other UT2004 files





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