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Downloads  Flamix Skin

Name: Flamix Author: "Burger_for_Lunsh" (NOT MISSPELLED! 'Lunch' is something else. Just don't ask.) Tools used: Maya 5.0 PLE UT2004 Editor Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (and MS Paint.. XD) Installation: The .upl file goes into the System folder The .utx file goes into the Textures folder The .ukx file goes into the Animations folder - Description: Flamix is a robot-phoenix character I made about 8 months ago. He was supposed to have backwards-bending k ... [Mehr] (4,53 MB)
04.04.2017 230 0
Downloads  Unrest Skins

"unrest" is a five man team with an accuracy of +3. ut99 models with the back-pack radios are used to customize the UKX (blyzard made these UKX originally for his full platform package). gurtic, necryss, burnt, pernyn, everii, ready for action, sir!! :0 getim use'em beat'em up, done. :) ~~ -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (5,46 MB)
30.03.2017 184 0
Downloads  T2000 Skin

t2000, ThomaS claims was made on milkshape 1.7. the archive is intact. great to play and fun to blow-up. responds nicely. no problems found. the skeleton pop-up from link gun kill can be fixed by adding "skeleton=" + mesh input, (readme) has full address. :) ^^ -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (903,8 KB)
27.03.2017 152 0
Downloads  shinryuu Skin

shinryuu (mdl) is hard to beat. upgrade full. shock cannon at spawn start-up. flies and is faster than a manta. wunder model, but handle with care. no file changes can be made. this will cause platform loading failure. great for practice and pleasure. Hide claims it runs smooth online as well. reference his readme. -M kusanagi :) 2017 Thread Discussion (10,34 MB)
20.03.2017 311 0
Downloads  xZeon Skin

xzeon is a very interesting shader set-up when it runs in the game. seems smooth enough. the author boosted the UPL to max, so the cost ist hoch heiliger in tourney. no matter. :) also, has team colors. -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (4,41 MB)
16.03.2017 116 0
Downloads  The Olympians Skinpack

the olympians skin pack is a five character custom skin pack with mostly default UPL settings, so the cost in tournament will be moderate or even inexpensive. the re-archive includes an added INT, re-addresses for call-up, and an appendage to block conflicts with the earlier version. :) -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (14,56 MB)
15.03.2017 89 0
Downloads  Miss Rush

rush_ut2k4_re-archive has team skins, and is by far an ophelia custom skin with unique approach and styling. :) -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (1,65 MB)
10.03.2017 379 0
Downloads  Mr Poly Skin

mrpoly_ut2k4_re-archive is a cartoon mantis robot that was made in maya, and goes back to the beginning in 2004. :) beta-testing shows no bugs, very nice. -M kusanagi :) M kusanagi is available at: 1.M kusanagi channel on youtube 2.M kusanagi on google+ profile Thread Discussion (856,0 KB)
08.03.2017 122 0
Downloads  Mr. fudgepop Skin

Mike Bastianelli dated this model on August 14, 2005. M kusanagi is re-archiving march 7,2017. mrfudgepop seems to run well in the game, smooth, and does a flip once in a while. :) -M kusanagi M kusanagi is available at: 1.M kusanagi channel on youtube 2.M kusanagi on google+ profile Thread Discussion (856,0 KB)
07.03.2017 195 0
Downloads  Dahija Skin

2,23,2017 dahija re-archive the archive of this model is intact. :) it's smooth and thin and runs well in the game. :| -M kusanagi Release Date : Juli 2005 Filename : dahija.zip Author : APOPTOID Thread Discussion (3,45 MB)
23.02.2017 129 0
Downloads  Back-Spawn ARMY 2

back-spawn_mapprop_ut2k4 is a 36 skin package, the SECOND!! of 2 armies, made a year ago to accompany a platform style map. M kusanagi will continue release to this SECOND!! army, pre-release of the large multi-level map, to come at some later date. :) -M kusanagi Thread Discussion (6,06 MB)
20.02.2017 90 0
Downloads  Covert Operator Model

2,13,2017 note for covert_operator_Re-archive. this is an interesting model. the contents in this archive are intact. the readme has the modelers who built and converted it for ut2k4. :) -M kusanagi M kusanagi is available at: 1.M kusanagi channel on youtube 2.M kusanagi on google+ profile Thread Discussion (5,05 MB)
14.02.2017 137 0

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