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Dateiname: K-Aus Crosshairs v8 Download

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Dateigrösse: 280,3 KB
Autor: unbekannt
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 768
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Map - Pics
K-Aus Crosshairs v8
K-Aus Crosshair Pack Short Readme

Table of Contents
1. Instructions/Requirements
a. UT2004 Patch Download Links(3339)
b. Installation
c. Usage/Operation
2. Notes
3. Legal
4. Thanks

//1. Instructions/Requirements
> Required files:
- The files contained within the Zip file
- Epic's 3204 UT2004Patch(Minimum requirement. Current Patch is 3339)

//_1.a. UT2004 Patch Download Links(3339/3355)
(Copy the address to the address bar of your internet browser. approx 12MB):
- http://download.beyondunreal.com/fil...npatch3339.exe
- http://download.beyondunreal.com/fil...npatch3355.exe
- BeyondUnreal Link contains 6 mirrors for the 3339 Patch

//_1.b. Installation

The following files go into your UT2004\System directory
-- KAusXhair.U
-- KAusXhair.Int
-- KAusXhair.Ucl

The following files go into your UT2004\Textures directory
-- Kws_Xc.Utx

//_1.c. Usage/Operation

> Step1: Start up UT2004
> Step2: Navigate to "Settings"
> Step3: Click the "Weapons" tab
> Step4: Click the "Use Custom Weapon Crosshairs" checkbox
> Step5: Select the weapon you wish to use a custom crosshair on
> Step6: Click on the "Crosshair" drop-down list and scroll thru the list until you see one you wish to use and then click on it
> Step7: Using the preview window for reference, adjust the Color/Opacity/Scale settings to your desire
-- (Scale must be set to 2 for the crosshair to be normal size)
> Step8: Go frag someone back to the stone age

Note: You can also select a custom crosshair to be used as your default crosshair.
This is done by unchecking the "Use Custom Weapon Crosshairs" checkbox and repeating Steps 6 & 7
(check the box again to continue using custom crosshairs for individual weapons)

//2. Notes:
- Angel and Rache xhairs supplied by Rachel "AngelMapper" Cordone (angelmapper.com is teh pwn)
- Pub xhair supplied by PooBeard

[TR] Group has a suffix at the end indicating the original color. [G] = Green, [R] = Red, [B] = Blue, [128] = Grey(R=128, B=128, G=128)
These are not required, simply a suggestion

//3. Legal:
You are not allowed to use the texture file as a base to construct addtional crosshairs
For making your own, use this for your code base: Crosshair(##)=(FriendlyName="NameHere",CrosshairTexture=PackageName.TextureName)

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this code or texture for profit in any way, including but not limited to, putting it on a CD ROM or any other medium that is sold in or out of retail channels, for any amount of money.
You MUST obtain written permission from me to exploit this code and/or texture commercially.

You are allowed to re-distribute this pack thru free media as long as all files are included, intact and unedited

Copyrights are held by T Rypkema and Epic/DE/Atari/etc
I can be contacted on the AtariCommunity UT2004 Forums under the name Kel
I can be contacted on the Skill-Club.com Forums under the name Kyllian
I can be contacted on the BeyondUnreal Forms under the name Keltare

In short, don't take my stuff, claim it for your own, or distribute it in a way that makes you money without contacting me first

//4. Thanks:
To Epic Games/Atari/Digital Extremes for creating UT2004 and UEd(except that it takes about 5-10 minutes to load UEd)
Hellcat for getting the crosshair thread at the Atari Forums started,
and for helping me figure out all the little bugs and other issues during production
(Visit http://forum.skill-club.com/ to thank him)
To anyone and everyone who uses these xhairs to frag people silly

RC321 (Unofficial Tester)
Shuri (Suggestions/Ideas)
Ron Prestenback (Tournament Liason: Modified the Tournament to properly accept the Crosshairs)
MadNad (Unofficial Tester/Coder/BugChaser Thanks for putting up with me too)
Poobeard (Supplying a new xhair)
AngelMapper (Supplying 2 xhairs and being cool to bullshit with)
[NBS]Flak for support and a few ideas ^_^
DivineError (New Xhair, figuring out a name for another when I was stumped and for putting up with all my insanities)
Phyrstorm (xhairs, insanity and the occasional target practice)

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