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Dateiname: Mod ASSASSIN (Gametype) Download

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Dateigrösse: 843,1 KB
Autor: Bachelard Simon (aka Warbler)
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 1321
Bewertung: 0
Map - Pics
New gametype for UT2004

Web Site : http://web.unreal-impulse.com/warbler/
Programmer : Bachelard Simon (aka Warbler)
EMail : warbler(at)unreal-impulse.com
Programmation Time : 65H +/- 1H

Thanks :
- Estelle, my girlfriend, for staying with me all this time.
- Phdemons for hosting my Website
- Andrew "FineWolf" Moore from the Atari forum for his super ideas and textures.
- Shuri and Slayer111 from the Atari forum for their english improvement
- All the Unreal-impulse.com french community for their support, their ideas and their super forum!
- Nicolas D. (aka Deschni) for his logos and ideas
- Nicolas P. (aka Phoenix) for his friendship
- EpicGames for the Unreal Engine wich make this mod possible.

Requirements :
- A computer that can run UT2004
- UT2004 of course

Game rules :
- At the begining of the match, everyone his Assassin and has a target and a hunter.
- Killing your target earns you 5 points, and you got a new target to hunt.
- If you manage to kill your target without beeing sight by him, you earn 2 more points.
- Killing your hunter earns you 2 points, and a new hunter will chase you.
- You only do HALF DAMAGE to your hunter... This makes him more 'scary'.
- Killing an outlaw earns you 1 point, and decrease the "Civilian Killed" by 1 point.
- Killing another player not mentionned above makes you loose 1 point (configurable),
and increase the "Civilian Killed" by 1 point.
- If your "Civilian Killed" reach 5 points (configurable), you are outlaw.
- When you are outlaw :
* You got no target and no hunter.
* You can kill anyone and each frag earns you 1 point.
* You earn more adrenaline per each frag.
* If you kill another outlaw, the "Civilian Killed" decrease by 1 point, else, it increase by 1.
* You can become Assassin again if you bring the "Civilian Killed" back to 0.
- The game is over when someone reach the frag limit, time limit, or when there is 3 Assassin left.
In this case, the Assassin with the highest score wins the match.

Features :
- Can be used with Onslaught maps and vehicles.
- French and english translations.
- Spectate mod fully suported.
- Fully compatible with network game.
- Bots' AI rewritten to respect new rules.
- The ranking is calculed with the following parameters (in order) :
* Being Assassin is better than outlaw.
* Less "Civilian Killed" is best.
* Higher Score is best.
* Less death is best.
If he his outlaw or has killed too many 'civilians', the highest scorer will not be the winner
- All the new Graphical drawing respect the following color code :
* Your target in Red
* Your hunter in Light Blue
* Outlaw in White
- Text and audio messages warn the players about the game state (ie : new hunter, new target...)
- The HUD is modified to display the following infos :
* An arrow pointing to your target (optional)
* Your target's name below the Adrenaline counter
* Your hunter's name (if you've seen him), below the target's name.
* The targeted player's status
(below the name is displayed the message "Outlaw", "Your Target" or "Your Hunter")
* An identifying icon, visible over the head, show the player's status (color code above)
* The "Civilian Killed" replace the DeltaFrag (top left of the screen, beetween rank and score)
* Icon when Outlaw
- The Scoreboard is modified to show :
* An icon next to Outlaw
* Civilians Killed info (K. Civil)
* Score
Even if death number is not shown, it is still calculated.
- Personnal stats (F3 during the game), are modified.

Untested Features :
- GameStats saving...
- Mapvote

About the Link-Gun patch :
- This patch was made by myself to fix a bug with the standard link-gun when using vehicles
in deathmatch (non Team game).
- This patch is an advanced option in the Game Rules tab.
It should be activated unless :
* You are playing with the Arena 'Link-Gun' mutator.
* You are playing with a mutator which add/remove the link-gun.

List of changes :

v. 113
Added features:
- New logo in the UT4mod installer.
- You only do HALF DAMAGE to your hunter.
- You earn 2 more points when you kill your target without beeing sight.
- You are warned when your target see you.
- Assault like radar (pointing arrow), which is optional (Advanced options, Enable by default)
- Activated Arena mutators again (Instagib, Arene, ...).
- Now we can select up to 99 penalty points for killing civilians.
By the way, you can choose 0 point for killing hunter award.
This can make the game more interresting (you can only score if you kill your target !)
- Now Link-Gun patch is optional.
However, you should keep it enabled unless you are using a mutator which add/remove the Link-Gun.

Fixed features:
- The gametype takes less time to load after selecting in the menu... (load time depends on the number of maps)
- Fixed the bots AI. Now they 'can' use Turrets.
- Fixed the bots AI. Now they do less 'camping'
- Fixed the bots AI. They only hunt their hunter if they have seen him.
- Bots prioritize which they must kill.
- Replaced the "%PlayerName% is your new target" message by "New target". (Name is still displayed below the adrenaline counter of course)
- Fixed the bug with the min-players setting. Now the game will remember the settings
- Fixed a bug related to goal score.
- Fixed a bug related to Stats Screen.
- Shorter display time for info messages.

v. 112
- Fixed HUD. Now the position of the text depends on the HUDScale !
- Fixed the TimeReached bug.
- Fixed skins. Now, your skin change if you become Outlaw in a vehicle
- Disactivated Arene mutator support. This gametype adds a patch for the linkgun.
Using some kind of Arene mutator was crashing the game in an endless loop.

v. 111
- The HUD text is now scaled.
- Message 'carjacked' removed when you use a vehicle !
- Audio messages rerecorded and shorter.
- Added custom screenshots.
- Now you can't play alone (at least 4 players)
- Vehicle lock-on message while no missile locked should be fixed !
- Player skins are replicated properly in net game.
- Some text messages removed...
- Corrected grammar and spelling errors in loading hints.
- This mod is now shipped with english and french sound packs

v. 110
- HUD fixed to show identifying icons again.
- Compatibility with spectate mode fixed for multiplayer games.
- The Outlaw icon on the scoreboard has been fixed.

v. 109
- I have corrected the "Your Hunter", "Your Target" and "An Outlaw" messages because they were
not showing properly.
- Now, Outlaws have red skins and other players have blue skins.
- The HUD has been modified again to be more in the UT2004 style (Thx FineWolf for your artwork)
- A new English voice pack has been recorded.
- Spectate mode is now fully supported.

v. 108
- Rewritten the HUD. Now it has the UT2004 style
- Finally created a patch for the link gun. No more Warning in the log file !
- Modified the death messages. Now they are not written over your hunter's name

v. 107
- Rewritten the Bot AI. Now the use vehicles !
- Corrected a lot of forgotten bugs
(for exemple : your target/hunter in a vehicle has no identifying icon)
- Modified the Hunter View distance. Now you must get closer to know who your hunter is.

v. 106
- Rewrited the Bot AI
- Corrected some anoying bug

v. 105 (UT2004)
- Rewrited the config code to be compatible with UT2004
- Deleted the Tab_IAAssassin wich is now useless in UT2004
- Added vehicles handling
- Corrected a bug which was showing identifying icons on dead corpse
- Reduced the mod's size and enhanced the code for better gameplay

v. 104 (UT2003)
- Corrected the imcompatibility beetween english and french sounds pack version
- Now you won't hear my stupid voice every second.
The comments plays only every 30 seconds !
- The network code as been enhanced again.
- The mod is a little smaller. This increase it's sending speed.
Won't wait 5 min to upload it to clients

v. 103
- Changed some xAssassinPRI's replication info to enhance network efficiency.
Now network additional usage increase linarly with number of players

v. 102
- Rewrited player's loggin function. Now even late commer have a target
- Corrected two minor bugs on the HUD
- Found a bug : When connecting an english version with a french one
(with the new localized sound package) you can't reach game because of package disparity

v. 101
- Corrected a bug that gives you as target someone who have no more lifes
- Corrected a graphical bug that draw a white icon randomly on the screen when we are outlaw
- Corrected an AI that prevent an outlaw Bot to hunt another Outlaw
- Re-recording voices (English and French, good quality)

v. 100 (Internal non-Beta)
- Creating the new Personal Stats' look
- Creating the new ScoreBoard's look
- Removing unused audio messages
- Modifying internal search for winner to match Scoreboard's ranking
- Fully modifying code to handle Assassin with PlayerReplicationInfo
- Writing good-working network replication info
- Rewriting function SeeHunter to modify server's info from client.

v. 095 (Internal Beta)
- Adding to Hud : Draw funny color-changing Outlaw icon
- Adding to HUD : Draw Target's and Hunter's name
- Adding to GamePlay : Outlaw earns more Adrenaline for each frag
- Adding rule : Killing Outlaw can reduce "Civilian Killed"
- Adding rule : Outlaw can come back to Assassin
- Trying to solve bad ranking bug

v. 090 (First Beta release)
- Rewriting whole code to handle network... but it sees it won't work !
- Rewriting whole gametype functions to handle new rules
- First quick AI definition
- Writing messages to send to client
- First record for voices (French only and bad quality)

v. 010 à 080 (Internal Beta)
- Base rules definition
- First try for memory management and chained Assassins' List but all failed
- Rewriting whole code each time

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