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Dateiname: Abyss Download

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Dateigrösse: 4,09 MB
Autor: Hide
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 3884
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
This model for Unreal Tournament 2004.

<<< Abyss >>>

Fallen angel.
I copyed & pasted wings and etc of "CalamityAngel" to "Skylla".
And, I made the skin by copying & by pasting the layers from "CalamityAngel"'s skin and "Skylla"'s skin. (LOL)

Her name is "Abyss".
Because she creates a "Black hole".

3339 patch or later is required.

1 model and 1 skin with 4 team colors are included.

Auther: Hide 2005/10/30

Modeling: LightWave 8.3
Constructing PSK: MilkShape 1.7.6
Skining: Photoshop 6.0
Packing UKX: UnrealED 3.0

Polygons: 3770
Textures: 5x1024x1024 2x512x512 1x256x512 4x256x256
Team Color Support: Yes (4 team colors)
Custom Animations: Yes (But most of animations are used from the default female model. Some new custom animations only)
Custom Sounds: No (But modified "Nightmare female" voice is included)
Custom Karma: No

To install, just copy the

AbyssAnim.ukx file to UT2004's Animations folder
Abyss.upl file to UT2004's System folder
SPECIES_Abyss.u file to UT2004's System folder
Abyss.utx file to UT2004's Texture folder

As for this model, use of "custom species" is the requisite.
Because, this model uses more than 2 skin-materials like "Xan".
But, some skin-effects (like "invisible combo") have a issue that is effective in just 2 skin-materials only.
This custom spesies contains the fix of that issue.

And, there is an addition.
If you use "Species statistics" mutator...

She can fly like the "Space fighter" in "Assault".
And, in "ONS", "VCTF" and similar game types, Bots can use "Flying path node"s for "Rapter" in the maps to move.

To fly, you need to add a "key assign" to "User.ini" in UT2004's System folder.
Please assign "Taunt Fly" to the key which is vacant in "[Engine.Input]" in "User.ini".

For example...

NumPad0=Taunt Fly

...then, if you press [0] key of numpad, you can fly.
And, if you press the key again, you can stop flying.

And, she has an extra attack ability.

She can create a "Black hole".
Gravity is generated from center of "Abyss". And, "Abyss" does not take damage by own gravity.
(She becomes impossible to move from the spot, though.)
And, she can create "Black hole" at will. Though, "50 health" is consumed instead of ammo.
However, her species is "Nightmare". "Nightmare" has "Vampire" ability. And her vampire ability is more powerful than normal.
She can absorb enemy's health until "SuperHealthMax"(199). If you fight well, you will be easy to recover the "ammo".

To create a black hole, you need to add a "key assign" to "User.ini" in UT2004's System folder (like "To fly").
Please assign "Taunt SpecialAbility" to the key which is vacant in "[Engine.Input]" in "User.ini".

For example...

NumPad1=Taunt SpecialAbility

...then, if you press [1] key of numpad, you can create a black hole.

Black hole will be created when "SpecialAbility" animation is done. However, it will be aborted, if this animation is interrupted by another animation. For example, you take damage by enemy.

She is very strong. Good luck.

<<< To use this on-line >>>

With the 3339 patch or later, custom species mod can be used on-line, if the server is set to allow it.

This model can not use without the custom species because of using scripts in ".ukx" for flying ability.

*** Since she is so too powerful that it breaks game balance, be careful of use on-line. ***

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