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Dateiname: CTF-CMF (Christmas MindF*ck) Download

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Dateigrösse: 8,36 MB
Autor: Sly.
Hochgeladen von: Sly.
Hinzugefügt am: 27.12.2012
Downloads: 257
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
CTF-CMF (Christmas MindF*ck) CTF-CMF (Christmas MindF*ck) CTF-CMF (Christmas MindF*ck) CTF-CMF (Christmas MindF*ck)
Frohe Weihnachten!

Ich wollte eigentlich schon früher ein Geschenk für die Community releasen, aber dummerweise gab es es Schwierigkeiten bei der Umsetzung der eigentlich geplanten Map (sie war hoffnungslos verbuggt, vielleicht nächstes Jahr dann). Dies ist mein Back-Up Plan, aber ich hoffe er gefällt dennoch.
Die Map ist klein, schnell und ihre Skybox sehr konfus.
Ich hatte keinen Tester zur Hand, der unter Motion-Sickness leidet, es kann also durch die vielen Bewegungen in der Skybox dazu führen, muss aber nicht.

Viel Spaß!

Besonderer Dank geht an:
Baryonyx, 100GPing100 und Cøi fürs Betatesting und Alonus dafür, dass er mir mit den High-Speed-Röhren geholfen hat, indem er mich auf die TerminalVelocity aufmerksam gemacht hat und mir auch Lösungsvorschläge anbot.

Inhalt der ReadMe:
+/- Klappen
*********** CTF-CMFbySly.ut2 (Christmas MindF*ck) ***********

Merry Christmas!

The archive you just downloaded should contain 3 files:

The map file (CTF-CMFbySly.ut2),
the music file (Run.ogg),
the ReadMe (this file).



How to install your little present:

1. Extract the *.zip archive.
2. Paste the *.ut2 file in .../UT2004/Maps.
2. Paste the *.ogg file in .../UT2004/Music.


Author's Comment:

I know, it's belated, but I have encountered quite a few
I wanted to have a map done in the week before christmas, but
unfortunately the original idea and project was bugged (maybe
I'll realize it for next year) and I had some troubles in
this one with the tubes. Actually, this map was a back-up
plan which I started developing on the night of the 23rd.

You can still play it next year as it is not only made for
christmas 2012, so I guess it's not that bad after all.

The focus on the map is on fast gameplay with unaltered pawns
(in size, speed, etc.) and unaltered gravity (low gravity not
recommended). It plays well with the famous Ballistic Weapons
mod though.

You may wonder why there is only "CHRISTMAS" and not "MERRY
CHRISTMAS" in the map. Well, there is no universe anymore
after all. Would you call that a nice christmas?

Furthermore, I have put two secrets/eastereggs (or chocolate
santas?) into this map. If you cannot find the second one but
are curious what it is, I recommend to play the map with
Wormbo's "Christmas Decorations" mutator/server actor enabled.
In case you do not have it, you can download it here:


Warning: May cause motion sickness or confusion.
Warning: Map title (ingame) contains mature language.



IT'S CHRISTMAS - IN SPAAAAACE! Or something. Kinda lacks
space, so I guess... anti-space then? Because you know, the
universe somehow ended on 12-21-12 (NOT). Whatever... But
it's fun. Well, you get the idea. Merry Christmas!



Baryonyx, 100GPing100 and Cøi for beta-testing and motivating
me to finish it even though I was too late and Alonus for
helping me to fix two bugs (selecting JumpPads crashed the
editor and he pointed out the TerminalVelocity setting which
was essential for fixing the tubes in the end, without his
help it would have taken longer to release it).

Epic Games for the Unreal franchise, the engine and editor
and all these great assets I can work with.
Digital Extremes for their contribution to this UT game.



You must not sell this map!

You may upload this map on other pages/mirror it but you must
leave the archive intact.

You may not modify or use the map as a base for other maps
without my explicit permission.

Please take your time to contact me on any of the forums
listed below.


Epic Games forum http://forums.epicgames.com/forums/2...ment-2003-2004,
UTzone.de http://www.utzone.de/index.php
unrealed.info http://www.unrealed.info/index.php
Unreal Old Friends http://unrealoldfriends.activeboard.com/
Old Unreal http://www.oldunreal.com/index.html

You can contact me either through PM or by posting in the release thread of the map.



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