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Downloads  Obi-Wan Kenobi VP and Model

Obiwan Kenobi Voicepack for UT2004 (model included) = To Install the pack, place the INT, U, and UPL files in your Unreal Tournament System folder. Place the UKX file in your Unreal Tournament Animations folder. Place the UTX file in your Unreal Tournament Textures folder. YOU MAY NOT DISTRIBUTE THIS FILE WITHOUT THIS README FILE INTACT. YOU MAY NOT MAKE ANY PROFIT OFF THIS VOICEPACK WHATSOEVER. If you're havi ... [Mehr] (5,29 MB)
26.10.2011 2076 8.3
Downloads  Ellen Ripley v2

It's Ellen Ripley from Alien movies Teamskins and voicepack are included Available outfit from Alien Resurrection and underwear from Alien 1 Installation: Just put *.ukx to animations, *.utx to textures, ,*.upl ,*.u ,*.int to system If you will add biographic data - open xplayers.int by notepad, paste bio text from readme and save. (5,41 MB)
24.10.2011 826 9.1
Downloads  Leslie Burke

This mod add new character in UT2004 This is Leslie Burke, the girl (2,28 MB)
23.10.2011 445 8.3
Downloads  Raptor Trauma!

This skin pack is based on skins by Klasnic and Grex_4d for Slyrr's Raptor model. Specifically Carillon from Klasnic's Evolved CTF4 pack and G-Raptor by Grex. Skin was made to fulfill a request by Trauma at disastrousconsequences.com for a cute girly raptor. 5 total characters, includes Red, Blue, Green (sorta) and Gold skins. The first two skins (Pink and Blue aka Trauma) use a girly pink for the red team color; the other three (Riptor) use a savage red. This skin requires the Deinonychus(Ra ... [Mehr] (3,20 MB)
15.10.2011 875 0
Downloads  Raptor

Deinonychus Saevus (the savage terrible claw) was bred by combining the DNA of several different species of Velociraptor. It combines the best traits of predatory evolution into a fearless, vicous killing machine who doesn`t fight in the tournaments to win trophies - it fights because it enjoys it. Updated from last release: *Improved left/right walks *Added SKELETON raptor for disintigration deaths *Gibs now work without affecting ability to join on line games Kommentare im ... [Mehr] (5,77 MB)
15.10.2011 1314 0
Downloads  Megaman Legends (v3)

jefe, Undergroundruin and I have ripped the models from Megaman64 and put them into UT2004 with voice packs, animated face textures, toon shaders and team skins (Red/Blue/Green/Gold). Have fun. :D Version 3 (all by jefe & Underground ruin! I had no hand in this update. jefe and UGR rock) 5/10/09 Instructions: *Remove the old .upl (system folder), .utx (textures folder) and and .ukx (animations). All of these files start with MML, so they will be easy to find. *Keep the .int and .u f ... [Mehr] (32,42 MB)
15.10.2011 1755 0
Downloads  Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is ready to fight his sensitive style at the Unreal Tournament 2004! Probably due to the fact that most younger players don't really know who Chuck Norris is. This model is came from the 1993 TV action/crime drama series Walker, Texas Ranger. It includes some 4-team skin support but the texture of his style is very kinda strange, completing his biography and modified his statistics, and there are no bugs known. H0rs3 created this model, not me if possible. "Violence is my last ... [Mehr] (2,58 MB)
01.08.2011 2072 0
Downloads  Pikachu

Name: Pikachu Skin | Pikachu Char Version: 1 Author: Shaun Goeppinger aka Iniquitous Date: 02/11/10 // - // - Description // - Finally, a playable Pikachu for UT2004! Pikachu comes with: * Complete Animations * Team Skins and Portrait * Custom Ragdoll * Custom Sounds and Voice Pack * Updated Taunt ... [Mehr] (3,32 MB)
05.11.2010 3248 9.5
Downloads  Nova Terra UT2k4

Description: -Nova Terra from Starcraft 2 for UT2004 Instructions: -Extract SC2Nova-UT2004 to UT2004 Directory Features: -Original diffuse texture -Original vertex weight -Original emissive/light map -Original specular map -Original detail map -Original portrait -Custom red team skin Known issues: -Skin appears very bright sometimes Remarks: -Character fits surprisingly well in the UT2004 universe Software used: -Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 64-bit -Adobe Photoshop CS5 Cr ... [Mehr] (5,45 MB)
17.08.2010 2083 0
Downloads  Magdalena

Name: Magdalena Release Date: 6th June 2004 Authors: Bastiaan "SkullboX" Schravendeel - Concept, Model, Animations, Ragdoll, Importing Jason "Dark Horizon" Sallenbach - UV mapping, Textures E-Mails: Homepages: Bastiaan "SkullboX" Schravendeel - http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/cottages/skullbox/ Jason "Dark Horizon" Sallenbach - http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/cottages/horribledeath/ Installation: Unzip all the files to your UT2004/ direc ... [Mehr] (2,36 MB)
03.04.2010 1506 0
Downloads  Effigy

Name: Effigy (UT2004 edition) Release Date: 10th june 2003 Authors: Bastiaan "SkullboX" Schravendeel - Concept, Model, Animations, Ragdoll, Importing Jason "Dark Horizon" Sallenbach - Textures, Sounds E-Mails: Homepages: Bastiaan "SkullboX" Schravendeel - http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/cottages/skullbox/ Jason "Dark Horizon" Sallenbach - http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/cottages/horribledeath/ Effigy: Effigy is an original model, very much ... [Mehr] (2,31 MB)
03.04.2010 1428 0
Downloads  GoW Character Models

Gears of War Character Models for UT2004 by urPackage Description: -These models are direct ports from Gears of War 2 to UT2004 Instructions: -Extract GOWCharsBetaV1.0.rar to UT2004 Directory and overwrite Features: -Original Diffuse Textures -Original Emissive/light maps -Original Skin vertex weight rigging Beta V1 -Initial Release of characters Marcus and Dom Known issues: -No team skins -Hair looks gray -Minor vertex weight issues Notes: -GoW2 spec map tweaked for ... [Mehr] (4,36 MB)
21.03.2010 2443 9.9

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