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Dateiname: BP-NaliCows Download

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Dateigrösse: 7,40 MB
Autor: Bitter Pill
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 795
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
Player Models: AtomicCow624, WarCow385 & Hathoril
Developer: Jason Cecrle "Bitter Pill"
Release Date: 12/12/2005

General Info:

This project began when I offered to make Flak anything she might need or want for UT2004. She asked me to remake the AtomicCow and WarCow models because many of her friends used them in the original UT. During the development of these characters I regularly consulted her, to make sure it would be pleasing to her and rest of the target audience. The model went through three stages of design. I initially began making them as exact replicas of the originals, but with higher polygon counts. With the second version, I decided to add my own style to them. I replaced the gun mount on top of the jet pack with a robot, which radically changed the characters' look. After testing the model in-game, I realized that it wasn't good enough. The release version represents a blending of the original with my own design, in the attempt to make the model feel more modern.
The AtomicCow and WarCow skins each have a label on the back of their jet packs that are written in my version of the Nali language. They translate to: Atomic Cow 6 2 4 and War Cow 3 8 5 respectively. The AtomicCow also has my interpretation of a Nali insignia on its jet pack's front. Hathoril was inspired by various necris skins as well as concepts from the anime series Full Metal Alchemist. It has a blood seal on its side with the Greek words for: Dead Beast Live Again, and a Necris insignia on its jet pack cover encircled by Greek words that translate to: Those That Return To Life Must Serve The Necris.
The models are compatible with CTF4 and TDM4, as well as Angel Mapper's Santa Hat mutator. Its rockets use a flame effect for many of the animations. It also uses sounds from the nali cow and gasbag characters from the invasion gametype. Finally, it has a custom skeleton mesh for skeletized deaths.

General Installation

BP-NaliCowAnim.ukx belongs in: UT 2004\Animations
BP-NaliCowKarma.ka belongs in: UT 2004\KarmaData
BP-NaliCowData.upl belongs in: UT 2004\System
BP-NaliCowBio.int belongs in: UT 2004\System
BP-NaliCowTex.utx belongs in: UT 2004\Textures
BP-NaliCowReadme.txt belongs in: UT 2004\Help

Server Installation

1. Place all of the Nali Cow files in their appropriate folders on the server.

2. Edit your UT2004.ini or Server.ini, whichever one your server uses and add the following to the bottom of the [Engine.GameEngine] heading:


3. Save your ini file.

4. Compress each file into the .UZ2 format and upload them to the redirect that your server points too.

*Note that because UT2004 doesn't push .ka files (Karma files used for ragdoll deaths), the Nali Cows won't die properly for anyone that got the files pushed to them. What they will see is the character standing motionless. To make things easier for server admins I'm including a separate zip file (9kb) Called BP-NaliCowsKarma that is only the karma file in the folder UT2004\Nali Cow Karma . Then, when someone joins the server and wants to see the cows die properly they can be told to download that small file from your website, or you can give them a link to another site that has it, such as: http://www.ut4e.com. With that, they will have every file they need.

Model Specs:

Polygons: 3,590
Vertices: 2,024
Rigging: Custom 40 bone skeleton
Animation: Custom 76 animations
Karma: Custom ragdoll


Special thanks goes to Flak for all her help (too many things to mention them all).
Thanks to Kami, RoadKillGrill, and Trivial for testing the model.
Thanks to all others that offered advice, criticism, and support.

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