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Dateiname: EUT_1G_Public_Fixed Download

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Dateigrösse: 3,14 MB
Autor: just_me
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 316
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics

if you are installing EUT for the first time review the EUT wiki.

Place the following files in your UnrealTournament....

System Directory:
IPServer.u << updated for LeagueAssault recognition and optional
MVReporter.u << recoded game recognition will recognize any version of EUT and optional.
MVReporter2.u << recoded game recognition will recognize any version of EUT and optional.

Textures Directory:
EUT3.utx << please download EUT_1E for this file and its redirect file

Sounds Directory:
EUTIV.uax << please download EUT_1E for this file and its redirect file

Web Directory:
Web\EUT Install the folder within your Web Directory. Example UnrealTournament\Web\EUT

Server Ini Settings:
ServerActors=EUT_1G.PureCRCLogger << Must come before UTPure's ServerActor

Previous installation the following does not change. Just overwrite the old file with the new.

Applications[#]=EUTServerAdmin.EUTServerAdmin << next available Application #

Redirect files are included for your convienence in folder Redirect

History _1G:

[Added] bAlwaysRecordTourney - if true will start a serverside demo upon map start during Tournament games.
[Added] bKickMinY - if true will kick for MinY settings.
[Added] bNoOverTime - if true will end the game based on time reguardless of score.
[Added] bScoreBoardEff - if true will display effeciency on F1 scoreboard.
[Added] bStatLink - if true will perform UTStats logging functions. (see stats section)
[Added] All new settings added to WebAdmin.
[Added] new method to detect MinY settings. This should resolve false kicks.
[Added] Client netcode adjustment via ShowHelp command (Hud Settings Window).
Client can adjust with 10% increments from 100% to 0% skipping 10% (was useless).
Where 0% is off and 100% is full.
[Added] Ability to position non-transparent dot via ShowHelp.
[Added] Scope preview via ShowHelp.
[Added] Non transperant dot color selection via ShowHelp.
[Added] LogFolder setting to EUTServer.ini to specify folder for EUT specific logging.

[Changed] Seperate Logging. Seperate Logging will now only log cheat returns and a log file will only
be created if a cheat is found.
[Changed] Aerial Kills for low gravity games. Should be much more realistic now.
[Changed] new client settings window to resolve options disappearing, options resetting, and added
new options that a client can adjust.
[Changed] Custom sound package naming convention (see Naming Convention).
[Changed] Simplified some game initialization code.

[Fixed] Flag cap notification stopping after a lead is greater than 4.
[Fixed] Typo in thank you's.
[Fixed] Typo in self end spree notification.
[Fixed] Double kill being registered from Aerial Kills.
[Fixed] Double kill being registered from Aerial Combo Kill.
[Fixed] self kills not registering from weapons.
[Fixed] switch Teams bug during 1v1.
[Fixed] Rush tweak . Clients will not be kicked for this tweak, but the default settings will be enforced.
[Fixed] Access nones (at) Killed() when changed teams.
[Fixed] Fixed ShotCounts not logging and Accuracy problems as a result of.

[Removed] Cache Cleaning ability, will be integrated into a clientside native package along with an in depth performance tool.
[Removed] bUnevenTeamKill as a setting since forcing team balance as an option was long removed from EUT.

[Other] Other options are still under consideration.

Naming Convention:


Stats Logging
No ServerActor is needed for this package.
By enabling bStatLink the package will be spawned within EUT.
You will not need the UTStats/UTAccu (.u)packages if you enable this option.
bStatLink enabled is in essence UTStatsBeta4_2.u. It just removes the dependency on UTSAccuBeta4_2.u to
eliminate the need for dual packages handling accuracy.
UTGL support has also been removed.
Otherwise its functionality is the same.

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