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Dateiname: Vampirusbot Download

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Dateigrösse: 17,2 KB
Autor: vampirus
Hochgeladen von: Razorkill
Hinzugefügt am: 22.01.2011
Downloads: 535
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
Um falschen Hoffnungen vorzubeugen:

Don`t think,that this is a Aimbot,Trigger,Wallhack or anything else in this direction.It is only a Trainbot for you!

Dieses ist KEIN Aimbot,Trigger,Wallhack oder sonstwas.Dieses ist lediglich ein Trainingsbot für euch

Advanced Bot VampirusJR v 1.0 (for UT2004)

Mutator was created to approach bot tactics to human in 1vs1 game.
Bot can:

- control Shield, SuperShield and DoubleDamage
- control ShockRifle, SniperRifle and FlackCannon (optional)
- enhanced compare Relative Strength
- bot hunting and attack, only if have some advantage over enemy
- bot don't follow enemy on lift, if enemy have ShockRifle
- enhanced use ShockRifle and make Combo from any position
- bot make preventive ShockRifle Combo, when enemy not visible
- bot always rotated to the Enemy
- bot avoid BioRifle Goop on the ground
- advanced weapon selection
- mutator have global tuning accuracy ( default 50 % ) basically for ShockRifle and SniperRifle
- advanced retreat to the Health, never run toward Enemy, only backward

Bot with 50 % accuracy win average Human Player, with 100 % - every ProGamer. (except case when you kill bot once and
hiding all rest time, or use level bug when bot get stuck)

Some limitation - if you want use normal bots after play with "Advanced Bot VampirusJR", you should restart UT2004.
Do not use Bot in TeamDeathMatch even you play 1vs1, only DeathMatch.

Bot creator - vampirus (unrealmod.nm.ru, unrealclub.nm.ru) Beta testers: Exodus, Nikoderiko and others
from forum UnrealED (cyberfight.ru) Some ideas take from mutator BotBooster.

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