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Dateiname: AntiTCC 2009 Release 6 Download

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Dateigrösse: 479,8 KB
Autor: Wormbo
Hochgeladen von: Ragnos
Hinzugefügt am: 10.01.2010
Downloads: 484
Bewertung: 9.9
Map - Pics
Anti TCC 2009 Release 6 ist offiziell raus.

Änderungen gegenüber Release 5:

* Fixed a bug where the in-game chat menu did not update when new chat lines arrived.
* Fixed mouse sensitivity changes via the settings menu not having any effect while playing on an Anti TCC server.
* Improved interaction between bMidGameCheck, bMultipleMidGameChecks and bEndGameCheck settings. bMultipleMidGameChecks=False now ensures there is at most a single mid-game check between map changes. End-game checks between Onslaught/Assault rounds no longer count as mid-game check for bMultipleMidGameChecks=False.
* Improved kick behavior during initial checks. Package, class and skin checks are skipped if a kick-worthy insecurity was detected in an earlier stage.
* Added mandatory FullMD5 checks for Core, Engine, UnrealGame, XGame and XInterface packages with allowed MD5s being those from UT2004 v3369 and Logitech G15 patch v3372.
* Older versions than v3369 are no longer supported.
* Fixed bSpawnFakePlayers=False not working.
* Added Anti TCC version to server details. (configurable)
* Added log messages about duplicate prefetch/disallow/MD5 checks.
* Added admin login monitoring.
* Added log timestamp placeholders for fractional seconds and game time. (not used by default)
* Potentially fixed players being invisible during demo playback in some cases.

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