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Dateiname: Shinryuu Download

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Dateigrösse: 3,33 MB
Autor: Hide
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 2396
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
This model for Unreal Tournament 2004.

<<< ShinRyuu >>>

ShinRyuu(it means 'god dragon' in Japanese).
High-end flagship battle machine of Izanagi Corporation.

Evolved type of my previous model KouRyuu(it means 'ultimate dragon' in Japanese).

ShinRyuu was developed by Izanagi Corporation as the next 'KouRyuu' with the new technology repeating the test by 'Ageha', 'Tyrant', 'Popo' in the Tournament.

ShinRyuu turned lightweight remarkably by the miniaturization and the lightening of the power reactors.
Although external power reactors decreased to 8 units from 10 units, total generating power is increasing conversely.
Moreover, use of energy shield which does not have weight instead of the physical armor in defense is also effective.
ShinRyuu's speed is faster than KouRyuu.
And defense is very strong because of the powerful energy shields like Tyrant and Popo.

Tere are 4 versions included.

1. Energy shield version
2. Energy shield + special ability version
3. Solid shield version
4. Solid shield + special ability version

Because the special attack ability that I gave ShinRyuu is too useful.
It makes ShinRyuu strong too much.

3339 patch or later is required.

1 model and 2 skin with 4 team colors and 1 weapon are included.

Auther: Hide 2006/12/6

Modeling: LightWave 8.3
Constructing PSK: MilkShape 1.7.10
Skining: Photoshop 6.0
Packing UKX: UnrealED 3.0

Polygons: 6212
Textures: 2x2048x1024 2x1024x1024 6x1024x512 12x512x512 1x512x256 4x256x512 2x256x256
Team Color Support: Yes (4 team colors)
Custom Animations: Yes (But most of animations are used from the default alien model. Some new custom animations only)
Custom Sounds: No
Custom Karma: No

To install, just copy the

ShinRyuuAnim.ukx file to UT2004's Animations folder
ShinRyuuSC.usx file to UT2004's StaticMeshes folder
ShinRyuu.upl file to UT2004's System folder
SPECIES_ShinRyuu.u file to UT2004's System folder
SPECIES_ShinRyuu.ucl file to UT2004's System folder
ShinRyuu.utx file to UT2004's Texture folder

As for this model, use of "custom species" is the requisite.

And, there is an addition.
If you use "Species statistics" mutator...

It can fly like the "Space fighter" in "Assault".
And, in "ONS", "VCTF" and similar game types, Bots can use "Flying path node"s for "Rapter" in the maps to move.

To fly, you need to add a "key assign" to "User.ini" in UT2004's System folder.
Please assign "Taunt Fly" to the key which is vacant in "[Engine.Input]" in "User.ini".

For example...

NumPad0=Taunt Fly

ShinRyuu has ultra high speed and very strong defense.
Especially, its flying speed is a little faster than 'Manta'.
ShinRyuu has faultless powerful statistics.

ShinRyuu's special attack capability is that standard equipments differ.
It equips 'ShinRyuu Shock Cannon' instead of 'AssaultRifle'.

'ShinRyuu Shock Cannon' is a high-powered shock rifle which was designed for ShinRyuu.
ShinRyuu can use the 'LightningGun' class weapon from the start.

And, ShinRyuu is able to recharge energy to this weapon from own power reactor.
It can add 10 ammo by consuming 10 health.
That is, as long as ShinRyuu has health, 'out of ammo' does not happen.

You can not use shock cannon without "Species statistics" mutator even if you choose '+ shock cannon' version.

Solid shield version differs in performance from energy shield version.
This is greatly inferior in defense strength and flying speed.
However, attack power is much higher than energy shield version.

Moreover, solid shield version is able to increase power of 'ShinRyuu Shock Cannon' by over-charging to this weapon instead of consuming energy for energy shield.

I have been creating my strong enemies to fight against.
However, ShinRyuu + Shock Cannon is seriously too strong.
Vehicles and projectile weapons are useless for fighting against it.
Good luck to good fight.

<<< To use this on-line >>>

With the 3339 patch or later, custom species mod can be used on-line, if the server is set to allow it.

This model can not use without the custom species.

*** Since it is too powerful that it breaks game balance, be careful of use on-line. ***

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